GIANT POTATO MONSTER WITH GLASSES ATTACKS – Wrongworld Gameplay Part 2 | Pungence
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GIANT POTATO MONSTER WITH GLASSES ATTACKS – Wrongworld Gameplay Part 2 | Pungence

August 17, 2019

– I hear something. Oh!
It’s a guy with glasses! Climb in? What is going on here? Whoa! Hey, what’s up guys?
Welcome back to Wrong World. So guys, our hunger is really bad. I gotta try this mushroom. Yes!
Oh, no! No! That guy hit me. So guys, I’m recording this
video right after the last one, and like I mentioned in the last video, we were aiming for 5,000 likes. So I don’t know if we hit it yet, but I wanna just say thank you in advance. I got a feeling you guys did
it. You guys are so amazing. I bet you hit 6,000 likes.
And speaking of 6,000, whoa! Let’s see if we’re 6,000
likes on this video. If you guys wanna see more. What is this? Something
just fell from the sky. Just fell from the sky. What is this? Dude, what is this? What are these guys? This
just fell from the sky, guys. I have no idea what’s happening. What in the world is this? What if I hit these
guys? I’m hitting them! Oh, no! Is this a good thing or bad thing? I don’t know if this is a
good thing or bad thing. I bet these guys do a lot of damage. What in the world is this? Kindling killer. I killed one of ’em. Oh, we got an apple.
Guys, that’s really good. Oh, no, it’s going away. It’s going away. Dude, what was that? We did
get a lot of stuff though. We got an apple. We got acorns.
Dude, we got a ton of wood. I have no idea what that was. (laughs) Dude, it just fell from the sky. Okay, guys, we gotta eat
this apple now. Flapple. Some kind of alien fruit
with wings for some reason. With wings? It’s a flapple.
Okay, we just ate a flapple. Okay, guys, our hunger
is still really hurting. I gotta try out this cannon though. This cannon’s just
sittin’ here. Use cannon. Are you serious? Okay, um, up? My stomach’s growling. Right. Dude, I don’t see
anything we could shoot it at. Fire. Fire cannon. Are you serious? Climb in?! What?! Achievement unlocked,
non human cannonball. Guys. The cannon shoots us?!
Dude that is amazing. So like I said in the first video, guys, this game is still an early access. They’re adding stuff all the time. Dude, that first video
was so much fun to record. Like I said, I’m recording
this right after the other one. I just couldn’t wait to play more. But, guys I got a feeling
you really liked it too. I got a feeling we hit those 5,000 likes. Or maybe 6,000. Maybe even 9,000. Okay, guys, this is probably
not the smartest things, but I said we were gonna
check out this, uh oh. I hear something. I hear something. Oh! It’s a guy with glasses! Guys, there’s a guy with
glasses, chasing me. I can’t, dude, can I fight him? Whoa! He picked me up! He’s got me! Sneak attack, no, I can’t get out! He killed me. What was that? You failed at life. Survival time, four days, 12
hours, trees chopped, eight, rocks smashed, one, beasts murdered, 15, things crafted, two,
next reward, level zero. Dude, you’ve gotta be kidding me. So guys, that’s our first death. (laughs) It says, “You failed at life?” You gotta be kidding me. Okay, can I poke this
guy’s eyeball out again? There goes his eyeball.
Okay, guys, that was crazy. Empty slot, so I’m assuming you can save, but then when you die it’s all over. So, guys, it’s like a
permadeath kind of thing. That is really interesting. Okay. Well, at least we got full hunger again. The thing that really made
it hard for me last time, oh, there’s one of those Yeti guys. The thing that made it
difficult for me last time, I ate that mysterious goop and
that really hurt my hunger. So guys, the hunger is tough. But like I said last video,
too, the game is tough. The developer said you’re
probably gonna die a lot. And that’s exactly what we did. Okay, so guys, we’re
in this ice biome now. Dude, what could I do to get away from that guy with the glasses? He was insane, like, can I craft a boat? Axe, pick axe, shovel,
meat, can I make a boat? Smelter, anvil, greenhouse,
cannon. I can’t make a boat. Guys, I don’t know what we
gotta do to avoid that guy. Okay. (laughs) Okay, so that’s what happens
when you take fall damage. Okay, let’s get this guy. Dude, these guys are really
important, I think, for food. And I don’t know man. We gotta get some wood
