GTA 5 Online Under Map Helicopter Wallbreach Glitch
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GTA 5 Online Under Map Helicopter Wallbreach Glitch

September 1, 2019

GTA 5 Online Under Map Helicopter Wallbreach Glitch 1.28 what’s up guys careers crazy hey Chris
gone plants dams img file an answer for you another will reach the airport things even if this one is of course UGC
violent character and the brothers helicopter just location on a map
showing you right now letters officers no surprise that you
can see on the map now I just by the airport is we gonna do is a loading dock
says of US one in front of me and then there’s a second one on the left me with
the second one get your Buzz attack helicopter and fly it sideways now this
can be tricky and once you do this when you get to some point we could do then
is flying up with what you see is the helicopter will go through the actual
reform this docking area are you now for now if you’re lucky enough you can go
under the mat time it right and fly in the right position era and what you see
as I slowly drop down I now underneath the map now this is really cool you can
see there’s a train or tram going along london them out there is a tidal wave
that somewhere be careful you don’t go to hike as you might get stuck in that
tunnel if you get stuck in there you know to get out and it’s pretty annoying
now there is another problem with this is there is a river going right across
from the actual airport so if you somehow you gonna go really low to get
past it which I can and I kept driving my helicopter if you do get past it let
me know she is amazed by Karina and I can fly inside and out of my funny
picture as you can see I’m flying up now and his empty in here or you can see
giant glass roof and it is actually pretty amazing ASRock more veggies going to be doing
difficult continental isotoner you guys think and rough fifteen thousand subscribers
to 16,000 but in this week on it now be awesome as I see you guys in my next
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