GTA V Online – All Free Helicopter Spawn Locations! (GTA 5)
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GTA V Online – All Free Helicopter Spawn Locations! (GTA 5)

November 5, 2019

Hey guys how’s it going, this is greyleaf and we’re gonna be looking at the many spots in GTA online where you can
grab a helicopter A few of them are very well-known but
there are a couple of lesser-known spots that I’ll be showing you today. Now the first spot…the hospital An easy one. Most people already know
about this one It’s a little off to the right in the
southern end of the map You have a ladder to climb, then a set of
stairs. And it’s my go-to spot when I need a helicopter. It also spawns the ambulance
helicopter which is kinda nice It doesn’t shoot missiles and rockets or
anything like that but it is a nice helicopter. Our second spot, another easy one is one that everyone knows about it’s the Vespucci Helipad or Higgins helicopters. It’s just across from the marina and pretty much the go to helipad for a lot of players. Our next spot is that the Los Sanos
International Airport in the southern end of the city Now there’s probably an easier way to get into the airport I like to use this ramp here. I didn’t quite hit it right that time but…ahhhh And all you have to do after you’re into the Airport is just drive around to the back of the building And there’s your helicopter. Simple as that. We find our next helicopter at Sandy Shores airfield This is another one that everybody should
already know about. It is the main airport in the North end of the map And is everyone’s goto helipad in the desert. Now the fifth spot is way up at the very top of the map at the Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Office Now this one isn’t as well known as the others But it is is really handy when you’re way up there and want to fly back to the city. Now down at the bottom of the map you’re gonna find our sixth helipad. I didn’t actually know about this spot until
very recently I was out exploring came across a gang
attack spot down here actually just around this sub here… tripped over helicopter now, I don’t know if I’m gonna use this one all
that much because it’s kinda out of the way but it is nice to know that it’s there. I almost forgot about Mackenzie field It’s that smaller airstrip in Grapeseed in the north end of the map And our last location is another lesser-known spot because it’s over here at the end of this road in an area the map that’s a little off the beaten path. It’s over at Los Santos government facility and there’s a bit over roundabout way to get up to the helipad It’s not the most convenient spot on the map But there is a helicopter there. Now, you just have to go past this gate here and get past this top notch government security guard who’s just letting everybody into the facility. Hey Bob, how’s it going, let me in. Thank you. Now all you have to do, drive around to
the back to the building here it’s actually kindof a long way up to the helipad. You’ve got this ladder here and I don’t know
how much I’ll be using this one And I don’t know how much I’ll be using this spot because unless I’m flying aroud with a damaged helicopter I don’t think I’m gonna come all the way
over here to grab one. anyways we’re just gonna run over there’s a walkway here go across here we got
another ladder to climb up and then a couple of ducts here to climb across. One more ladder And there you go. Now don’t forget guys if this video helped you out at all just hit that like button And don’t forget to subscribe because I’ll be putting up a bunch more videos with more tips andtricks for you get the most out your game

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  1. NO chopper at the airport for me but there was after a complicated chase, a lear Jet.. But it somehow stopped running on me and crashed out. lol

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