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  1. Can someone just make this into a Source mod already? It's already been three years, someone needs to make it happen.

  2. Some should make a Kickstarter for this.

    Or heck, all the elements are there to make a game (via Source Engine).

    I'd pay for this

  3. Well….Splinks launch a mod of Gnome chompsky with facial animation,bla bla,etc for l4d2,gmod and sfm..

    …Well i hope that mod make reference about this video xD….And i hope see this video remastered with the newer gnome :3…

  4. 2011: I wish it was coming soon to PC

    2018: It took me about half way through the video before I realized it wasn't a real game available on Steam. Even then I wasn't sure.

  5. You really want Gnome Chompski as a survivor?


  6. Seriously, why hasn't anyone actually made this yet? Valve won't stop you, and it'd still be better than Hunt Down the Freeman.

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