‘Ghostly shadow’ filmed on live TV
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‘Ghostly shadow’ filmed on live TV

September 11, 2019

“Some 14 miles from the crash…”
A television journalist reports from the scene of a car accident on the M11 just outside
London. But wait! What is this mysterious blob moving across the screen. The unusual
image has been stirring debate among viewers of the ITV show ‘London Tonight.’ It’s being
speculated that this could be some ghostly goings on, something supernatural, a spiritual
energy or ectoplasm trying to cross the road. Producers of the show were forced to investigate.
The conclusion after detailed examination of the known facts… a form of anthropod.
That’s an insect to you and me. It’s crawling across the lens of the television camera.

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  1. so pretty much this video can be deleted because it has been concluded so wtf is the point of hosting this video it's a waste of bytes

  2. So this video should really be called 'Insect crawls across lens'……..if it had been called that it wouldn't have 26 million disappointed viewers.

  3. This channel ODN is a fucking disgrace. The owner and director may even be pedophiles. They upload Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville videos. Sick freaks.

  4. When you watch the end and you Really concentrate, you can See that it's like a walking/running movement,
    So it was probably just a little bug 🙂

  5. My brother has experienced a ghost before, he was laying in his bed reading Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and then a domino fell off the shelf and landed on the floor. My brother thought it was just unbalanced but then that same domino went flying and hit him. I didn't believe him at first but I know my brother never lies. (My youtube channel: xIceChicken)

  6. Does anyone know who died in the accident because i feel it was a young blonde girl white and a big dark man wearing black shoes and blue jeans and a red t shirt
    Can anyone give info on this

  7. I love it when morons go to the explanation that is the most unlikely and ignore all the dozens of possible explanations that are more reasonable. Why do you morons always do that?

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