Going Vacation in Business Class!!!
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Going Vacation in Business Class!!!

February 14, 2020

We are super excited No, no I would not would not like the experience that so let’s go I think I should have my sunglasses on, that’s better. What do you think it is inside that big brain of yours Let’s go inside it’s the same as last time because we’re, umm, we’re going to be going to So guys we have And our place at 10:00, so we’re waiting three hours in the lounge and then we’re gonna have to go for a seven hour flight So guys we are in the same lounge as last time and this is the place where I had awesome So guys now got myself a salad with Sun and Ronald he’s just standing I was like she couldn’t chicken. She just asked you where’d you get it like you’re not gonna get it? All wrong has it salad now Chicken chicken here, I got I better help or I’ll see this we standing there and asking for chicken So wrong first you got take off the tape and add the chicken Yeah Did you have chicken? Oh yeah? I crazy. You know. I this is pretty boring. I’m going no wait wait wait So guys now. We’re gonna get some ice cream No ice cream is here all right What kind of place that we happy I do signature to sit oh so empty said oh shit I like do set better this way. I don’t want to know I want Okay, I mean to get one more for that Hey guys now we’re gonna be boarding our plane we’re super excited because we saw on a YouTube video that Apparently this plane is going to be way better than last. It’s gonna be like first class Okay, time better. Yeah look at me like first class on their other planes except better, so it’s gonna be like Amazing I’m really excited So now we’re going to be boarding that plane Gosh, I’m excited Honestly cannot lie Bottles it only annoying care about is your problem So let’s explore around old So right off the bat, I could see a massive screen its massive real mess over there We also got this table right here We got the transferor beats into bed I liked um you’re all the countries. Okay, would you care for him anywhere come drinks for you you have orange juice? minced Lava know what a number or maybe not? Orange juice, thank you So let’s take a look inside here We got spray we got cream TV Channel and a menu here anytime whatever We I think it’s off here Why is it so many guys this is so insane right now look There’s a big desk here a mini desk here. Just cure a shelf here a shelf here Here and this can open and you can make it go up and down And then do the same with number one All right, I am a little bit bored right now, so let’s watch Oh wait The back piece I would like Let’s watch Coco I never want to come Run away he has Guys it’s down morning, and I finally got my recommend. See I got some French Questions, and I’m reading up much So guys now we’re in the airport we only have one hour until our next flight which is gonna Be seven hours, and we’re trying to find the lantern, but with our skills of lighting things I don’t think we’re ever gonna find it. Hope it finds a Massive bear it’s very interesting I don’t even know either just a big lump of stone So guys now we’re at the lounge and look at this place so cool. Let’s leave it a chandelier here, and I go twice Going to a restaurant inside the lounge My loan guys look at this food section here check it out We got pancakes about stuff you got more stuff and doggies anymore, yeah If so much food here is great It’s so big It’s my tortoise head This is different oh Jenny people change You guys check out this place that’s our TV screen three big guys check out the table Is how you open it Mallika and sang and then if left I bet this already Thank you Thank you So we got this, but three not four years old, so I’m just gonna put that in the litter box back there Look you got with soldiers to your chair, so you cook this way you’re okay Now Okay! I gotta sit on this way feet are right Now we got like shop I just don’t like coffee. This looks really delicious guys. We have Boiling… Yeah, so puck here now. I’m gonna break hard and drive it to the hotel. Thank yourself Maybe we go for dinner back to the plane so guys we have arrived at the Hutt town and look at this place. It’s Amazing look at that look at that look at this guys. We hope you liked this video if you did smash that like button and we’ll see one next time good. Bye!

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