GTA San Andreas – Beta Weapons [Analysis]
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GTA San Andreas – Beta Weapons [Analysis]

September 5, 2019

The rumor is not true. It is not a camo version. Its original texture file can be found in the Manhunt game. Also can be seen during the “A Home In The Hills” mission. csthrowknife.dff Don’t look t the “animgrp.dat” PSG1 original texture file can be found in the Manhunt game. Check the description to know more about these “camo” weapons The flower is used during the “Sweet & Kendl” mission.
It can be seen in the cutscene near the grave. Floats in the air. How mine works in VCS I have uploaded additional icons.
Link can be found in the desciption.

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  1. Hey Vadim M i found something about the beta parachute in the mission "A home in the hills" if you can see the triads jump when youre in the plane you can see that they wear the beta parachute

  2. I downloaded this mod and i made new strings for the weapons with Fastman92's limit adjuster and have the beta weapons


  4. In an early build of the game, they used the sounds from Vice City. The palm trees were copy and paste from Vice City in the released version. There are more palm trees that look similar but edited.

  5. First load – ran off hill by Maddog Mansion and died
    Second load – This Pizzeria no pushover guy blew up my car with 4 shotgun blasts
    Cant wait to get started

  6. @Its Kev3nSGaMing yes those were beta weapons revealed there is uzi from gta vc beta MP5K, TEC 9, micro uzi, and those other sub machines, colt magnums, Assault rifles only steyr Aug, AK-47. PSG1 were beta but mostly the other guns they weren't really.

  7. rockstar released screenshot of beta pics so we can restore them just to make it look like beta. because they can't handle too much of those things.

  8. The bat that used by smoke is also can be seen in mission running dog when his knock up that one of some vagos

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  10. I always find it interesting the things they keep and remove. Just wish there was an explanation. But still cool

  11. In the strategy guide for the weapons of San fierro it shows #26 is a “Cane gun” , #43 is “Chrome gun” and #56 is “Country Shotgun”

  12. I know where you can find flower.It's in big smoke mission install camera hack and look at Kendl's foot at the funeral

  13. Anyone have video of the flower beta weapon in the Sweet Kendi mission? I'm interested in seeing this. I can't find it in any video featuring this mission.

  14. I wish that the uzi was used in the final game . In the concept arts big smoke look like he was going to use this gun a lot.

  15. I spent so many fucking hours trying to find the beta Uzi as a kid. I figured "it's on the back cover of the box, so it should be in the game right?
    It always used to happen with old games, they finish the cover/manual before they finish the game

  16. Was looking around but I didn't found any info about it. Perhaps I didn't searched so well. Anyways. I found the beta spas-12 model (texture still) but the gun is way longer with some size differences.

  17. There’s another unused weapon you didn’t cover. When Catalina confronts CJ in Farewell my love and starts smashing his car, it’s shown to be a crowbar. There is also one on a table in Area 69 but coloured.

  18. Rockstar:hey let's cuts some OS GTA SA weapon
    Rockstar:Damm I forget those things

  19. 2:28 thing is you didnt gave the original model on gtaall just some m16 which didnt looked like this one from gtaal!!

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