GTA 5 Online North Yankton, New City Clifford, Jetpack & More – GTA 5 Single Player DLC! (GTA V)
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GTA 5 Online North Yankton, New City Clifford, Jetpack & More – GTA 5 Single Player DLC! (GTA V)

August 23, 2019

Hey everybody how’s it going my name is Usman
and today I’m bringing you guys a new leaked information about single player DLC as well
a new city & much more that could be coming into GTA 5 and GTA Online. So this information is leaked by funmw2 a very trust worthy source
and that’s why I’m bringing you guys this video, so he got this information from the
source code of GTA 5 Online and he posted this information on GTA forums which I will link it down in the
description as well my previous video about Casino DLC and a Casino heist that is coming into Grand Theft Auto
5. And it seems like the next big dlc is going to be the single player DLC I don’t know if
that’s going to be the next DLC for GTAV or we’ll get this DLC after couple of updates, but with this DLC we could possibly see some next level stuff, so first off we still
have the jetpack coding just chiling in GTA 5 Online which means the jetpack theory is
not yet solved, there’s still something about this in the game that need to be discovered or maybe Rockstar is planning to
give us the jetpack with the story DLC. next up we have an awesome information that
we might get a new city added to North Yankton and it will be called Clifford and this is
insane stuff guys, like fo’ real if we get this with the single player dlc that will bring us so much new stuff to explore
and even a lot players back. And also Funmw2 found that with the single player dlc there
will be 34 new missions, 12 assasination missions and 23 unknown mission which I honestly cannot wait, so let me know
what do you guys think about this, let’s say if this is the next DLC for GTA 5 what will
be your reaction let me know in the comments section down below, honestly I would just shit my pants, so if you are excited for this
DLC be sure to smash that like button and also if you are new around here make sure
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Ops 3 videos, so yeah guys that’s really about it.

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  1. I really don't think the Jetpack will be released as DLC, there is huge information currently on the big single player easter egg about possibly unlocking a jetpack, so that is the most likely reason that's in there.

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