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GIANT RED SHARK vs GIANT BOMB – Amazing Frog – Part 149 | Pungence

August 24, 2019

– There’s a red megalodon, whoa! We got a giant bomb. I keep doing wheelies. How do you like that?
You wanna get in the way? Ooh, there it is right there, whoa! The wick is lit! Guys, here we go! Hey what’s up guys, welcome
back to Amazing Frog, guys. My hand is shaking cuz I’m so excited. Guys, today we’re gonna
be doing something crazy. We’re gonna be putting
that red giant shark up against a giant bomb. So guys, we’re gonna
get right into it today. First things first,
I’m gonna try something we’ve never done before. What’s happening? Uh-oh, we’re falling. I wanna try something
we’ve never done before, I don’t think we’ve done this before. But I wanna put one of these
crates in the magic toilet. Okay, crate is falling. Guys, I wanna put this in the magic toilet and see what happens when
we put a crate in there. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be standing on it. So let’s just grapple it on over. I just grappled it to itself. Guys, we’re off to a little
bit of a rough start, but here’s the goal. Like I said, we’re gonna be
putting that red giant shark up against a giant bomb. Guys, last video we found out that we can actually
detonate that giant bomb. Here we go! We found out we can actually
explode that giant bomb, and guys we’ve never done this before, so I wanna see if we can
explode the red megalodon with that giant bomb, it’s
gonna be a lot of fun. Also, guys, I know we didn’t do an Amazing Frog video last week, but it feels so good to be back. And if you guys are
excited that we’re back, if you think we should do
Amazing Frog every week again, let’s see if we can hit
like, I dunno, 7125 likes. I know it’s kinda specific,
but let’s see if we can hit it. 7125 likes. Guys, what is
happening to this crate right now? Why did it go back there? Okay, why did it go way back there? Okay, we gotta bring it around this way. What is happening with this crate? Okay, bring it around this way. Yes! It’s coming around. That’s good, then get
rid of these bad boys. Guys, this thing is going in that toilet. And there’s nothing it can do to stop us. Okay, guys, have we done this before? I don’t think we’ve put one of
these crates in here before. Okay, good bounce. Um, is it gonna go in? I think it’s going in,
let’s go in with it. Let’s slam dunk this bad boy. Let’s slam dunk it! Okay, wow. It’s not going in. Is it too big? I don’t think it’s too
big for the magic toilet. It seems like a perfect fit. Guys, we put a blimp in here before If it can do a blimp, I’m sure we can get this crate in here. It’s just sitting there,
what is happening? Okay, guys, maybe I’ll
try to grapple it inside. Maybe I’ll grapple it down here? Please? Dude, are you serious? It won’t go in? Guys, it won’t fit. This is crazy. It seems like it should fit, doesn’t it? It sure seems like it should
fit, but it’s not fitting. I’m grappling it in
there as hard as I can. I’m grappling as much as I
can, but it’s not working. Okay, let’s put this part up
here, and this part up here. Uh-oh. I can’t believe it! This is absolutely crazy.
It should go in the toilet! Okay guys, lesson learned. I guess you can’t flush
a crate down a toilet. Okay, well, guys we’re definitely throwing something in this toilet. That bomb’s going in the toilet. Okay, so, that didn’t
really work. This is crazy. I have no idea why that didn’t work. It seems like it’s small enough to go in. I know it’s kinda big, but it seems like it’s
small enough to go in. Okay guys, let’s get this bomb going. I am so happy that we can actually make a giant bomb and
actually detonate it. So, last video, I don’t know
why we never tried this before, but last video we tried lighting
it with the flamethrower, and it actually worked. So, we gotta do this right. Okay, get the bomb. I
grabbed a rocket launcher. Okay, grab the bomb, bring it over here. And bring it over here. And then bring it over to that building. Uh-oh, it’s falling on
the ground. That’s okay. Just a little bit further. And we’ll bring it over there. Watch out! That person almost tripped over it. Guys, imagine walking down the street and then a bomb trips you.
