Google unveils the driverless car
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Google unveils the driverless car

August 18, 2019

The future is here. Well, almost. And in the limited area of transportation. Google unveils the driverless car. The internet
giant’s been testing out the concept since 2009, popping laser sensors and radars into
standard cars. There’s no steering wheel in the way. Indeed there isn’t. Nor are there any pedals
to press, neither break nor accelerator, which must be a little disconcerting for those test-driving
the future. These small electric cars, with just room
for two people, are prototypes that Google’s been building through partnerships with car
suppliers and manufacturers. The company aims to build up to 200 of them in the near term
and hopes the vehicles will be available in various cities within a couple of years. Google’s
co-founder Sergey Brin has high hopes. The reason that I’m super excited about these
prototypes and the self-driving car project in general is the ability to change the world
and the community around you. Although currently limited to a maximum speed
of 25 miles an hour, Google hopes driverless cars could go past 100 miles per hour once
they’re proven safe. And the guinea pigs seem to like them, at least those of a certain
age. It knows when it needs to stop, it knows when
it needs to go. Google hopeful the driverless car will catch
on. Only a handful of US states allow them to be tested on public roads, but bosses hopes
that will soon spread.

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  1. It also has a kill chip i'm sure.  I don't trust my Government enough to let this thing drive me around.

  2. Another problem I see with this is that the tech could eventually lead to the banning of person-driven cars. Once the tech is widely available, all it will take is for a few tragic car accidents and the leftwingers will be crying, "omg how many more people must die before we ban piloted cars? The evil National Riders Association is to blame for all these deaths!"

  3. They should make cars that run on renewable energy instead of concentrating on making cars that do no require drivers.

  4. The world´s getting fatter and lazier… What´s the point of living anymore, if we´re too lazy to even grab a steering wheel and drive on our own? I bet that this will never be a complete success.

  5. Google is just wasting money inventing something we don't really need, we should be focusing on making cars more fuel efficient or even run on alternative fuel, thats the real problem we have. Google please invent something that is really useful to our society instead of a novelty item such as this and the google glass.

  6. It's a novel way to get publicity for your company but that's all it is.
    The idea is far too many practical and technical problems to overcome to be put into large scale use.
    How about google design a car the runs on a completely renewable resource, with a low carbon footprint with enough range to be practical.

  7. How about people either bike or walk if they don't like to drive. People are just getting too lazy

  8. Takes the pleasure outta driving.. Ugly, no steering wheel? WTF? It would be great if it could drive itself, but still have a steering wheel and pedals. Something like the cars outta "I, Robot".

  9. One thing good about it, is that I'll be able to use my smartphone on the way to work….aaahhh what an easy life google is making for us, but let me warn you: this is the beginning of the total domination of companies like google over the human race, Google's ultimate goal is to take over the world and makes the new world order…for e.g. if you did something wrong, the auto car will lock you in…and will take you to authorities….next generation will suffer alot…and they will be like slaves

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