GIANT-MAN Explained!
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GIANT-MAN Explained!

August 23, 2019

Donning the Ant-Man suit, Scott Lang is not
only able to manipulate his size to shrink to that of an insect, but also enlarge himself
in massive scale. Using the same blue Pym Particles found in
his weaponized throwing discs, he is able to achieve growth in both mass and size. Unlike his Ant-man form, as Scott grows, his
strength grows proportionately as well. As Giant Man, he towers over 60 feet in height
and is capable of easily overpowering a majority of other enhanced fighters; while demonstrating
incredible feats of strength. Effective as the Giant-Man form may be, the
transformation comes at the cost of Ant-Man’s trademark mobility and agility, while simultaneously
posing a serious risk to Scott’s health; with a likelihood of causing him to sustaining
major injuries, or killing him entirely during the growth process. Also, falling over while giant is pretty painful.

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  1. I just realized how dangerous it is to transform like that because it changes the distance between atoms if he tried to get to big his cells and proteins could literally fall apart

  2. I feel like Marvel was listening to me for Antman and the Wasp. When Civil war came out, I said I liked the bodysuit from civil war, but I preferred the helmet from Ant-Man (1), and bam, Ant-Man and the Wasp

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