to get a fire goin’, and then I’m assuming if we cook the meat it probably helps our hunger even more. Oh no, I just punched
him through the thing. I punched him through the wall, no meat. Okay, guys, let’s craft another
axe. Let’s actually use it. I’ve never used the axe on a tree yet. Okay, let’s see if it makes
chopping this tree down, faster. That seems a little faster. At least we’re not hitting our
head over and over. (laughs) okay, maybe we’ll get some more
wood to, oh! I got an apple. Guys, that is huge. So it looks like with the trees you have a chance to get an apple. That’s really big. Okay,
so, guys, now we’re rollin’. Whoa! What’s this guy?!
Dude. It’s this guy again. I don’t know what the
deal is with these guys. He just fell out of the tree. Okay. That was crazy. Now we got
another one of these guys. Okay, slug beast. Get away from
me, you blasted slug beast. Maybe the axe does more damage? Whoa! Did you see his eyes separate like that? Okay, give me that goop.
I’ll take that goop. So this looks like a beach
biome. Can I chop down a cactus? Cactus doesn’t hurt me either, okay. Can’t chop down a cactus.
What is that noise? I heard a very strange noise. And I don’t know if the map
is just randomly generated because this looks a little
different than last time. I don’t see that pirate ship, guys. I’m pretty bummed about it. I
wanna go to that pirate ship. But, dude, how can we get there? That potato head guy with the glasses. He could swim really fast and
I couldn’t even fight back. Okay, how much wood do
we got? We got 25 wood. Let’s craft some more stuff. We could get a wooden
pick axe, a wooden shovel, what else could we go? Cook meat. Okay. You know what? Let’s get
another wooden staff. And I need some stone. If I get some stone I’d like to make, I’d like to make a campfire.
Then, we can cook up that meat. Okay, guys, we got snake company. Whoa! Dude, I love how he just falls down. These guys are crazy.
I love the voices too. But, guys, I see something up there. There is, oh! We can get
food from these guys. That’s really good. Guys,
I see something up there. There’s like caution signs or something. Dude, what is that? Okay, there is something over this hill. I gotta check it out.
I gotta check it out. There’s caution signs. (electric zapping) Oh! What was that, what was
that sound? What was that sound? Okay, caution. Guys, I’m a little nervous. Dude, what could it be?
We do have another cannon. It’s not really pointing towards anything. Now that I’m looking back
though, I kind of wish I used the cannon to shoot
me towards that pirate ship. I don’t know if it’d shoot me far enough, but it would have been amazing. And I don’t know if my tools
have durability or anything. Okay, guys. What is going on here? Whoa! What was that?! What is that?! Dude, that freaked me out! Open, Boxy McBox. Boxy
MxBox? (laughs) What is this? Dude, Cardboard Mask, boxify your head because boxes are cool. Oh my goodness, that’s
crazy. Boxy MxBox! Guys! What were those red things? It sounded like a dubstep
song was about to start. Okay, maybe this is added inventory. Boxy McBox. Is it, whoa! Guys, I don’t know what’s going on there. Okay, what is this cardboard?
Boxify your head because box, dude, I got a box on my head. Whoa! Achievement unlocked. Boxy
McBox? Boxy McBox loves me? Wait, oh! He’s following me. Whoa!! You failed at life. Dude, what was that? I just got exploded! Okay, we
survived two days that time. Dude, this is crazy. Man!
Right when we found Boxy McBox! Oh, story so far, boom,
argh, okay, so it looks like based on that drawing the story is, we were flying in a rocket
ship, and it exploded, and we landed here. Dude, right when we found Boxy McBox. Guys, this is tough. It
kinda stinks, though. As soon as you die, you lose
everything, and I don’t think, I don’t think, you can go back and find your stuff or anything. Okay, I think I have
enough for a campfire. So let’s finally make a campfire. I just wanna see how it
looks when you build a fire. And we gotta cook up this meat. Okay. Selection, location. Attack,
confirm. Interact, cancel. Comma, period, d-pad, rotate.
Okay. Dude, we got a fire. Achievement unlocked. It
burns. Guys, we got a fire. Okay, so how do I cook up my meat? A slab of non-vegetable.