That would be kind of random. Okay, guys, have we ever
looked at this sign before? What does that say? Frog crossing? I don’t know. Okay, guys are we close enough? Can I grapple the toilet? Dude, we are close
enough. That’s very good. Why can’t I? Oh, I couldn’t detach it. Okay, here we go. It’s bomb time. It’s giant bomb time. So, here’s the plan. We’re
gonna get this giant bomb. I actually gotta think this through. We’ll get the giant bomb, and then we’ll get the flamethrower, we’ll
bring it to the red giant shark, and then we’ll just feed it to him and explode it in his mouth. Okay, please tell me- Oh no! Bomb fell down. Guys, we gotta be careful.
This is a bomb after all. We’ve gotta be careful with bombs. Okay, it’s sitting up there. We gotta make sure it doesn’t
bounce off this crate. Okay, fall down. And it’s
probably just gonna sit there. Guys, I don’t know why, but this stuff always just
sits here on that edge. Okay, I got the bomb, and it’s going in. Guys, we got a giant bomb! This is gonna be perfect. I think this is actually
gonna be a perfect fit into his mouth, too.
This is gonna be amazing. Okay, so next step we
gotta get the flamethrower. So we’re gonna need a
flamethrower and a grapple hook. Guys, how am I gonna bring it? Okay, here’s my thought. I was thinking if the
bomb was light enough, I could maybe grapple it to a
van or something and use that, and then drive it to him? If not, I could try using
the balloon jetpack, and bringing that to him. Guys, this might be the hardest part, actually just bringing it to him, because it’s kind of a long ways. It’s pretty far away. First thing we gotta do
is find a flamethrower. Hopefully I can do that. Guys, we got it! We got the flamethrower. Okay, so, actually now
that I think about it, this is going to be harder than I thought. I need the grapple hook
and the flamethrower. Okay, we might have to make two trips. Guys, we need to just
put this in a safe place. Let’s put it right here in
the middle of the parking lot, on this bird poop. We’ll put it on this bird
poop that keeps disappearing. I think I’m stepping in the bird poop. Just remember, it’s right
there on the bird poop. Okay, guys, so we got the giant bomb, and let’s see if we
can attach it to a van. I don’t know if it’s gonna be
too heavy. Let’s just try it. Let’s use this one with the
flowers and the rainbows. Get in this van, and here we go. Guys this is gonna be amazing. I really hope it works. Uh-oh, there go all the doors. All the doors just fell
off at the same time. Okay, here’s the plan. I’m gonna try to attach
it right to the top of it, and hopefully it works very well and good. Here we go, gimme that giant bomb, and attach it to the top of this van. Uh-oh, it’s falling. That’s okay. Yes! Okay, it’s on the top! Guys, that’s perfect! Okay, I should re-center it a
little bit, just so it’s even. And like this! That is perfect. This bomb is like the size of this van. Uh-oh, it’s starting to roll off again. Let’s just secure it a little bit more, just so it’s not moving around and stuff. Oh no! It just fell off. Okay, maybe it’s not
as secure as I thought. There we go. Now it’s more secure. And now it’s very secure. There we go, that thing
ain’t going anywhere. Please tell me it’s
gonna be a smooth trip. Oh my goodness guys, it’s kind of. Uh-oh. I was gonna say it’s
kind of a smooth trip. It’s a little back heavy, so I think we gotta make some adjustments. Uh-oh, my leg’s stuck in the wall. We gotta get my leg unstuck. Okay, this is driving me crazy. You got that bomb bouncing
around, you got my leg stuck, get me out of here! Okay, there we go. That’s
making a lot of noises. Okay, this is good. We’ll put the bomb a little
bit higher up on the van. That’s good. And then
maybe one right here. Uh-oh, I think I just
attached it to itself. Okay, that looks very stable. It doesn’t sound very stable. Is it gonna keep making
that noise the whole time? Here we go guys. We’re driving. I don’t feel like I have a lot of control, but we are driving. Okay, here we go, we’re driving with a big ol’ giant bomb on top of us, and guys we’re heading
straight to that red megalodon. I keep doing wheelies! Look at this, I’m doing
a wheelie on this thing. Guys, that’s insane.
