Giant Paper Plane – DIY XXL Paper Aircraft | Phil’s Physics

September 30, 2019

[Music] hello everyone today we’re going to build paper planes but not crappy ones like this but actually is something more like this I guess everyone has already built a paper plane but did you know that there is a whole science behind the little folded aircrafts today I want to test three types for which I found instructions on the web I’ll make sure to put the links in the info box the goal is to find the perfect model to build an extra large all right these are my three candidates this one is supposed to be optimized for time in the air well didn’t look too bad this one is widest range so this one is supposed to fly really really far and this weird guy here it doesn’t even have wings but this one is supposed to fly fastest alright man okay so now I want to try out how stable they are flying scientifically these are the three models optimized for time in the air speed and range let’s try them and see how they fly when I attract the curves I see that the plane optimized for the widest range actually has the most stable trajectory there are four aerodynamic forces that act on the paper aircraft gravity of course pulling everything towards the center of the earth aerodynamic lift acting on horizontal surface areas that lifts the plane upward thrust which keeps the plane moving forward and air drag which counteracts thrust and uses the planes forward speed altogether the aerodynamic forces co interact creating turbulence that amplifies small changes in the surface of the paper aircraft modifications can be made to most paper airplanes by bending curving or making small cuts in the trailing edges of wings and in the airplanes tail if it has one this model seemed to have the most stable trajectory so let’s build it in super large I couldn’t find a huge piece of cardboard so I had to stitch together a bunch of smaller ones the rest is not just the same as before folding I use a ruler to press the fold just in case you wanted to reproduce my experiment play along it almost looks like the small version but will it also fly I think I have to add some more stabilizers those wooden sticks [Music] Wow doesn’t this look impressive in particular compared to a small little brother well but the big question is will this guy really fly what do you think click a little eye and tell me your opinion but now let’s put this one to test [Music] some people buy a drone others built a gigantic paper plane and it’s even equipped with a camera well I’m super excited whether this is going to work or not the wind situation is pretty good so I’m going to throw this this plane that direction towards the wind and hopefully it will fly it okay ready to launch three two one well so the first try did not go that well it was flying in a loop a little bit so let’s try it again with a little bit less wind ready everyone okay let’s try this again three two one oh yes it didn’t get that far to be honest but this time it didn’t completely crash wow this was really impressive but now I’m curious to see what it looked like from the planes perspective the big airplane got surprisingly far well okay I was expecting it to crash right away what’s the reason though why doesn’t fly as smoothly as the smaller version I think paper is just a terrible material to build airplanes because it is very unstable in a small paper plane the stiffness is sufficient to support the wings but not for the big one also the center of mass and the big plane is a little bit too far in the back causing the nose to go up and then it stalls bottom line small paper planes still work best try your own and let me know how it went

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