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September 8, 2019

بدون ترقيات افضل ترقيات تحدي الماء تحدي السقوط الديليكسو تنزل ببطء على الارض عندما تنزل منها بينما الثرسترس….xd السعر

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  1. Why use guns though, people use explosives to destroy these things usually, or miniguns. I would recommend you try to fight them against each other to see who's better, probably deluxo with great tracking missiles.

  2. All right time to point out some flaws and subjects that this video fails to cover (I hope this will help some deluxo owners reconsider their purchase)

    1. The drop test. The only cases where someone would jump out of said vehicles is if they are trying to get down quickly or can’t evade lock on from another vehicle or aircraft in which case the missiles will blow up the vehicle anyways. And when jumping out, it’s pretty instinctive to return the vehicle you jumped out of to storage (via motorcycle club) to make sure said vehicle does not sustain damage when falling.

    2. Countermeasures and vehicular abilities: It’s important to note that the deluxo is fitted with Ruiner 2000 styled lock on missiles which are impossible to evade. (Unless you’re in a jet) But then it’s also important to note that the Thruster is not only equipped with missiles (not Ruiner 2000 missiles) but with counter measures as well, which despite the tracking capabilities of the deluxo, overpowers the deluxo because if the thruster is equipped with Chaff, the deluxo will not be able to lock on which gives the thruster the opportunity to destroy the deluxo.

    3. Glitches: the deluxo used to have the ability to go super speed which has now been patched. But say the thruster is being chased by a deluxo for say; the Thruster due to its small hit box will be invincible against homing rockets if going top speed in a straight line. not only does the deluxo not stand a chance chasing it, but the thruster would eventually outrun it

    4. Others: Despite popular belief, the jet pack actually carries 30 homing rockets. The reason a bunch of YouTubers say it has only 16 is because they were spamming the fire button. This glitch is limited to the Jetpack. I also read some comments regarding size and protection. Because of how small the jetpack is, it is extremely difficult to hit said person with an explosive or non explosive sniper. Also regarding auto aim, you can simply use the advanced mobility maneuver to turn around and use the jetpack as a shield from enemies. Or you can play in free aim… Now the deluxo faces the sad fact that it is big and slow while in the sky, this makes it very prone to explosive sniper rounds and also surprisingly easy to shoot someone out of. The Thruster is also equipped with Jato thrust which is something the deluxo lacks. The thrusters JATO ability allows it to take off very quickly which the deluxo again struggles in.

    Both are personal vehicles
    Both carry 30 rockets
    Thruster can climb faster
    Goes faster
    And can access more places
    Thruster is also more maneuverable
    Also the jetpack is over $1.2 million cheaper than the deluxo
    The only thing the deluxo does better than the thruster is missile tracking and people it can carry.

    Who’s the real winner?


  3. I couldn’t decide which ones better for me so i just said fuck it and i now own both. Thought i wish i could sell the shitty thruster. Fucking rockstar.

  4. Deluxo comes slowly down when you bail out. The Thruster on the other hand explodes upon hitting the ground.
    Deluxo can go on water, the Thruster can't.
    The only thing the Thruster has an advantage over, over the Deluxo is the speed.

    That being said, the Deluxo has more advantages then the Thruster has.
    Meaning, the Deluxo is definitly better then the Thruster.
    Therefore, Onespots perspective is invalid. (at least to me)

  5. Should I sell my deluxo and buy the thruster? I know a lot of people are gonna say keep the deluxo but I need a fast air vehicle that can land good and the deluxo is slow at flying

  6. Jet pack has 30 missiles there was a bug. Thruster has strafe and has Jato.its fast and better climbs while moving. It has a thing were going forward cant be killed by most missiles(vid by ghillie explains).cheaper.mechanic callable. Good for things like headhuntet and oth CEO stuff.

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