That’s some crazy driving. I’m doing wheelies in a van. You gotta admit, that’s pretty impressive. You ever see a van do wheelies before? Okay, this might be more
difficult than I thought, but guys we are making some progress. Okay, this is the goal. Guys, we gotta get out of the city, we gotta open the city doors, and then we gotta drive all
the way to that red megalodon. We’re gonna be doing
wheelies the whole way. Uh-oh, don’t drive into that wall. Okay, guys, let’s open this door. We’re opening the city doors. Here we go. This is one of our
craziest adventures ever. So, I’m pretty sure, I guess
I should have checked again, but I’m pretty sure the red
megalodon is the opposite way. So we gotta go all the way
around the city and go this way. I gotta say, doing the
wheelie, it’s not too bad. Although I am going over there. And then I just gotta
let off the gas to turn. Why do I keep turning? As soon as I get off the ground, it starts turning on its own. That does make it a little difficult. Okay, then let’s just pump the gas. There we go, now I’m
not doing the wheelies. Although I do love the wheelies. Okay, guys, there’s the buoy out there. I’ve been doing a lot of driving. It feels really good to
almost be there, though. And I’ve been trying to
keep this van intact, but at this point if it
explodes or anything, I think we’re still okay. Now is the fun part. We’re going downhill, we just gotta make sure
we’re going the right way. What happened to my license
plate? I don’t know. Guys we’re still doing wheelies. We’re doing wheelies downhill. Here we go. Whoa! That’s a big wheelie. Guys we’re almost there. This red megalodon has no
idea what’s about to hit him. You think he’s gonna know what this is when he sees the frog and crossbones? It’s like a frog skull with crossbones. He’s probably gonna know what it is, but it doesn’t matter, because my goal is to grapple
this thing into his mouth. So hopefully there’s
like a nice beach area. I don’t know if it’s gonna be too steep. Okay, maybe that’ll be good. Okay, let’s scope this area out. We need a nice beach area. We
need something nice and flat. Okay, that might work. I think
it’s just gonna have to work. All these other areas
are really sloped, too. Okay guys, let’s just
drive this thing down and hopefully I don’t lose the bomb. Guys, this could go
straight into the water. If that’s the case,
though, maybe it’ll float. Guys, do bombs float? I
have a feeling they don’t. I think bombs are heavy,
I don’t really know. Here we go, we’re going in. Guys, I got the brakes on, I’m trying not to go into the water. Okay, we’re surprisingly under control. Okay, let’s just leave this right here. That was perfect. Okay, we’ll leave this right here. Here’s what I wanna do. I wanna get the balloon jetpack, that’s how we’ll get back here. That’s kinda slowly going down there. We gotta be fast. So, we
need the balloon jetpack, I’m gonna leave the grapple hook here. We’ll just grapple it like this, and yes! So that’ll be there. Okay, guys, hopefully this works. Let’s respawn. Guys, we’re gonna be close. We’re gonna be cutting it close. Okay, respawn home, and we
gotta jump in that toilet. Where did we leave the flamethrower? Oh, right. In the bird poop. Flamethrower in the bird poop. And here we go. Oh my goodness, that crate is still in there. Okay, it’s gotta be a perfect jump. Yes. Okay, we got the balloon jetpack. Guys, everything’s
going according to plan. As long as that van and
bomb are still there when we get back, then
the plan is gonna work. The only question is, is this bomb gonna explode
this red megalodon? I really don’t know. Okay, it’s still sitting
there in the poop. Okay, it looks like the poop’s gone. Someone must have cleaned it up. Alright guys, here we
go. Dude, I wish so bad. Maybe I should have tried
it, but I wish so bad I could have just brought this bomb with the balloon jetpack. I don’t think it would
