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Grand Prix Story iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 30, 2019

It seems we can barely finish a Kairosoft
game these days before another hits the shelves in order to suck up the loose change from
our collective wallets. To be fair to the developer, Grand Prix Story did see its way
on to the Android platform as an exclusive earlier in the year. It’s hard to feel cynical
and claim the game as a simple cash grab, because when it comes down to it the game
is just as great as you’d expect it to be. It’s no surprise to find out that Grand Prix
Story is yet another management-sim, this time placing you at the reins of a racing
company determined to prove their worth on the world-wide circuit. Strangely unlike most
of the recent releases from Kairosoft, Grand Prix Story takes a trip back in time and feels
much like Game Dev Story as your company revolves around the production cycle of individual
vehicles, with each of your employees fulfilling basic roles that can be upgraded over time
(either with research points or financial investments). However, where Game Dev had you releasing
your final product in to the wild, Grand Prix places you on a virtual track, pitting you
against other virtual companies and their cars in a bid to attract sponsors and cash
prizes to fund new projects. Cash can also be earned by putting your various drivers
to work outside your company or by employing special characters with lower-stats that inject
funds in to your project – as such there’s a much lower chance of becoming bankrupt,
allowing you to focus on patching the holes on any cash-flow problems before ruining your
game permanently. Grand Prix Story is presented in its typical
cartoonish pixel-art style and while watching the simulated races can be tedious, there
are moments when you’ll hang on every pixel your car gains on another car in the hopes
you’ll make a pass on the final corner. Ultimately Grand Prix Story is essentially
Game Dev Story for those with a penchant for vehicles. That isn’t to say casual gamers
without a deep knowledge of racing can’t get a kick out of it, but it certainly helps.

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  1. i really like the track design in this game. if you follow any sort of racing league, you'll notice some of the country's tracks in the game is modeled after a real circuit. such as hungary, turkey, brazil, just to name a few.

  2. @G0dspeed2000 Really ?!? How casual of a gamer you have to be to like this… I mean, I don't want a game to play on the toilet… I want a game to keep me interested so much that it will replace my PC… And before you say it, there ARE those kinds of games… Called Modern Combat, Battlefield, Gangstar, Asphalt, Rainbow Six… All on the iPhone…

  3. Kairosoft For Life! And the reason they come quickly… they're all ports (with english translation) of their older PC games.

  4. It is crazy how 8,16,and 32 bit games are taking over games now. Just shows graphics dont matter. Personally i like this look on these games.

  5. Kairosoft is a drug company. It's worse than smoking and the addiction rate is very high. Symptons of kairosoft syndrome may include restless nights, sore fingers, a decrease in your exam results or working standard and an extreme increase in your electricity bill with the constant recharging of your device. Unfortunately, there is no cure so good luck coping with kairosoft syndrome πŸ™

  6. @bigsteamfan

    Yes, let us all go play every bland, over done FPS that comes out for PC/PS3/360 instead of a well done game that's WAY cheaper than those games, and actually makes you think rather then go " Duuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh" while you play.

    What were we thinking?

  7. @gtrain2005 Ok, I get it, I may have sounded like a douche… But this game simply isn't my kind of game and I was trying to find what is it that people like about it.. in a very brute manner… I can't say I'm a huge fan of FPSs but I enjoy them once in a while, even if I know that they are all derpy and the same… And you can't say I don't like thinking games, since I finished both Portal games… I just don't like THIS simple and cartoony game…

  8. okay, so i finished my first playthrough without thinking about the game too much, and realized the game ends really early. do you know off the top of your head the best strategy to unlock everything quickly? the best drivers/mechanics? should i immediately start over at the 14 year mark, or what do you recommend? how many playthroughs around or about will it take to unlock everything?

  9. @AppSpy i appreciate you taking your time to respond. you seem to have a lot on your plate so i want you to know the effort you place into everything is greatly appreciated. on a side note, for anyone reading comments, i have some updates after playing a couple more hours after work last night and getting to the kairosoft level.

  10. @AppSpy i would say save your upgrades on cars/equip for when a group has an aura around them, and DO send 2 teams into the grand prix. your upgrade bonus doubles with auras, making your cars much better for cheaper… and when you send 2 teams into the grand prix, if you finish 1st and 2nd, nobody gets the 2nd place points. it skips straight to 3rd. so lets say you have the russia level and you didn't want to waste time leveling up ice gear, you can fail the level and still have a buffer to win

  11. @AppSpy example. i finish 1st and 2nd. i get 13 points and nobody gets 10. goes straight to 8. do that for 4 levels, i have a 20 point buffer. russia comes up, i could finish dead last and still be up by 7 points. then all i have to do is basically get a 3rd place finish to win the grand prix and i didn't even dominate it. anything to move along a little more quickly i suppose. just food for thought.

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