GTA 5 – Jetpack and the Mystery of Mount Chiliad – Hot Topic #3
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GTA 5 – Jetpack and the Mystery of Mount Chiliad – Hot Topic #3

August 25, 2019

Welcome to the third episode of Hot Topic. I’m Gary7MT with the GTA Series Videos crew and this is the Mystery Edition. As always click on the captions button if you want subtitles. Now in this Mystery Edition we’ll explore the infamous Mt. Chiliad mystery and investigate its connections to another important game mystery… the Jetpack! Starting with the Jetpack many “GTA Theorists” surmise that it could be a reward for resolving the Chiliad mystery. As stated in our first episode, leakers have discovered strings related to the Jetpack in the game files. Before and after that, many YouTubers posted videos concerning this device some of which were well produced showing locations and flying that have been proven to be hoaxes, others are just spam. But what, if anything, is certain about the Jetpack? While Rockstar has made no official announcements in April of 2014, Chr0m3 x MoDz posted some codes he found in both 1.12 and 1.13 GTA 5 patches pointing to a Jetpack. Based on a private interpretation of these strings, Chr0m3 x MoDz theorizes that the Jetpack is: 1) A native function in GTA 5; 2) Seems smaller than the one seen in GTA San Andreas and 3) Can be used while shooting – just like you can when using the parachute. Last, according to the source of this leak, the Jetpack will eventually come to GTA 5 and GTA Online. But are any of these notions based in fact? No, they are not. According to the strings leaked, there were only a collection of functions similar to the ones used by the parachute tied to the word Jetpack. Moreover, as some “GTA Theorists” argue, these strings could in fact be nothing more than Rockstar Games attempting to discredit leakers, allowing them to spread disinformation. Practically the same thing happened with the latest DLC “The San Andreas Flight School” where leakers and YouTubers promised the Hydra, based on their own interpretations of the strings, but the DLC is out and guess what? No Hydra! No 2-seated military jet either! Is Rockstar Games at fault for not releasing the Jetpack or the Hydra? Well, no. Rockstar is the owner and the sole party in charge of its game codes. Any complaints should be directed towards the leakers and YouTubers who read and interpret codes however they want affirming that something is 100% sure and will be found in the next patch or DLC. What many GTA enthusiasts wonder is, if the Jetpack could arrive in a future DLC for GTA 5 and GTA Online and the answer is yes, it could, but there’s no way to be absolutely sure if and when. Still the question remains, how is the Jetpack connected to the Mt. Chiliad’s Mystery? If you can’t answer this question, you’re in the right place! Mt. Chiliad’s Mystery is how the GTA communities identify the mural on the wall of Mt. Chiliad’s cableway. This mural shows an outline of a mountain surrounded by lightning, containing five Xs inside connected to three different drawings at the base. The mural’s shape taken as a whole, resembles the classic representation of the all-seeing third eye. The first image is a UFO with an extraterrestrial inside. The second is a cracked egg and the third appears to be the outline of a human using a Jetpack. At the top of the mountain we can see an image of a UFO. Before examining this mystery’s main theories, found on practically every forum dedicated to GTA 5, we shall try to explain this mural’s meaning without flying off to Neverland. In five different places on the western side of Mt. Chiliad, which correlate to the five Xs on the mural, there are five glyphs all connected to one another by the same image found on top of the mural. Under three of the five UFOs there is a rain cloud, a crescent moon and a mountain with a path down the middle. In other words, there will be a spaceship on top of a mountain during a rainy night – at 3 AM, to be exact. If you go to the top of the mountain you can see on the wooden viewpoint platform “Return when your story is complete”. Once you complete the game 100%, an FIB UFO will spawn on top of Mt. Chiliad. Some theorists have surmised, due to the fact that the flying saucer is not solid and disappears if you go near it, that in reality this craft is just a hologram projected from somewhere else. But if this explains three of the five glyphs, what is the meaning of the other two? Possibly, the glyphs simply mean that for the other two spaceships, all one has to do is reach the area from which they spawn, day, night, clear or rain, to see them. The first can be seen in the sky floating above “Beam Me Up” hill, identical to the spaceship from Chiliad Mountain except that this one emits an intermittent white beam from beneath, while the second, is far above Fort Zancudo and is more of an experimental stealth aircraft than a classic, alien craft. Also looking at the 3D model, we can see that inside this aircraft are two humans that can barely be seen from outside. Speaking of Zancudo, starting at 3 AM, a green light indicates where the UFO can be found. Unrelated to all this, there’s also a fourth spaceship sunken deep in the North Pacific Ocean, identical to those seen above Chiliad Mountain and “Beam Me Up” hill. If this is an easy explanation of the five Xs and the UFO at the top of the mural, what is the meaning of the three icons below? What is the significance of the craft with the alien inside, the cracked egg and the figure with what appears to be a Jetpack? Lacking hard evidence, any conjecture is mere guesswork. There are just too many theories, and too many ideas all lacking concrete proof. One of the oddest theories states that these three images are symbols for the three main characters: Michael is the UFO because he is the one tied to this aspect of the game. Franklin would be the egg because he’s the youngest and Trevor is the Jetpack because Jetpack, according to some, is synonymous with chaos. This could mean all the lines in the mural illustrate how the lives of these three characters are connected. Michael and Trevor connect in the past, then