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  1. All lights green is extremely useful in mission with spook o meter, it gets really annoying when you have to wait so long for the vehicle to move pass the signals especially if you fail the mission a couple of times

  2. How did you managed to take this bike into another county bcoz you sid it was the starting of the game..
    I don't remember this bike was available in another countries!!!

  3. There's a cheat that makes you can't run,drive or even type a cheat.i don't know the name but this cheat makes everyone even on vehicles stop,get out of their vehicles and try to kill you,even pedestrians.i type this code once and I nearly dead

  4. How to fly around San Andreas with a boat? Easy!
    Type the cheats:
    BSXSGGC : if a vehicle touches yours, it flies away
    ROCKETMAN : Jetpack
    AFSNMSMW : flying boats
    You touch a boat with a car, or with the Vortex and it will fly away, you get the Jetpack and fly to the boat (it should be a big boat to get to it and not fall from it) press Enter or F to drive the boat and you have the best vehicle 😂

  5. My favorite bike in San Andreas is the FCR-900. Using the ninja theme cheat makes them appear more often. That’s based solely on my own personal experiences

  6. …What's up with the 😀 emoticon at the moment when it's the last thing you should use? •-•
    Here's some examples: "The code is really hard to remember… :D" "Who uses boats for transport in GTA? :D" "LOL RIP :D"

  7. 10. Crazytown
    9. Stateofemergency
    8. lifesabeach
    Useless cheats section (suggestion)
    Asnaeb: Why not use aezakmi?

  8. hey man, bmtpwhr is not nothing you can join the peds, police, etc in your gang. when you aim the peds and press g

  9. The "Elvis is everywhere" cheat isnt only useful for people who love elvis, also for people who hates him if u know what I mean

  10. Idiot BMTPWHR is a cheat. That allows you to recruit any ped and gives that recruited ped an AK-47

    There are also cheats that gives you the ability to recruit a ped and gives that recruited ped a Colt45/M9 or a RPG-7

  11. Bmtpwhr use for make gang
    First type worship
    Then type proffesionalskit
    Then type bmtpwhr and use gun to aim anyone and press g ok

  12. When u was talking about flying boat
    I got an ad about pubg YOU CAN DIE FROM FIST,BULLET,GRENADE, FROM FLYING BOAT It's not all

  13. Zsoxfsq bgluawml nugapajll bekknqv bmtpwhr hlaboili lxgiwyl bifbuzz mroemzh jumpjet ohdude. urkqsrk vpjtqwv sjmahpe cheats

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