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February 9, 2020

What are you passionate about? My passion for aviation came from an early age. I was 8 years old Seing all the landscape as small as it was At first i didn’t dare to follow a pilot career As a woman people didn’t encourage you to take that path You have all the cliché about that job: being good at Maths… Good in Physics and I sucked When i was in my thirties I came to an aeroclub And I started It’s not easy because you have to study again Learn new concepts that you don’t know Step by step aviation became an obsession Until my first solo flight and certifications Then it was clear in my mind that it will be my full time job For how long do you practice? I fly for 4 years now I stay focus on my goal I fly the more as i can I just came back from a trip from the US I practiced 25 hours From the South of California to the Death Valley (Nevada) What assets you must have ? First: Be passionate If you don’t have the envy to fly it’s impossible Follow by a lot of hard work and time and money because flying is quite expensive as a hobby or sport when you love something you find ways to achieve your goal Don’t hesitate to question yourself What do you feel up in the air? During my first solo, your are on your own and it was just AMAZING The best day in my life It’s like you are just ONE with the airplane & the sky I recommend to everyone to try at least Your first fly? My first flight was when i was a little girl on a commercial flight Then i did my first flight in the South of Italy where i come from That day i knew i wanted to be a pilot What do you take with you ? Mandatory documents: license, weather documents… I also bring my own make up, my mobile phone too my iPad to navigate sometime And something to eat, a kinder or a bottle of water It can be useful if you are stuck because of the weather conditions Your ultimate dream? Pilot on a A380 Airplane I want to give my 100% I still have a lot to learn and to do all lot of certifications to get But I am convinced that i will go until the end and I don’t give up Any advice for the youngest pilots? Go ahead. Try. Come. Learn NEVER GIVE UP You will go through difficult times Like after a flight you will wanna cry because you didn’t felt good Like you did wrong To see your training stagnated It’s perfectly Ok NEVER GIVE UP and go ahead. Work harder and you will succeed. A last word? For the pilot to be and people in general, never GIVE UP Passion is everything. Even if people tell you that is not possible even if you are the only one to believe in yourself , BREAK A LEG

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