Michael meets Franklin, and later they both find Trevor. But this leaves the significance of the Xs? Current “GTA Theorists” state that there are five precise moments in the game during five missions in which taking one action as opposed to another will lead you to discover a reward, this reward being the Jetpack – but wasn’t the Jetpack Trevor? Bah! According to other current theorists, if you align the mural with the blueprint map, released with the Special and Collector’s Edition, at the top where the sea meets the land two of the 5 Xs are near the FIB “Beam Me Up” and Fort Zancudo UFO sites. But what significance could the remaining three Xs hold? While their precise meaning is unknown, one theory states that the X on Bolingbroke Prison and what’s written on the map are tied to another Easter Egg in the game – “The Infinity Eight Killer”. A game side story about Merle Abrahams, a serial killer who disposed of eight jogger victims at sea. Clues throughout the game lead players to the bodies. News of Abrahams’ death while in prison awaiting trial were found in a newspaper clipping tacked to the wall of his burned out Sandy Shores home. Focusing on recent discoveries by GTA researchers, rather than mere conjecture, the UFO is connected to all the not-so-alien flying saucers throughout the in-game world. It’s possible the egg signifies “Easter Egg” – because “to crack an egg” also means to solve a mystery. This could indicate the egg is just a symbol for a mystery that needs to be solved. But could there be more? Some current theorists’ state, after days of searching game codes, they’ve located several actual eggs in the world. One is the logo of the Paleto Bay Savings Bank robbed by Trevor, Franklin and Michael. Others claim that deep in the sea are alien eggs, but these supposed “eggs” are in fact just plants. Another egg was found inside the bell of the Cluckin Bell logo at Rockford Plaza, the place that we have to case during the optional mission with Tracey and Michael. Other Reddit “GTA Theorists” have found an alien egg that glows at night. Finally one of the most popular theories about the egg is connected to the Cluckin Bell factory in Paleto Bay. Exactly how is as of yet, unknown. Finally we turn our attention to the ultimate enigma – the Jetpack. A mystery that has stumped “GTA Theorists” for centuries. Desperate for clues that could lead to this device, gamers have started to connect everything to the Jetpack. From the glyphs inside the Altruist camp on the water tower… to those on “Beam Me Up” hill, a place based on Salvation Mountain among others, yet all these glyphs are merely copies of the ones found on Mount Chiliad. Theories also abound involving the FIB and scientists found near the satellite antennas in the morning. Some current theorists contend that each and every dish is pointed toward a part of the final solution. One widely held theory, especially because it’s based on the lack of the Jetpack, is that the device, like in San Andreas, could be a prototype in Fort Zancudo that is not yet available, but will be like the military UFO that floats over the fort. The last, and most hopeful theory of GTA enthusiasts, involves the possibility of the Jetpack being the reward for finding all three UFOs in the game. However, as the theory goes, due to technical problems or the intention by Rockstar Games to make the Jetpack a PS4, Xbox One and/or PC exclusive, the reward was taken out of the game. Is the Jetpack hidden in the game? Will it appear in a future DLC or in the new gen and PC version? Our only clues to it are based on strings added to the assorted patches, but nothing more. So what is the meaning of the figure with the Jetpack? Again, no hard evidence means this mystery will continue to haunt us. Could all these questions just be a way for Rockstar to refocus GTA enthusiasts’ attention on the game itself? After seeing how much time, effort and playing hours, users wasted in the past searching for Bigfoot… The Epsilon Program, Kraff and more? Or could there be a deeper meaning behind these mysteries? Perhaps they’re just a foreshadowing of things to come? We just don’t know, therefore… aliens! Now it’s time for your best questions, comments and ideas. Starting from Youtube, Llyod points out that Rockstar Games hired a team dedicated to coding their latest games for PC using Max Payne 3 as an example. You’re right Llyod, but we were talking about PC PORTING. Rumors talk about the possibility that GTA 5 for PC won’t be a PC port, but instead is a game coded native for PC. If this will be the reality, then we will surely have a great desktop version like Max Payne 3 was, and we sure hope so. Again from YouTube, Ricardo Martinez asks if we will see North Yankton again, maybe with its own storyline? You know Ricardo, that would be nice, but right now, North Yankton is just a rough city used like Ghost Town in GTA 3 for the beginning of the game. Most of the city is not solid and all the textures are in low quality. More important, North Yankton is just a strip, practically a single route village with nothing to say or to show. But, you know, every city in a game will start from one single route and with low quality textures, so yeah, visiting a better and complete North Yankton would be awesome. Hey Rockstar Games, this is a good one, got it? Moving to Facebook, Aaron asks what we think about a DLC involving Niko from GTA 4. Well, we probably won’t see one. First of all, because the voice actor of Niko, Michael Hollick, had problems with Rockstar Games about the pay he got after working roughly 15 months – he thought he deserved more, but only after seeing how success the game had in stores. Also, at the end of GTA 4, Niko has to choose between two different endings and those endings change his life in different ways. Even if there’s a canonical ending, Rockstar probably won’t bring Niko back to avoid choosing on their side the fate of Niko’s future, nullifying the choosing done by the player. Last coming from YouTube, MyDoggydude says he would like South Park and Family Guy on GTA television. And that’s all guys, we’ll see you next time on a new episode of “Hot Topic”. Live long and prosper.

