(GIVEAWAY) HOW TO TRACK DOWN ANY LOST DRONE! || DJI, Parrot, Yuneec & More || Trackimo 3G Review
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(GIVEAWAY) HOW TO TRACK DOWN ANY LOST DRONE! || DJI, Parrot, Yuneec & More || Trackimo 3G Review

November 7, 2019

Hey guys It’s Carson Miller tech here back with another video and it’s bound to happen to every drone pilot out there sometime you’ll be flying around your drone and you’ll either accidentally crash it or you’ll just have to emergency land in a location that you’re not very familiar with and In a situation like that, you really only have two options If you’ve lost your drone you either have to leave your drone where it was forever and never get it back again Or try to locate it and locating it can sometimes be difficult Especially with drones that don’t have built-in find my drone feature so without that Sometimes you need to be able to add something such as the Trackimo which I’ll be checking out in today’s video to Locate your drone and this works for any drones not just DJI drones and it also works for pets Humans and other devices that you don’t want to lose. So in this video, I’ll be checking this out And also if you stick around until the end of the video, I will be giving this away Let’s go and just open this up and then get to installing it and seeing how well it works at functioning for finding your drone So when opening it up you will find some Quick Start user guides and a warranty sheet over here This is of course to charge your device and it’s just a micro USB cables Not anything special about it below here. It comes with a lanyard I’m not gonna take it out right now but this is a lanyard right here in the case that you do want to attach this to maybe a kid or Something like that and they can wear it around their neck And then on this right side of the box You will find a battery and then also a different type of style clip here so then you can clip it on maybe a belt buckle or onto your pants or shirt or literally probably anything also this that I’ve been holding is a Silicone cover to protect this from the weather I do not think it’s waterproof or anything like that By any means but this is to go and place over the device and not have to worry about it getting destroyed by Any water or liquid or something if it goes on the front, so also here in the bottom. You will find a Magnet with some 3M adhesive on the back and the second 3M adhesive pad right here has velcro on it So if you’re not wanting to use a magnet you can go and on some 3m adhesive velcro after that That’s pretty much it. This does not come up So there’s nothing else below it but that’s it for what comes inside of the box? This is where you can go and interchangeably put the belt buckle one right there. So that’s what that looks like So with the battery installed and everything On it now is time to go and first of all charge up the device because it usually comes with zero charge So you’re gonna want to make sure that you have it charged up before you turn it on for the first time but also I’m gonna now go into the setup process of how to get this to work when powering on the device for the first time you need to go and press and hold the red button on the top for three seconds until the green light on the front begins flashing and you’re supposed to Do this outside so then you can go and sit it down and let it get its GPS coordinates as it is right now So that’s what I’m gonna do And then after that you go on to a web browser and just begin activating it and I’ll show you that in just a second after leaving your device outside for about 15 minutes to let it Initialize its GPS position you can go now and go to Trackimo.com from Trackimo.com You’re gonna want to go where it says activation and if you haven’t already created an account you will have to do so here But I already have one so you just log in and after you’re here go up in the top left and click on add device and from here it will ask for your ID and the IMEI at least the last four digits of it on your device and then clicking next and then after you click on next it will take You to this screen and this is one thing about the device and how it works It works through GPS and in order to get GPS you basically have to have a phone So when you order this it does come with 12 months service and then after that you’re gonna have to pay I think it’s like five dollars a month in order for the device To continue working because you’re basically paying for a phone bill But with that being said I do get the free twelve months for right now So just click on go and now from here you can nickname your device so now once you’ve activated everything you may have to go and remove the battery from the device for about 10 seconds and repower it on so then it can Reconnect and everything, but I have got it connected now so once you have it on-screen you Click on the vie the device and you can see a couple of things So from here, you can see the exact location of where it’s at You can also see a couple other things such as the last time it was seen right down here You can see the battery percentage of the device, which is great and also see the speed at which it is traveling I was just walking around with it for a little bit So that’s why it shows that you can change it to miles per hour as well in settings But I just haven’t done that yet. You can see the history of where it’s been So if you click on that You can just figure out everywhere that it’s been so right there as you can see it shows Where it’s been so far and then you can also click on origin destination You can follow it around and then there’s a beep button which makes the device beep and for some odd reason I have not been able to get that to work yet. I’m not sure why like I can click it right now it says beep sent to device but The beep never comes I don’t hear a beep I’ve waited about five minutes after pressing it and I still don’t hear so it’s a little bit odd. