September 15, 2019

it’s quite it’s quite often this walk
six or seven moon cause my racing cars in one oh yeah I didn’t get this legal
oh you didn’t get it in no you got everything is because free money no he
figured I’m like they might take my money away so just grab everybody yeah
oh my got a run all the way here to start the heist oh wait wait
Scott scene give me a second boys the introduction I’m gonna go outside and
see if I can find with this gonna on this jet pack yes Hughes have been mine yet way pair
than the Ponca wait wait huge I wish we got mansions I was trying to guide the government
through a security and ethics nightmare it had stumbled into when whoosh I’m
told no thanks it’s a fucking joke but I’m not laughing
Avon is worried that someone’s trying to start a war I’m not worried about it I’m
certain of it the only problem is I just don’t know who exactly and worse
Clifford doesn’t know who Clifford that’s his supercomputer it’s a neural
network of supercomputers Clifford is a problem-solving facility say hello
Clifford you’re embarrassing give Clifford data
and no more problem Clifford was on to something but now the data is gone gone
it has to be the Russians or the North Koreans or the Iranians or the Chinese
using a proxy agent the fact is if we cannot figure out who is behind these
data breaches then Clifford is useless if we can get paid of course we can help
there are three data thefts I need you to unbreached we breach broach I’m a
natural communicator I’m getting off topic no this is the topic how I’ve been
treated how I’ve been mistreated it’s an American tragedy kill the clever genius
so that numbskulls could take cheap bribes yeah I’ll pay I’ll pay whatever
it takes will I need serious cash six figures minimum no problem my share
price is through the roof look three problems three easy enough Solutions did
you stop talking like you’re giving a keynote speech please do I do that yes
three data thefts 250 trillion data points in enemy hands
three simple solutions one data courier murdered on the streets of Los Santos
bodies at the morgue the morgue you’ll have to steal an ambulance to get
in there old-fashioned analog I love it retro problem to four of these vans are
beaming vast amounts of previously secured
our military data you’ll need cars to track them down I have a sort of friend
who has some cars you can borrow here okay it sounds easy enough what’s the
third the big new server farm in Palomino has been compromised I’m
certain of it no one believed me and I have no idea how to prove it but if
someone could get inside I’ll just give me a minute
I know these stealth helicopters these things do seem a bit random
of course they seem random because you are not a super computer Clifford will
solve it for us just give us more data about the data so we can data it get to
work and that’s we use money oh I was gonna say that be sick too some other
people in him music yeah I always know turmeric
equivalent on a black screen I’m on a black screen too here we go
I saw here you know what maybe I should get my I can’t request my Avenger play that’s a nice car man I gotta buy this
thing yeah this is one of the new ones that’s a benefactor yeah alright let’s
do this so I pulled out the old trustees in
Toronto yeah it’s good that you have to other stuff too right old schools on tour no I remember now
they first came out so high for I think that was like my third your updates yeah
as in Porto was the first major purchase oh shoot man I need the money
t3 used to be talent or no oh my god the a DB it achieved rapid yet that’s
pennies right now a million dollars please
I’m glad to see what the pay is no I guarantee you there’s maybe a dozen at
least these initial things are gonna be low probably oh yeah try when we’re
doing the missions you guys like don’t engage until we’re all beside each other
so we can see it right because I know whoever’s an oppressor will probably get
there before any of us yeah I’ll make it all right any bets on who’s gonna die
first oh yeah you know like I I teach to
exercise when I got busy a little bit I’m like I need to enjoy this game again
man for just what it is this whole glitching thing just ruined it for me
it’s just honestly rule that does stop chip willing to play yes you know yeah
and the damn thing is done within a day it’s like damn man did anybody hit that single player thing
the single to multiplayer no I just alright I’m gonna wait until everybody’s
here you’re just you yes we gotta steal the Annihilator now in the front at
least looks Fabian double your heart member with one yeah oh BMW
you guys ready man back me up I’m gonna I’m gonna feel the thing okay alrights other thing about lose the cops
yeah lose the cops oh I see why you got doing a public
lobby now yeah come and kill you right yeah no I
think the more you shoot them the more we gotta suffer here I don’t shoot don’t
shoot I’m um just wall just try to avoid him I’m actually gonna try to go
somewhere get me Kenny Collison not a bad idea I’d be surprised if Lester
works right now laughter carve the man in us and remove
wonder level Thank You Lester yeah actually works down the haii setups
good because it wasn’t working before look at the drift oh that’s cool that’s
cool so basically we’re doing what we did in
the single-player collecting the vehicles to do the heist right that’s
exactly the yeah yeah yeah no I love it over usually tried to make it a bit of a
nightmare by me reefers and the people of the new tank now it looks so I think
we just buy it it’s like with a lot of aircrafts or other vehicles you just buy
like missiles like vigilante just buy the missiles no I think you guys doing
the missions with me they’re gonna give you the trade price right like the lower
price no it’s uh it’s moving have to be eager to get that fuck yeah
it’s stupid I thought it’s just a matter of going through it
looks like our friends of mine all right I kind of regret bye-bye good yeah next
time when we pick up a vehicle like this let’s cargobob it’s up here man because
this is some bullshit now yeah oh my god this is terrain that out of the way yeah
hey we’re good we made it baby pop complete oh yes next time we do a
cargobob deliveryman Oh

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