GTA 5 Free Fighter Jet That You Can Keep In Your Hanger Trick GTA 5 Fighter Jet
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GTA 5 Free Fighter Jet That You Can Keep In Your Hanger Trick GTA 5 Fighter Jet

August 25, 2019

GTA 5 Free Fighter Jet That You Can Keep In
Your Hanger store a fighter Jet in your hanger on GTA V, GTA 5 Free Fighter Jet That You
In Your Hanger First you need to steal a fighter jet from
the army base on the map. Best ways in i have found is to parachute
in but driving in works well but head straight for the open hanger on the left. Grab the jet and take off as
fast as you can and lose your
wanted level. Once you have done
that land it in
your hanger Do NOT change the planes in your hanger otherwise
you lose it. eg swapping it to a tank Find More GTA 5, Battlefield 4 & Call Of Duty
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  1. I've watched video after video on how to get a jet from that base all of which failed me.. however your take off and flight pattern is perfect. I still took 1 missile to the rear but I made it… (I stayed too low for too long) awesome video and thanks for an actual tip that works!!!

  2. I was able to get the Jet. thanks man. What i did was when I got to the jet's hanger, I saved. Then I loaded the save and stole the Jet. As soon as I lost the military, I saved again. Then I lost the cops and saved again. Then I landed it and put in my hanger. Piece of cake if you save frequently. This is because loading a save despawns enemies and removes any damage to vehicles. It retains wanted levels tho, so be careful. It also allows you to go back if something goes wrong so you don't have to start over

  3. Pretty cool tutorial, ya, when I got the jet fighter from the base, I flew it to my airport hanger using Michael, and I know I already own a few aircrafts in my airport hangar already for Michael, but the airport hangar would not let me store the fighter Jet, so I parked the jet a few inches away from the hangar and got one of my already owned aircraft vehicles and got inside of one of them and then my fighter jet was gone, it essentially disappeared once I got a jet that I bought and owned and that's how the fighter jets disappear, it sucks, but any way, thanks for the tutorial, it really helped.

  4. Can someone answer my question if you steal a car and put it in your garage will it respawn if you take it out and blow it up?

  5. Well thats fucking retarded…. so i cant ever switch back to my tank because ill end up loosing the jet i died over 49316289 times for… Nice one Rockstar games…

  6. I couldn't seem to manage this method as i was getting hit first by a tank and then the jets rockets every time I tried(and yes, it was a spawned in tank… every. time…). The way I did it was to immediately pull the nose up into a loop and perform an immelmann turn over the hangar and shoot right out the back of the base into the mountains. If I tried it any other way, they immediately started shooting and warning me about being in fort zancudo airspace, but pulling back over the hangar they never even took a shot at me.

     Hope this helps others who might have a problem with sharpshooting tanks and insta-gib rockets spawning behind them on takeoff 🙂

  7. hey sniper brought a half damaged jet and didnt work but i forgotfully also changed the vehicle bt will half damaged work

  8. i got it to the strip, but it just stopped working. i can't taxi it into the hangar. everything works except for the engine.

  9. When i select a plane in my hangar as a trevor i can't get them in hangar after being selected!!?! help pls!

  10. If we used one of the special planes in the hangar that we bought and it blew up do we lose it or it will stay there?

  11. how do you steal a ac130 because i looked up YouTube and there was a glitch that you can replay on Cletus and it's not even on my replay strangers and freaks so what do i need to do to get it back on there i don't want to start all over the story mode so can you please help me to figure out what I need to do

  12. Here is how I stored the fighter jet as Michael in the Los Santos Air Port Hangar
    1) Buy the Hangar in Los Santos
    2)I manage to stole it from the military with the help of invincibility code (still took some tries)
    -once out of the military airzone quick save and reload the game so the jet has zero damage and capable of perfect flight
    3)land it in the airport and stored it in the big hangar you see when you enter the airport (not in the one that the plane appears and you take it)

    Now it is always there as long as I land it back and place it back in that big hangar, it always spawns back in the other one once I leave the area.
    However, if you destroy it, it will not apear as the bought ones in your hangar, you will have to repeat the process or reload to a previous file you had it. Also if you select in your hangar to change it, it will disapear.

  13. Just did it the way he said and saved after, died and came back to check and it a was still there!!Thanks Mate! Tine for death from above!!!!

  14. How do you save several planes in Trevor's hangar? Mine only allows me to save one plane (excluding the helicopter and time trial plane). If I save a new plane, the previous one disappears

  15. i have the hangar in the military base, i get rid of the wanted level but as soon as i get to the base i get a two star wanted level, did they patch it or do i need a hangar somewhere else?

  16. I don’t know if they nerfed the military base or what but it never used to be this hard to get a fighter jet.

  17. I steal it, park it in trevor’s hangar (sandy shores) and then as soon as I switch characters or turn off my console and re launch the game.. its gone

  18. Hey if I change characters let's say for instance I save the jet with Franklin if I go over to Michael and play for a while when I come back to Franklin will the Jets still be there

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