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GraphComment Review. Plugin Settings

August 16, 2019

Hi guys, this is David Coleman from WP Mayor today We’re going to look at a new WordPress discussion platform called GraphComment Let’s start by visiting the plugins website GraphComment is a WordPress plugin that aims to replace the default WordPress commenting system instead of long and confusing threads that are hard to follow WordPress users can follow relevant and socially oriented discussions. The purpose of GraphComment is to help WordPress site owners build a dynamic and engaged community platform. It’s about moderating tracking analyzing and listening to your visitor discussions It’s about valuable self generated content and understanding how your products and services can better meet their needs the Plugin comes with social interaction features for rating, voting, sharing, to increase discussions and try out the plugin for free GraphComment claims that you’ll pull in audience from social networks. It has a data policy where you keep all your commenting data. You’ll get more traffic and content to your site. And you’ll have to do less moderation because of the self moderation of your community GraphComment comes with a long list of features, let’s take a quick look at this video here The Plugins unique interface is built around something called Bubble Flow which is a patent pending system which uses horizontal avatars to expand and collapse discussion threads. It allows inline Media embedding, social integration, which we talked about. Is coming with badges and rewards in the future, has mobile integration, activity indicators Community Profiles Smart Moderation, multiple Moderators, Spam Protection it allows for editorializing and pinning your best discussions You can import old comments, has analytics, some branding and colors for your theme. Of course WordPress full integration, Community relationship management Your data is safe on dedicated servers in France. It’s Seo friendly You have owner ship of your data. You can share direct links Let’s check out their blog real quick. It has helpful articles for using GraphComment and Bubble flow like I said is there patent-pending user interface and it talks about what that’s all about here Here’s an example of it It has a demo you can use to get a feel for the platform you spatially quickly create an account or log in with your existing account and You can add comments and whatnot GraphComment comes with a number of support options Including a FAQ’s, knowledge base, a support form although. It’s not very active at the moment the pricing is for three different models personal is free and then $19 a month for the expert option and custom pricing for their enterprise option and this page lists all the different features and the differences between each plan. As you can see lots of features. A pricing FAQ at the bottom what happens if you switch plans and whatnot. And you can sign up here if you’d like? Let’s look at how to install and set up GraphComment So before we do that. Let’s check out my blog and take a look at how the comments look before we install the plugin This is the basic chronologically ordered comments that come with WordPress by default so let’s go to Plugins “add new” and in the Keyword field here type in “graphcomment” and click install now click activate and when we click on the GraphComment menu in WordPress? You’ll see a field where we can sign up for an account with GraphComment You can do it either through your social media networks or signing out through your email So let’s click on an email sign up here and enter a username your email and choose a password and you have the option to choose a picture for an avatar We’ll skip that click sign up And you’re going to be sent a validation email code to your email, so I’m in my email right now I’m going to copy this code that they sent me and paste it into the six-digit field, for some reason they enter it like this you need to get rid of the spaces and click send Congratulations now. You’re connected to GraphComment, now click the menu again to authorize your accounts Click the “authorize app” button and now you need to add a website that you want to use with GraphComment, enter a site name They’ll populate a unique Id automatically enter your website url pick a language, click send, Your website is now registered Now they say just one more step but ignore this we’ve already Installed GraphComment. There’s three ways to do that universal code WordPress and Tumblr, but we’ve already installed that so ignore it After connecting your site to GraphComment, you’ll want to go to your plug-in settings submenu so click on that and This is your ID Associated with your site. That’s where you activate GraphComment You can use it for all posts, if you click that off and you can use it for post starting from a certain date We’ll turn that back on GraphComment’s Seo friendly Has a debugging mode, for possible troubleshooting click save Synchronization, this will copy your GraphComments to your WordPress database So if you ever stopped using GraphComment, you won’t lose your comments Importation will allow you to bring in all of your existing WordPress comments to GraphComment Notifications will let you know through email when a new comment is posted on your site Let’s look at the GC admin Submenu the GraphComment Admin has a number of sections including moderation, keep in mind This is a test site So social activity is limited to sale at least. We can look at all approved comments We can look at common Pages, manage the page, edit messages We can go over here and reply to comments Delete them or mark as spam You can look at advertisers, refuse comments Deleted comments, all comments the analytics section shows you threads A number of comments. Again, this is a test site with comments made by myself. So there’s no other registered users You can look at top commenters top threads, the Steve jobs thread, analytics based on a certain time period You can look at comments posted between certain dates comments seen between certain dates, users who posted a comment between certain dates, the Community section shows all your members, you can show banned users. You can show information they provided including emails bio information