Gravity (Scientific Version of John Mayer’s Gravity)
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Gravity (Scientific Version of John Mayer’s Gravity)

August 9, 2019

Gravity is working with me And Gravity, keeps me on the ground All mass attracts all other mass a force proportional to mass one and two and inversely to the distance between them squared Oh, gravity is working with me and gravity, makes apples fall to ground Oh twice the mass has twice the pull but the force on each is still equal It keeps the moon and the satellites going round Oh twice the mass has twice the pull but the force on each is still equal It keeps the moon and the satellites going round Oh gravity, the force that makes weight on me Woah, gravity, now general relativity (how can that be?) The force between us all is The force between us all is The force between us all is Gravity between us all is Gravity between us all is Gravity between gravity between us all is

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  1. So this may be stupid but…Can the abundance of satellites have an effect on the earth's or the moon's rotation?  Could it cause subtle changes such as the polar vortex being off it's normal spot?

  2. When he is sliding over to the girl 3:18, he slides way more than she does, what means she has more mass, that means she is FAT

  3. Hot man wearing a suit playing basketball and lifting.. Signing about science.. What more can I ask in a single video??

  4. 982014Saturday17;05 175 comments, with this 176. Mmm without reading them I'm positive some1 has made some jokes as to where those arrows are leading to… gna check it some days later. Eating atm & continuing with more "1veritasium" videos!

  5. I have once fell asleep to a youtube playlist and i got woken up by this horrible song. and somehow the playlist had the song multiple times in it. it still sends me shivers down my spine hearing this, please stop. well to be honest its not the song its the voice. stick to the informative videos about science and other stuff this videos are the exact opposite of what this is. please stop it

  6. Just when I thought you couldn't get cooler…..singing <3  Not to mention you actually manage to make the lyrics memorable enough to remember. Nice work!

  7. If a bird is flying(not moving) at constant speed and at same place for 12 hours, now bird position will change or same to Earth. Because Earth is moving ,answer

  8. Wow, that really shocked me. Please no Newton garbage in great music. The lyrics were poetry and went out of control man! Totally Support all the Rest of your work though.

  9. I liked the songs you made for the channel. Why don't you make more of them on your next videos/ You have a great voice.

  10. Why doesn't he have an accent… He says "aluminium", spells it "colour" (thus he's obviously lived in Australia for some time) yet he still sounds pretty much like an American.

  11. You should do these again! This is amazing, never guessed you could sing, but this is just the best

  12. This is a really funny song! I like it. Your smiling all the time. That makes me smiling to.You schould make more songs of science. Because I really like science and Music.

  13. Man, i just watched the whole list of songs; please keep on. I just smiled through all of them. This things are what I stated the web should work for when I forsaw its future in the 90s. Cheers.

  14. I just fell in love with another man.
    Always had a bit of a man crush on this guy, now I'm head over heels.

  15. +Verisatium Terrific work man! Interests lovers of physics and music all together! May i know the chords?

  16. So at the end of the video you are getting closer to the girl, so it's kinda say that her mass is so much bigger then yours haha 😀

  17. Masses do not 'attract' other masses at all; and gravity is not a 'force' either.
    That you would spout such nonsense is not a surprise to me, since I have watched your video on climate change – which is also tripe.
    You should give up trying to teach science, since you patently know zilch about the subject.

  18. So fuc$ing cool. I love it!? OMG have I mentioned how adorable he is. An obsessed fan.

    P.S if I wasn't gay before watching this video, I'm definitely gay after watching it. Now how awesome is this!

  19. Why gravity is in between planet only? Do any matter has own gravity? Is there any relationship between gravity and Magnet ..every matter has own gravity but it's depends on their mass.. So what happened if we can control on gravity ??isn't it sounds weird but we can simply apposed gravity of any big mass and it might we call anti gravity ???. Gravity isn't it like motion of specific mass which revolve if what else we took same revolution speed of subsequent mass and.. What else it's proven Einstein low of relativity… And we can find the anrigravity as well as we can stop pause and forward the time means time machine.. Uhhh sound great? ?????same I work on it if u don't mind I would like ur all videos which I just watched.. Ur on right direction. ??

  20. my science teacher has a crush on you and shes like 40 with a husband and 2 kids that i go to school with why

  21. Gravity is just right in a Goldilocks universe, where the less sense everything makes, the more sense life makes.

  22. My 8th grade science teacher played this song at the beginning of the year and after we finished the finals in his class he played it and he was a great teacher one of the best I’ve ever had, we all looked around at each other holding back tears thinking about the great memories we’ve had in his class. He works at Mannion Middle School and is way to good for them, huge shout out we all love you Mr.Simon if you ever see this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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