GTA 5 Funny Moments – Glitches, Jetpack, Submarine Car, Christmas & More!
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GTA 5 Funny Moments – Glitches, Jetpack, Submarine Car, Christmas & More!

August 26, 2019

Okay What I can’t look up any higher weights again it tends to do a fucking rocket All right, that’s good Let’s go. Let’s go check back in instead of full driving It’s getting so damaged stop. You’re damaging it. Oh my god. I jumped out How did that least Post amended Thanks, oh my fucking god. You’re such a white car you had that blow-up though, cuz you hit it I was not the smartest idea You there Yah, yah Yah Yah, I was listening to you fan the whole time it sounded pretty nice oh Why? Because her microphone was facing towards it no that’s not true Yeah with a nice conversation Um the only word that we said was Cuz you’re a wanker uh Smart TVs what? Dart I’m gonna do a smart ass now. Let me on go. Yeah, we gonna hit a lot my actually Not super I just Give me up with the low Flying Problem I’m on this house all the way over here. What the fuck you went so far What the fuck – don’t land on mate it weren’t land oh Stop alright Gary, just go to kiss me one I landed on the ground though. I landed in this bushi. Oh look the absolute Bruce to things outside ready Pops yeah, I Never even died. Where are you just fly away? I Think get away from get away from everything Okay coppers not give me now I’m gonna lay on the power pole. Okay. I’m looking de nuff Land on it to jump out Oh The coppers killed me the other cops are looking for me You killed me, that’s what you do Bends the water hi, I’m a funny fish We did a little job a stop You’re stuck Did y’all me do it. Oh, it’s cool. Oh My god All right, let’s go now Oh my goodness do you want me do it yet? Oh, I got it three two – One what We Give you so good. I can’t steer it’s still stuck It’s okay it’s Just Me. I just made it. I just made it out alive What I was too close one which outlets a bush flap we better up Turn off the engine in your vehicle you should have heard these guys screaming Why the fuck do I have cops now I did nothing Practice it slut fucker. I thought he Might be Here

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