and replies to a user Number of threads somebody’s participated in, how many votes they’ve gotten, whether to ban a user or not You can check out their comments per article, per date, per site We’ve seen the set up section Pages allows you to assign certain moderators to different pages of your site, and then we’ll get notified by email You can search threads by name or urls Settings offers a number of options including with pre moderation where comments don’t appear until they’re approved Post Moderation where comments are moderated after they appear on your site and smart moderation where only trusted comments appear based on a voting Algorithm. You can set the number of Comments the show at loading before the “See more” link, the number of replies that are collapsed in a thread you can set your language You can add moderators to the website you can set the email notification premium features include branding with logos free plan includes colors for your theme You can export your comments and your users Power-Ups is an area that shows you the number of views you’ve had on your site you can upgrade to other plans it shows you your current plan and go up to the expert plan or an Enterprise plan as well and You can also check out all the different options for the plans Now a third area that you should be aware of is external to your site, and it’s loading into the GraphComment Admin, and to do that. You’ll have to log in with your account information and this is where you do things like “add new sites” to your account. So it lists your current sites when they were created and you can add your new site again filling out the appropriate information and Check out your comments that you have made Per article per day – per site. Now let’s check out the GraphComment’s commenting system itself. Now that we’ve turned on GraphComment and Imported my old WordPress comments into it. Let’s check out my blog We can see that GraphComment has replaced the old commenting system. It has 16 comments, and we can add our own You can add Text formatting to your comments along with emoticons And then you can click send and shows up right away when you don’t have Pre-moderation settings And then in your email you get a notice where you can moderate the message You can share links to different social networks. Of course you can reply to a comment directly And you can rate that comment you See how many people replied You can of course add Media here’s to the Crazy ones the misfits the rebels the Troublemakers the round pegs in the square holes And here is a Bubble Flow where you see avatars in from the left to right are the ranked by Relevance replies you can see this replies generated number two more Media These profiles. We show any biographical information added there A Visitor to your site would need to be registered with GraphComment in order to leave a reply so if I’m a visitor and I click “like” I need to sign on or sign-in either through my social account or through my email and GraphComment also has a feature called single Sign-on, which is a premium feature which makes it easier to do so So let’s go to where there’s a bit of a user base that’s already signed up with GraphComment and check out the demo on their site, so Here we have a post on their site and as we scroll down to the bottom to the comment section We can see it has 59 comments These are the best discussions and it’s Sorted with most relevant messages and responses from left to right and top to bottom. I can click these links on the top and go directly to those threads in the Discussion I can click here to start a conversation I can add text formatting or embed Media but we’ll keep it simple here click “send” and now you need to sign in with your information you can also sign in here Now whether, you signed up with an email or social media account you need to log in with that information and then click the authenticate button and Now I can send my message in and here it is what it’s not going to show up yet because they have the pre moderation setting on now Here’s bubble flow as you can see 13 people replied to the comment above it the most relevant Responses are on the left and the least relevant are on the right. This improves readability and helps you follow discussions You can slide all the way to the right and all the way back to the left you can close sections open them back up Grayed Avatars have already been looked at you can like reply and react to each message It includes social integration including rating, sharing and voting, on each comment or thread For instance here’s their voting widget. Which is part of the Bubble Rank algorithm And helps determine the relevance of messages you can directly reply to any person and see how many times people have viewed that comment and replied to it GraphComment makes it easier to get to know the people participating in a discussion By checking out the biography information added into their profile Overall GraphComment’s Aim is to replace long threads of Chronological Messages with something that’s more relevant and easier to follow Has social media features, is engaging and will help you get to know your audience much better You’re able to share comments and even entire discussions with unique urls to different social networks Again GraphComment places the most relevant discussions at the top. You can click on their links and go directly to those discussions Go back up click on the other one and you Can see who’s party to these discussions? How many times they’ve been replied to and take part yourself. Thanks for listening guys, if you’re interested in using a more dynamic and more relevant Commenting system that can help your site build a more social community check out GraphComment For WP Mayor, I’m David Coleman

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  1. Hey, what comments are you using in this blog? Looks like a default WP comments system. In the bottom of the comment, there's a checkbox that says "join the conversation via email" how do you insert that option? with twitter and facebook sign up button on native wp comments?

  2. Why aren't u using GraphComment on your website? Your review was great! I tried finding alternative to Disqus and finally found this one.

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