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August 31, 2019

Oppressor vs Oppressor MK ll Napisy By V3REX Oppressor vs Oppressor MK ll Test zniszczenia Test zniszczenia tadam!!! patrz na to stary śmieciu test skoku nieskończenie i nie tylko MK II potrafi lewitować nad wodą przeziębiłem się ilość miejsc:1 cena:$3,890,250 z misją specjalną $,950,000 ulepszenie:476,600+ odsprzedaż:$2,556.450 zobacz inne fajne filmy

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  1. Man back in the old days gta was actually about being a criminal but all these new updates make it feel like you’re a futuristic warlord with flying bikes

  2. MkII isn’t really fun and it requires no skill while MkI kind of requires skill and is fun we than holding down the right trigger for like five minutes

  3. I remember when it was fun to play GTA online, now I cant even leave my apartment before I get blown up by one of the fucking 100 OP vehicles and weapons in game.

  4. You should have shown how fast each one can land when in the air.
    Also, during lobby challenges does the oppressor qualify as a bike or land vehicle?

  5. I brought the mk 2 for 3.8M and when I go on my tyrbite I can’t customise do I have to. Do the missions

  6. Cant stand the oppressor… I came back after not playing for a year and cant go 15 minutes without some dick blowing me up every time. Luckily i can still snipe them off occasionally and then they're too easy to kill over and over… once they are taken off the bike they arent good at killing anymore.
    The least they could do is at least take off the auto lock on with the rockets…

  7. I sold my fully upgraded oppressor to buy the mk2. I had 5 mil and had to buy nightclub, terrabyte and ofc the mk2 bike. I like it more than the normal oppressor.

  8. People saying the opressor mark 2 ruined the game are the same ones saying how useless it would be a month ago. If you want test your skills fairly theres a thousand ways to do that in gta shut up about try hards and noobs

  9. Shut up about the mk2. Not everyone uses it to grief. Those who dont use it to grief are good people and deserve a gold star

  10. I think I'll buy the oppressor but not as a weapon. Im an old school guy. I settle my beefs with guns…not flying vehicles. I'll be using it to move my warehouse crates faster. Using a helicopter takes a little too much time.

  11. Something I say a lot

    If your rich get both

    In that case I don’t have one so run and hide from the people that do

  12. I have a mk 1 and I don't think I'll get the mk 2 I don't like griefing so the mk 1 does everything I need

  13. I want the first oppressor because it’s fun and people won’t attack me because they won’t think that I’m try hard! Plus, the boost is more efficient on mk1

  14. The thing is that the mk 2 can hover thats y its fast mk 1 is fun and can be used normally mk2 is op and i wish is wasnt in game somtimes people abuse mk 2

  15. Only people who complain about mk2 are either wanna be tryhards negative kd people or low levels who can’t afford it

  16. Shameless self promotion warning!

    I have some vids of trolling mk2 users on my channel, sub or james Charles will kiss you

  17. Dude saying one is more fun and one is for noobs and no skill makes no sense it’s gta this games requires no skill everyone has fun everyone kills each other and everyone can drive literally anyone can play this game

  18. I don’t use the MK II for killing people I use it for flying or some missions but the original is more balanced

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