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  1. Hey man, is there a way to send you a new discovered easteregg based on the mural, I claim it to be the final one explaining you the mystery. I even got already confirmed by Rockstar, just not in public so that the hunt wont stop but I want people to know the whole beaty of this mystery and it is waaay different than anyone expected it:)

  2. After the Doomsday DLC it finally makes sense. The UFO’s from story mode, The Alien Egg from gunrunning resupply missions. And now from the Doomsday the mount chiliad base and the jetpack.

  3. I find this funny. I think Rockstar just made that easter egg as a reference to Eye of Providence but as usual, everyone went crazy and started searching for it everywhere.

  4. 15:35 Interesting… Niko gets 2 different endings that changes his life forever. (Either way, it still ends badly and dark for Niko. Only GTA protagonist to while start bad like others, not get things right in the end.) In GTA 5, we get 2 bad endings and 1 good ending (hopefully the cannonical one). Damn, even in that part, GTA 4 is really the darkest game of them all.

  5. So when you got the egg in gun running and the jetpack online and the ufo on top of the mountain… is all you need is a little ufo with you or an alien in it

  6. Well I have come from the future amd I can tell that the jetpack has not been released even in April 2018

  7. It's been a year but i'm still looking the ufo…but in san andreas so many myth i can found like blue hell really weird i'm just gonna keep searching in gta 5 till i got it…

  8. 3 years and a couple of months later…only to find out there’s a nuclear missile just sittin inside the mountain waiting to be set off…nice

  9. Hot Topic 4# – The Union Depository got hit again
    Hot Topic 5# – Steve Haines, Assassinated!
    Hot Topic 6# – Devin Weston disappeared!

  10. I solved

    Michael in real life said to go 35 miles out to sea but in every vid everyone goes straight out. But I solved it, you go 35 miles out and search it near fort zancudo. I already solved it. Trust me it's there

  11. there are 4 ufos in gta 5 the last one is in the gta online mission picking the egg in the militiry base crash ufo in mt.chilad ufo seen in the mystery in the mural and lastley the jetpack is inside the last doomsday heist bunker he jetpack with rockets. thx gta5 that i play alot thx give subs to my youtube channel

  12. The jetpack is done in doomsday hiest the ufo is gunrunning last thing is the egg the egg is not solved the ufo and the jetpack is solved

  13. Hello from the future. The jetpack now available at the warstock website.
    Fan's : the jetpack probably here, the jetpack probably there
    Cockstar : fuck that, let's just sell the jetpack on the website

  14. so it could mean about the gunrunning 600th misson it has a ufo like the on the mount chiliad mystery and there is a egg too and I think the jetpack means its coming cause we did get so yeah that's what a think it could mean

  15. GTA5 2014 Generation: I Wonder if there will be a jet pack DLC in the future…

    GTA5 2018 Generation: Rams A-10 Warthog Into Flying Delorean

  16. I actually noticed a jetpack in Franklin's garage while I was free roaming, but I don't know why, because I still haven't found the third U.F.O. on the top of Mount Chiliad (my game is not completed). So I think the jetpack means something else. :/

  17. Remember when people thought this was a real ? But it turns out that painting on mount chilliad is just a reference to once you complete the story mode 100% you can see a UFO over chilliad.

  18. i have a question:
    is that connected to the green goo?


    if an alien is in the ice on North Yankton, could UFO
    save the alien?

  19. There no jetpack.
    Some say it stolen by CJ in san andreas (as you see ob the mission) the Truth told CJ to stole the jetpack right?
    Its look diffrent, the weapon diffrent. Thats all i know

  20. GTA online has a jetlack during the doomsday heist that it was to kill Avon hertz in a jet pack in. Act 3 the doomsday scenario and 2-4 gta online protagonist has to use a jet pack to kill Avon Hertz

  21. I think I was one of the first people to connect the lines on the mural with the story! I been telling you all for years the 3 mount chiliad mysteries are conspiracies you solve the first one by choosing death wish then you gotta do the other endings but you gotta actually start a new game for each character you can't save before you choose A,B,C you gotta 100% 3 save games with all endings! But yes it's a brutal amount of gameplay but that's the point of the mysteries to keep us going the people play GTA 4 and 5 non stop till the next game! They want longevity lol

  22. Also the real Infinite 8 killer was Eddie Low! He framed Abrahams.. when you do the last mission with Eddie Low in GTA 4 with Niko he even says some about Abrahams daughter! I'm pretty sure Hunter Outlaw X figured it out! It's 100% true!

  23. So in 2017 or 2018 the doomsday heist came out and came with the long awaited jet pack, but has the mt chilliad miracle ever been solved?

  24. Well i suppose it was somewhat true, considering the thruster. But it's not accessible in gta story mode, unless you use mods

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