have worked, though. So guys, we’re going straight this way. This is just so much faster than using that van and
doing wheelies and stuff. Okay guys, we’re going dead
ahead, it’s almost showtime. Okay, you know what, let’s just go over this red
megalodon right off the bat. Okay this could actually be really bad. Also, we don’t have a respawn toilet, so if he gets me, we’re in big trouble. Okay, I don’t see the bomb yet. Please tell me it’s still there. Okay, red megalodon’s gonna be there, yes, okay I see the van. I didn’t see the bomb, but
it’s gotta be there, right? Okay, where’s the red megalodon? He’s gonna be around here somewhere. Guys, where is he? Where’s the buoy? Okay, I don’t see him. Oh,
the buoy’s right there. Maybe I didn’t get close enough. Okay, let’s try this again. Guys we gotta get just
close enough to the buoy to where it’s gonna
activate the red megalodon. Where’s he at? Oh! There he is! Wow, that’s like a
triple flip or something. Okay, hopefully he follows me. So we got other sharks too.
This could be really tough. We do have other sharks. Oh my goodness, he’s like
floating out of the water. Okay, come on this way.
Follow me this way. Guys, we got a bunch of
other sharks with us. This is gonna be tough. But, guys, we have everything
we need. We got the bomb. Uh-oh, the van fell over. The van fell over, but we’ve got the bomb, we’ve got the flamethrower,
we’ve got the grapple hook. What else could we need? Okay, let’s set the flamethrower
down like right here. There’s the red megalodon, whoa! Oh my goodness, he almost got me! Wow, he is really high up there. Okay, just let him fall back down. Okay, he’s falling down. Guys, this is actually
gonna be really good. If he falls back in the
water, we’re gonna be set. Okay, where’s the flamethrower? Uh-oh, did he just knock
down the flamethrower? There it is right there, whoa! No! No! Get me out of here! Guys,
I gotta fart. Yes! No! His suction ability is too good! Get me outta here! Um, is he floating with me? I
think he’s floating with me. He sucked in my balloon! No! Guys, I can’t believe it! His suction ability is better
than the regular megalodon! His suction ability is better
than the regular megalodon. Um, whoops? Okay guys, we’re gonna have to be careful. We gotta be careful. Okay, I have to get my
balloon jetpack again, we gotta get a new grapple hook. This is gonna be harder than I expected. Did you see him just suck me in like that? That was absolutely crazy! Whoa, what is this van doing here? Guys, I’m a little nervous. Why is that van back here? The van shouldn’t be back here. Is the bomb back, too? Okay, we’re flying in. Guys, please tell me
everything’s still here. We need the grapple hook, which I have, we need the bomb, and we
need that flamethrower. Guys, if anything’s not
there we’re in big trouble. Okay, red megalodon’s still there, and the van is still there,
the bomb’s still there. Please tell me the
flamethrower’s still here. Yes! I see it! Flamethrower is here. Oh my goodness. And actually, he’s in
a pretty good spot now. Okay, you know what? Let’s grapple the flamethrower. Uh-oh, it’s sliding. Let’s grapple the
flamethrower just in case. Just in case anything bad happens. Okay guys, so I gotta release the bomb. I know the bomb has a
lot of grapples to it. Oh no. Guys, I lost my original
grapple hook when he got me. I can’t release the bomb! Guys, I can’t release the bomb because this is a new grapple hook. Okay, maybe, I dunno. Maybe the fact that the van’s there will get a bigger explosion. So I guess it’s better.
Maybe it’s better this way. Okay, guys. Here’s what we gotta do. We gotta, let’s see if I can
bring him a little closer. I know this is very dangerous because he’s got that suction ability, but we gotta bring him
just a little bit closer. A little bit closer. He’s moving in. That’s actually pretty good.