Can I just drag it? Oh! Item dropped. Oh, woops. I
just dropped it on the ground. That’s not what I want. Pick it back up. Oh, you know what? You probably don’t cook
the meat on a campfire. You probably cook it on a smelter. Trapped heat that turns useless
things into useful things. Okay, burn stuff and make
food that isn’t gross. Okay. So you can use the campfire to cook meat. We just gotta figure out how to do it. Uh oh, is the fire going down?
Oh no, fire’s going down. We’re running low on time. I just ate it! Fire went out. What is that guy? Is that a different? That looks like a different
kind of guy. He looks shinier. Does he look shinier
than normal? I think so. He’s got like a silver tongue.
Dude, this guy is different. He looks like the other rock guys, but I think the other rock
guys have a red tongue, right? Dude, this guy is definitely different. Grab, wow. That’s a lot of iron. So, he must be made out of
iron, I guess, just makes sense. Dude, I can’t believe it, okay. So we got a limited amount of time, or maybe the rain put out
my fire, I don’t know. But I think we have a limited
amount of time to figure out how this campfire works, okay. Press interact to cancel. Dude,
how do I get this to work? Okay, there it is. Um,
dude, what if I, oh! Light campfire, oh. Wait,
can I light this campfire? Oh, we can re-light it, okay. So we can light it, but
what about the food? I got one piece of meat. Eat if you want, cooking
it first is probably wiser. Okay, so we could cook this mushroom, too. How do I cook? I just ate it. Put it on the fire? Item dropped. Dude, I don’t know, man,
I gotta figure this out. Okay, I’m looking at the controls. Maybe, it’s the quick select menu? Maybe it’s cycle equipment?
Cycle equipment is R. Let’s try that out. Cycle equipment. I don’t know if that’s equipment though. R. Hmm… oh! What is this? Oh. I just, a quick way to
get the inventory, okay. Well, that’s kind of cool, though. I just ate another one. (laughs) So, it could be poisonous. I don’t know. Maybe we need the work bench or something? Dude, I don’t know. I’m gonna
have to figure that one out. If you guys know definitely
let me know in the comments. Okay, can we pick up the campfire? I don’t think we can,
all we can do is light it and un-light it. You really do have to
harvest a lot of wood but I did see in the notes that they said, once you reach level three
you unlock the ability, to like, start off at
level three, or something. So I think eventually,
you just start off with a certain amount of wood
and stones and stuff, which would be amazing. Oh my goodness, guys, what is that? What’s that up there!? Dude, it looks like a
satellite or something. Okay, I think that’d be a perfect place to pick up next time, guys. I don’t think I’ve been this
excited for a game in awhile. This is just so much fun. Hey, guys. I still hope
you’re loving it too. Like I said, hit that like button or let me know in the comments
if you wanna see more. But guys, that’s got to
do it for today’s video. I really hope you enjoyed. If you did, as always, feel free to hit that thumbs up button, and subscribe, if you haven’t already. I will see you guys, in
the next, Wrong World. Dude, we are like right
inside of his mouth. What if I get attached on
that boat? Shark? Boat. Oh my goodness, okay. Guys, we gotta get out of the boat and we gotta drive these guys around.

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  1. Pungence when you make a workbench you will unlock new recipies and when yu get a mask the tree monsters wont say anything to you. and pungence LISTEN CAREFULLY, there is a HUGE black cookie monster boss in this game Run when yu see him beacause hes going to go straight for you but if he even kicks you once stop running and start the fight cause yur not faster than him. he can come anywhere at anytime so BE CAREFUL.oh and pungence you should play multiplayer on amazing frog with skyzm i dont know why yu dont make videos with him anymore.Im Nasruallah khan and im yur Biggest fan.YOUR VIDEOS ARE AMAZING.oh and yu should play Lego Jurassic World , its better than lego nijago.

  2. 12:12 he says "you start off with wood and stuff and that would be amazing" i think "you start off with wood and stuff and that >wood< be amazing" pun included

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