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Get High (In the Sky) With the DIY Aircraft Club

August 24, 2019

– The very first time I left the ground in a gyroplane, I knew it was over. My life was done, it was always going to be about gyroplanes. And it was not just
because I was in the air, but I was depending upon myself, so my safety was in my own hands. It was one of the most
exhilarating sensations that I’ve ever received in my life. My name is George Jacob,
and I’m known as “Gyro Jake.” I build gyroplanes from scratch. What a gyroplane is,
basically a hybrid airplane helicopter, but it’s neither of the two. How many gyroplanes? I would say I’ve built close to 20. I lost count around 13 a few years back. I imagine what I want, and what components should fit together, then I machine out and weld up the parts that are necessary to get the job completed. So sometimes it can take two months, sometimes it can take a year. There’s times I look at it, and I go, “Man, I did that, and it works?! “And I wanna fly it?” When I first started it was a pretty small clique in Florida. And so we’d get together on the weekends. Today, the gyro community has probably increased by a hundred-
fold, especially with the new revolution of
the factory-built gyros. The do-it-yourself builders
are kind of like the dinosaurs. They’re on their way to being extinct. There aren’t many people that spend most of their free time
building a gyroplane, one after the other, after the other. There’s no incentive, like money, that compels me to do this. It’s just because this is my pleasure, this is my joy, this is my passion.

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    Basically for the amount of likes I get on this comment I will go watch the people who liked's videos

  2. Its like a commercial / preview to a show. Here what's gonna happen, wow it's interesting , bam it ends. Make it at least 5- 10 mins please

  3. I love how the title said (in the sky) as if we were all dirty minded and thought about drugs(even tho most of us probably do)

  4. I met the man who invented the gyrocopter, wing commander Wallis, he shot down a few Krouts in ww2 and he doubled as James Bond and flew the copters and more amazingly he kept flying until he’s death a few years back, at the ripe old age of 97. He was an RAF pilot, a stunt double and great man, RIP

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