GTA: San Andreas Cheat Codes part 3 (6 cheats)
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GTA: San Andreas Cheat Codes part 3 (6 cheats)

August 31, 2019

Hello dear viewers, and welcome back to the part 3 of the series. Today we’ll cover a total of six cheats. Let me just kill this guy… Let’s begin. The first cheat we’re going to cover is NATURALTALENT. It will increase your Flying, Driving, Bike and Cycling skill to maximum. I’ll prove this using the bike. As you can see, my bunny hop is much higher! The cheat code functions well. You don’t have to deactivate the cheat. It gives permanent features. The second cheat is a pretty fun in my opinion. CPKTNWT. It makes all vehicles, planes, helicopters and motorbikes to explode. It doesn’t works on regular bikes though… Just like NATURALTALENT, you don’t have to retype the cheat code to deactivate. Once you type it, nothing special would happen after saving the game. The third cheat code is a pretty good one. It’s called STINGLIKEABEE. It makes your punches one-hit every single person. Quite a good one, not gonna lie. It is also a great cheat if you want to have some fun. Just type the code, punch everyone and enjoy! This cheat has to be deactivated if you want to save the game. Deactivating the cheat will result losing the ability to one-hit anyone. The fourth cheat is a not-so-useful one. GOODBYECRUELWORLD. Typing the code will result this: you will just commit suicide. That’s pretty much it for this cheat. For the fifth one we’ll need some weapons. KJKSZPJ might help a bit. Just look at my bullet count of the Desert Eagle… It’s decreasing, right? Well, not for now with the fifth cheat, FULLCLIP. This code is so useful. With it, you’ll have infinite ammo, and no reloading! Also, it’ll also make your Sniper rifle shoot significantly faster, as there will be no delay after firing. Like STINGLIKEABEE, the cheat code must be deactivated before saving. Deactivating will disable the ability to have infinite ammo and no reloading. The sixth and final cheat for today is ROCKETMAN. It spawns a Jetpack on your back. It is a slow, but flying ”machine”. You can also aim and shoot at your enemies with it! Works only on Pistol, Tec9 and Micro SMG, though. Not an effective way to kill your enemies, but it’s safer than with a Hydra or Hunter. Or basically any plane or helicopter that can shoot. That’s it for today’s video. Hope you enjoyed and learned something in this video. You can leave a subscribe for better support, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye!

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