Growtopia Events – St. Patrick’s Day – New Blarney?
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Growtopia Events – St. Patrick’s Day – New Blarney?

August 28, 2019

Hello Growtopians and welcome to this
special video about our St. Patrick’s event This is M1tch, the community
manager and as you might know we always have events in our game both seasonal
and occasional and today we want to highlight our St. Patrick’s event that
starts this week Keep in mind that you can collect Clover Leaves and convert four of them to make a Lucky Clover Also, there are new items out there for you to
discover this year St. Patrick’s features Blarney worlds which are festive
Parkour worlds Oh, lagged. Sorry, let’s try again! There are eight of them from
previous years so let’s check some of them out Parkour worlds are a great feature
in the game where players create worlds that challenge your skill and patience
for its great rewards You can also create cool Parkour worlds on your own or
with help from your friends There are plenty of items and obstacles to
discover and include during your world building While making your own Parkour worlds you
should try them out to make sure every obstacle is where it is intended to be *A few Blarneys later* We finally made
it through the last one What’s this? A new door? That means we have a new
Blarney world! Let’s check it out a bit This world features CyBlocks They are amazing and I enjoyed that expansion
quite a lot Oh this BLARNEY9 is really hard , go out and check it out yourself and share your thoughs in the comments And don’t forget to subscribe as we are having more content coming up Oh, no! Not again! Thanks for tuning in with me, your boy M1tch Share your thoughts and
suggestions below for future videos Don’t forget to click that “Subscribe”
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  2. Fuck growtopia i used money and wls got scammed 39 dls just yestheday chenandy1423 scammed my crystal cape which made me cry alot i never wanna play growtopia again

  3. 0:29 Did you see that???
    Yes its Emerald shard that means It dropping in the blarney world…..
    You can sell that for world locks

  4. You can get st.patrick item if you kiss Blarney stone after you finish the parkour…
    You cant use your consumable item in blarney..
    Dont use hack to finish this parkour You can get banned for ++Days

  5. goodbye growtobia …. reason: every player whant to scamm you, if you whana be rich your way is only farming, there is mods who are 0-25 offline , and its too much scammers

  6. Can You Make Zeus Tradable Cause its Expensive And Cannot Be traded I think IT just Waste Of Wls Pls Make Zeus Tradable

  7. Video Suggestion Is Tip To Get Rich,Top 10 List Or 5,Show A Glitch That Everyone Is Not Allowed And The Results Got Ban Etc.

  8. This event is my most hated beacuse i suffer many items for blarney5 in the pot o gold and i got noob items i just wasted 75+wls

  9. But sometimes some people make hard parkour and easy parkaour then sometimes some hackers are playing it. Then how can you see the scammers after we report them?

  10. Sometimes if there are in a closes people they dont show the hack effect but if they are not closes to a people they use it because they hiding a effects

  11. Maybe if i you can update the growtopia to normal that no more scammers and hackers allowed or you can updete to see the hacks effect to players ban him

  12. But idk if you make this game or some @mods make it sometime i really dont play the gt first i play the other first because maybe they can be happend or bad or scammed so maybe so many people quit gt because i think they always got scam or maybe but i dont wanna youtubers will quit gt because some people have fans or like my fans is mr.songo or peterw they will quit but i know if they make a video quiting in growtopia it must be just a jokes like the other one they make joke other people then he said his not gonna quit and he said he just gonna eat something then other people tought he was gonna quit like for a year hahaha lel

  13. Growtopia, why did you ban me for 60 days? I just jump and got banned. My GrowID is: Lkopro. So pls unban me.

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