Just don’t suck me in again. Okay, that’s not really
working out that well. Good thing we don’t have the other sharks. Okay, guys, this is it.
Open up, open that mouth. Yes, and bomb! Guys, this is gonna work! Okay, we are getting some other sharks. Dude, that bomb is right in his mouth. I just grappled my leg. Okay, the bomb is right in his mouth. You know, let’s adjust it a little bit. Let’s put it even more in there. Yes! Okay, guys. Here we go. Dude, that’s a giant bomb, and it still doesn’t seem
that big compared to him. Okay, guys, here’s the
plan. First things first, let’s explode this van first and maybe the van exploding
will explode the bomb. I really don’t know. Actually, let’s explode
these sharks first. How do you like that?
You wanna get in the way? Okay, I gotcha. Open up you crazy shark. Okay, we’re starting to lose him. He sucked in that shark stuff. Okay, we’re starting to lose the van. Okay, get out of here! I don’t know if we can blow up the van because it’s underwater. Okay, guys, we gotta
bring these guys back. Okay, he’s kinda trailing off. Guys, get back here! Oh, I’m losing the
flamethrower. Can’t lose that. They’re coming back.
Dude, they’re coming back! Oh my goodness! He’s not in a good spot, that’s right on top of the flamethrower! Okay, well, I guess that’ll work for now. You just get over there. And, guys, he’s trying to
suck up my flamethrower! Okay. Yeah, that’s not very nice. We’ll put you over here. That’s a little better.
That’s much better. Okay, we’ll release. Oh, that’s not good, he’s coming back. Guys, this is really difficult. No! Okay, this is getting very challenging. Flamethrower, don’t go away! Okay guys, it’s now or never. We got the flamethrower, we got the shark. We’ve got to keep our distance though, or else he’ll suck me in. Okay, first things first
we’ll blow up this van. Guys, please tell me I’m
close enough to blow it up. Is it flaming? Oh, it’s not gonna explode
because it’s running. Yeah, I think if cars are
running, they can’t explode. Okay. Um, guys, this is
gonna be really tough. Okay, where’s the wick? The wick for that bomb is over there, so let’s get over here. Guys, I’m really hoping
we can get this to work. And how many sharks are there gonna be? Get outta here you crazy sharks! Oh, you want a piece of this action? I’ll give you a piece of that action! Okay, just explode.
Okay, guys, here we go. It’s the moment of truth.
And… light that wick. Please tell me. Guys, if we get some flame on this bomb, it’s gonna light the wick. But if I get too close,
he’s gonna suck me up. Ooh! Guys we blew up the van! Okay, we blew up the
van, and the wick is lit! Guys, here we go! Oh my goodness guys,
it didn’t blow him up! Aw man, I had a feeling that might happen. Just because I think it’s only the red tank that can blow him up. Oh my goodness. Well, at least we did it
without him sucking me up again. I’m glad we actually got
that to work, though. That was really tough.
Man, this guy is so strong. Okay, let’s just burn him. Open up. Let’s see how close I can get
without getting sucked up. Burn him. Put the fire in his mouth. Guys, wouldn’t that be amazing if we could blow him up with fire? I wish so bad we could do it. Uh-oh, I’m going in the water. I don’t think it’s gonna work. Oh my goodness. Well, guys, if you missed the last video, we went up against the regular megalodon with the moon lander and
it was actually really fun. And also if you guys missed
my most recent video, guys, we played as the baby for the first time. And we ended up getting pretty big. Okay, guys. I really hope
you enjoyed today’s video. If you did, as always, feel free to hit that thumbs-up button and subscribe if you haven’t already. I’ll see you guys in
the next Amazing Frog. Please tell me I can grab- Whoa! Okay, so let’s hit the airlock. Is this some kind of simulator? Oh my goodness. Oh! Dude it’s a sandworm! Ooh, he’s got me! You gotta be kidding me! No! He got me!

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