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but that’s not working And then this button right here the little blue button with the trigger device It goes and just updates the location of this device if it hasn’t updated Automatically for a while in the event that you would like to change settings on this you just go and click on update device settings So from here you can change a speed limiter So if this goes over a certain speed it will notify you so if this was in a car and say you have it set If it goes over 60 miles an hour or something like that Then it will notify you when that happens these two buttons here on the sides of the SOS are Customizable so say you want the left one to say help or something like that If this is on a child Then you can do that and it will send you that Notification and you can also customize the right one as well tracking period that this does have is sadly one minute So I wish you would update maybe even every 30 seconds But in order to conserve battery life and just to keep the device cheap as it can be They only have the lowest as one minute but you can also set it up to two hours or However long you want and one more cool thing that you can do with this is you can go and select a geofence so if this is say on a pet and you have it set to maybe around your home then if the pet leaves that Geofence then it will trigger your device and just tell you that Oh, hey your device left the geofence so you can add different geo fences up to five per device I haven’t done that because I’m not gonna be using it in that way But if you are using it for a pet or something like that have that in mind that it can do that So now with all that being gone over I’m going to attach it to my drone and I will be putting it on the Mavic Pro Platinum because I just enjoy flying this more and I do know that this does have a Built-in find my drone feature. So it will show the last-known location Over GPS as well From DJI in the DJI Go app and tell you where it’s at But I’m gonna be pretending today that it does not have that feature So in order to attach this to the device, I’m going to go and I got some velcro here This is cable ties, but it’s just some velcro and I’m just going to go and put this through this clip right here So here you go here is how I mounted it on to the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum and the way that I did it is it won’t interfere with the bottom facing sensors Which is good because I didn’t want to mess those up but I just put it on like this So now that it is mounted on here Let’s go and fly the drone a little far away and see how well the tracking of this works (Taking-Off) Just gonna land over here On this like trail-ish location and I will see if it goes and shows up the location So I’m just gonna land right here. There we go. Okay So now that I’ve landed I’m gonna go and see if we can go and use the Trackimo to find where this went. According to the Trackimo I am now where I landed I should be there within like a couple of seconds that’s Oh, there we go, there is the drone. Let’s see how accurate this is So the drone is still on obviously, I mean, I would say that’s pretty accurate It shows about within 200 feet right now and it’s even getting closer to the thing. So I would say that’s very accurate So if you have that on a drone that doesn’t have the find my drone then that’s pretty great but now I’m just gonna go and just demonstrate really quickly how the DJI find my drone works you ever lose your drone and it’s a DJI drone. You can go and click up there Click find my drone it will immediately open up the app and as you can see right now I am right on it So it shows exactly where it is, but that’s about as accurate as the Trackimo is as well. So Overall, that’s incredibly that’s incredibly accurate um but one thing I didn’t think of is now I’m gonna have to carry back the drone and my camera and my phone and the controller Let’s just fly the drone home and land it at home There you go the drone made it home successfully and I was able to find it so it was pretty dang accurate and if you didn’t know exactly where the drone was this would definitely dial down where it was but Anyways throughout the entire flight it stayed in place perfectly so if you do happen to get this yourself and you want an easy way to attach this to your drone or Really anything I would suggest getting some velcro and doing this it worked really well, and I was very satisfied with it So, there we go I’ve been really satisfied with this the SOS kind of does take a little bit of time for it to register and send a notification To your device, but it does happen eventually. I wish it was faster overall I’d have to say that this has worked incredibly well, but now to the point in time where I say, is it worth it? so in my opinion, I really like the fact that it has the free included subscription for a year and The upfront cost kind of is high but if you take into consideration how much it would be if you’ve ever lost your device Then this overall completely covers that so it kind of seems steep at first But if you do really think about it it kind of pays for itself over time If you ever lose your drone now to the negative, so I’d have to say that it does work Well, but not as well as I’d like it to so it is a GPS device and I understand that but I just wish it had faster feedback and I Don’t really know why it takes so long like I mentioned for the SOS when you press the SOS button It doesn’t send to your phone like immediately. It takes at least 30 seconds And again, I’m not sure if that’s on my part or if it’s the device itself, but this is just my experience And also I still have not been able to get the beep working So if I go on the app and I click beep I’ve never been able to get a beep out of the device but everything else though I have been pretty satisfied with it’s very small and compact and The battery seems like it will last at least two days or so So you will have to be recharging it every so often about as frequently as a phone But with all that being said if you would like to purchase this yourself I’ll be leaving a link to purchase it down in the description below But now to what most people have been wanting if you like to win this yourself I will be giving this exact model away and believe me it will be wiped by Trackimo I already spoke with them and I won’t be able to see like where your stuff is and I really Don’t care either so you don’t have to worry about that but you will be winning this exact one and So I will be leaving a gleam IO link up there in the cards Or you can also click the link down in the description as well but with that being said I wish all of you guys luck everybody who joins Make sure to go and follow me on Twitter as that’s where I will be announcing the winner along with on the gleam IO page So that’s pretty much it for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did Make sure let me know by clicking that thumbs up button down below and if you’d like to see future videos for me consider clicking That subscribe button down below you’d like to watch my last video That should be up there and some random video should be it down there. But anyways guys that is it for this video? Hope see you in the next one. Peace

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  1. Awesome video! Luckily I haven't lost my Spark, but I have lost many of my other drones by being stupid and pushing the limits.

