GTA5 – Giant Air Plane “Emergency Landing” on Highway — Two Engines Failed  — (This is GTA5 game)
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GTA5 – Giant Air Plane “Emergency Landing” on Highway — Two Engines Failed — (This is GTA5 game)

September 5, 2019

Hello, welcome to this video. You are watching a video which i recored from GTA 5 Game and it is highly edited Here is the context of the video I made this video just for fun and entertainment purpose So watch this video till end and enjoy Here I will tell you guys …what is happening in the video side by side I spawned two planes in gta 5 (boeing 747-8i) i landed a plane (airbus a380) on taxiway … then i takeoff two planes from different runways at the same time side by side in the same direction then one of plane with the livery of lufthansa airlines goes straight. 747 with basic livery turns towards the city Unfortunately a helicopter comes in the way of 747 and crashed into engine of 747… then one of four engines failed, the pilot got confused and rushed towards the
buildings luckily pilot become successful in saving the plane from crashing to the buildings suddenly one more engine failed and pilot lose the control So the pilot decided to land on sandy shores airport…. unfortunately the airport was too busy as pilot couldn’t land on the airport and go straight. now the pilot decided to land on the highway because there is no choice for pilot because the plane could crash … at least pilot become successful in landing the plane on highway… now the situation is a white truck comes in front of plane and front gear of plane fall in the backside of truck and truck becomes front gear for 747 luckily, plane stop on the highway successfully ambulance and firefighters comes to help in the end I hope you enjoyed the video Please make sure to like and subscribe please go to description for more context

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  1. Hello beautiful people…. I just want to clarify that " This is a GTA 5 Game" as i already mentioned in the title and description…

    I actually tried to recreate 405(film) which is directed by Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt in 2000
    …which was animated …
    but i recreate it in GTA 5 ….

    my idea and script of making this video is a lot different as you can differentiate by watching both videos

    405(film) :

    This is a clip which i recorded from GTA 5 …. how can i make you people fool??
    this is neither from real life nor animated… you can assume this video as from flight simulation …

    thanks for understanding … if you have more confusions you can reply to this comment …. i will answer the sensible questions

  2. Funniest part is most of them think its real and dunno the name of the game , and the arabic comments are mostly thanking god in arabic cause it dint crash 🤣🤣🤣😋

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  4. For starters… You should've used the engine's fire extinguishers. Secondly… The 747 can fly on two engines.

  5. Bhautshander landind in plane for highway road supper he is a real hero piled I'm salute for GTA 5 game my fvrt game

  6. You are stupid boing 747 had a runway over up a380 landing on taxi strip after take off gear are retracted wing must be fallen apart after helicopter colided do not make sense atopilot is on after climbing 1000 ft I don't like your video dose not make any sence😠😠😠

  7. Where do I even begin with how many things about this video are not only blatantly unrealistic, but also completely dismisses & ignores the most standard aeronautical procedures & regulations ?

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