Get in the airship! | Bioshock Infinite | Part 5
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Get in the airship! | Bioshock Infinite | Part 5

September 9, 2019

Hello everyone. My name is Crow_se7en Welcome back to Bioshock Infinite Let’s continue this game What am I supposed to do right now? I don’t see the arrow What’s that? It’s like a drone Oh, I see the guy with the rocket launcher I need more salts Thanks I don’t know what am I doing It said power up what The arrow direction is not really helpful unlike Bioshock 1 and 2 Now, I understand Is it coming? I’m not sure if it’s moving or not Ok… Where? What am I supposed to do right now? It’s coming… It’s really slow Try that one A new hat? Ok Few more minutes Oh no… George Washington We will go to Aerodrome I don’t know what is in there It’s really hard to see The first lady’s aerodrome I wonder how can I upgrade my powers I want to upgrade the crows power Almost there Finally, we’re here I don’t think so I need to find the different vending machine I can’t afford that one Try that one Move! Look at this Move.. I’m trying to read it Marlowe’s Patented Vigors Murder of Crows That’s my power Where are we going? We’re going to New York I guess we’re not going to Paris But.. It’s too far I definitely need more salts And um.. what is that? Shield. The shield bar is too small Let’s take that one Damn, woman What are you doing? Did you change the direction Oh, they’re here I guess I need to find that girl again What did I ever do to you? Really… Ow… My back… Of course, find Elizabeth Where is she? Weird.. Let’s go over there Move.. Get out of my way Oh really.. not fair.. I need to finish them What the hell is that? Handyman Oh no Oh, Elizabeth did this Thank you, Elizabeth Let’s stop for now. I will continue this game for the next video. Thank you for watching Please click Subscribe, Like, Share or whatever that will help me a lot See you in the next video

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