GoFly Prize: We Will Make People Fly
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GoFly Prize: We Will Make People Fly

August 10, 2019

This is a story about flying. Turbine engines, lightweight materials, vertical lift, propulsion, good old fashioned guts. We have all dreamed of taking to the sky. It’s time to make it real. This is challenge— for inventors, innovators, engineers, enthusiasts, designers, and dreamers— to build a personal flying device, to change the way we travel. This is a competition sponsored by Boeing. Yes, the Boeing that makes everything cool. This is your chance to beat gravity a chance to win money, a chance to make history. Come join us as we take to the skies Ready. Set. GoFly. www.goflyprize.com

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  1. I'm gonna make the world's largest paper airplane and then I'm gonna fly it. All I need now is to find a giant person to throw me and that plane really really hard.

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