GTA 5 Online: How To MAX Flying Skill SUPER FAST! GTA 5 Tips & Tricks Episode 4! (GTA V)
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GTA 5 Online: How To MAX Flying Skill SUPER FAST! GTA 5 Tips & Tricks Episode 4! (GTA V)

August 27, 2019

Hey everybody how’s it going my name is Usman
& today I’m bringing you guys the fourth epsiode of my GTA 5 Online tips & tricks & today I’ll
be showing you guys how to max out your flying skills fast in gta online. This episode will be shorter than other episodes
but it will help you guys out if you are looking to max out your flying skills fast. So today
in gta 5 online we’ve got a new flight school update & of course with this update we’ve got a flight school in gta online, and
with the help of this I’ve got my 50 flying skill maxed out all the way up to 100 which
is freqing awesome because normally you raise 1 percent of your flying skill in about 10 minutes of fly time which is rididcoulously
slow, so by doing flight school missions that you find near the los santos airport you can
easily max out your flying skills pretty fast, I was at around half way of my flying skill
then I played 5 flight school missions in one mission I got gold, and I got 2 silvers
& 2 bronzes, I have replayed two times because I ‘ve failed two times the same mission but
I still got my flying skill maxed out but of course if you get gold medals you can do this way faster than me. So I recommend
you to play these missions 1 by 1 don’t worry if
you don’t get gold or silver just try to complete these missions but it is better if you get
gold and the missions you find easier than the rest I recommend you to play them twice don’t play more than twice because
I’m unsure if that raise your skill or not because I haven’t got the chance to test by
myself because like I said earlier I played first 5 misisons straight and I replayed 2
times the same mission. the missions that I fiund
easier are the engine failure & the city landing, in these missions you just have to land your
aircraft & that’s about it. So yeah no matter how low your flying skill is by doing flight school missions you can easily
max out your flying skill & you also going to be a better pilot overall. So now what
I wanna know if this helped you out or not & also if you guys want to know something
about gta 5 & gta online, let me know in the comments section down below so I can cover
that in my next episode. So if you did enjoyed today’s video though
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  1. In this video I'm giving you guys some tips & tricks, so you can MAX out your "Flying Skill" SUPER FAST by playing the Flight School Missions in #GTA5   #GTAOnline   #GTA5Tips   #GTA5TipsandTricks   #GTAVTipsandTricks   #GTA5Online   #GTAV  

  2. I had a very low flying skill before this update, after doing some of the missions (and going for all golds i maxed my flying skill out) don't know if that will help if your testing this haha 😛

  3. Channel looks good, you've come quite a long way since you got your shoutout from Luxeley xD (Luxeley sent me :P) Maybe consider checking mine out as well

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