  2. I almost lost my spark flying it at the beach. I lost connection and it did a emergency land. But I got it back. ?

  3. Cheap $20.00 GSM pager on Ebay, Plus T-Mobile's $3.00 per month pay as you go plan. Send a text to the pager and it sends back the Google Map coordinates.

  4. I crashed my p3s and i did not find it so my dad is angry spanked me
    And then i did not find it im so sad
    Because my friend have a drone and so i dont have a drone right now.

  5. I think its really cool!! Wish i had one when i lost my 300$ rtf race drone!! It was a grasshopper f210!!! I'm still sad but love and learn!!!! Great channel!!!

    Im not going to enter i never win lol and i just like showing support to people in the hobby!!!! I subed and hope you have a great day!!

  6. It is not really worth it. There are many others much cheaper… about $45 or so… They all work on SIM cards. Within 20 ft is not good enough especially without an addable beep.

  7. I lost my phantom 3 standard lost connection but the app saved its last location and after walking in the woods looking for it I noticed that my phones gps was off and after turning it on I just walked in the woods looking at my location and the drones location in the screen and I found it like 5 minutes after

  8. that costs £20 less than my entire second hand phantom 3 with 2 batteries, nd filters and a hard shell case LOL. I'd be more worried about losing the tracker 😉

  9. There has to be a cheaper alternative, I’m sure of it. And it’s only 3G! Are’nt we at almost 5G technology? Secondly, Another monthly expense!! $5 a month, Thats $60 a year. Like many other companies, once they get enough subscribers the prices go up. (Supply and Demand). I dont know if you keep up with current financial events but people are trying to save money, Not spend it! I think i will pass on this! Great idea and good video.

  10. I followed your links to try and sign up for the Trackimo give away to find out that Gleam.io has some disturbing requirements. here is what they’re asking. Gleam.io requires for you to give them permission to MANAGE my YouTube account. WTF?!!!! Dont we already give up enough of our freedoms, privacy and rights? So to summarize this great offer of yours, youre asking for use to purchase the Trackimo then pay a monthly subscription for this company to invade our YouTube Account. do you i have this right? I went ahead and clicked on their “What Else You Would Be Ageeing To” link and Google explained the agreement further. I took a picture of it (just in case you dont believe me). Not to my surprise Gleam.io Trackimo would be getting the right to have full control of my YouTube account. WOW!! Are you aware of this? why are you promoting such a thing? Just my thoughts! I’m interested in hearing what other YouTubers think about this.

  11. And, that white thing you're holding in your hand is a… what, a drone? LMAO @ the ignorant illiterate! That thing… a drone? ? PMSL! THAT'S A QUADCOPTER! Quad because it had 4 rotors and copter because they lift off vertically, hover and fly in all direction exactly like a helicopter in principles. Who and what gave you the idea that 'drone' is a name, model, machine, military pilotless aircraft, bees, persons, musical note… blah blah blah, how many gadgets and things are called bullshit drones? You need to go back to school and learn what the word 'drone' means, what is it's true definition and what it is used for. Stop following other ignorant, low IQ and poorly educated illiterates who have no idea wtf they're talking about themselves, for the word 'drone' is used once in a blue moon to describe, indicate or point out a certain continuous loud or humming sound in a sentence or conversation, e.g. "That jackhammer is so annoyingly loud and is droning our conversation. Let's move somewhere quieter". This is just an example on when you can use the word 'drone', 'droning', 'droned' and so on. Nothing like this bullshit of multi-rotors being drones and nonsense. What retarded ignorant illiterates we have these days, probably on drugs (definitely), who can't recognize the difference between a word and a name, can't figure out what word to use in a sentence or conversation. But, since other ignorant, low IQ, stuffed-up-in-their-brains imbeciles use this 'drone' word to call their toys, like 10 y/o school boys, it's almost impossible to educate them that the word 'drone' is not a name, nothing more than a word itself, all other copy-cat cretins then fall into the trap and in no time they call these Quadcopters – drones. Drug addicted retards who have no idea what the f*** they're talking about. There were school dunces at one time, now the dunces are back out of their (ignorance) closets, spewing bullshit that multi-rotors are drones. LMAO! ? You people are an absolute joke, spreading drone, drone, drone bullshit on YouTube.

  12. i have the MARCO POLO drone tracker 5star no wifi no computer or phone needed. it uses RADIO FREQ. anf its waterproof and its last for 6days on so you have 6 days to find your drone

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