GTA5 – Massive Air Plane “Emergency Landing” at helicarrier GTA5 (This is From GTA5 game)

September 22, 2019

Hello, Welcome to this gaming video. This video is about emergency landing in GTA 5 game. I recorded this video myself while playing GTA 5 game and this is highly edited I will provide you more context and educational value for this video. I made this video just for fun and entertainment purposes. So watch this video till end and enjoy. you can see a plane(airbus a340) is landing. and boeing 747 is ready to takeoff as it is waiting for landing of other plane then the plane (747) takeoff from fort zucando airport… after some seconds of takeoff fire comes out from one engine due to some technical fault and engine stop to working It is very difficult to control a plane in GTA 5 when one engine failed and fire comes out like this its pilot’s responsibility to save the plane from crash so the pilot decides to land on los santos international airport as the main runway looks too busy as a plane already started to take off this plane tried for emergency landing but not possible then the pilot decide to takeoff again then pilot sees a hellicarrier flying in front of it pilot decide to land on flying hellicarrier to save the plane from crash as the pilot become successful on landing the plane on flying hellicarrier in the end a raptor(F-22) takeoff from flying hellicarrier I hope you enjoyed the video Please make sure to like and Subscribe please go to description for more context

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