[GUIDE] Ambusher Jets Tips and Tricks
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[GUIDE] Ambusher Jets Tips and Tricks

September 6, 2019

Hello and welcome to Light Assault Video Guide
series. My name is Iridar, and today I’d like to show a few tips for
Ambusher Jets that didn’t make it into the Jet Pack Mechanics
Video. #1 Burn Duration Ambusher Jets can sustain their thrust for
up to 1 second, and you can make considerable course adjustments during that time. #2 Effects of downward vertical momentum Ambusher Jets give you different trajectories
when you’re falling. If you’re falling slowly – for example, after
a jump – your flight arc will be reduced. So you do a jump – pause – hold jump to fly. With proper timing, you can get a nearly flat
trajectory. This is useful whenever you want to fly along
cover. However, it will cost you some travel distance. So it’s a choice between shorter and safer jumps that take a moment
to start, or quicker and longer jumps that can potentially
expose you to more enemies. If you’re falling quickly, you’ll get a downward
arc. If you touch the ground during that downward
flight, you can hold the crouch key to ski along the
ground. #3 Managing burn length You don’t always have to go for the full one
second burn. You can stop it early to avoid bumping into
window frames or doorways. Sometimes, that’s the only way to squeeze
through, and no amount of fine tuning the downward
momentum would help. #4 Getting into base towers from the ground
level. The easiest way is to jet on that beam, and then parkour your way into the tower. Depending on distance and initial height, you can sometimes get into tower in one move, without additional parkour jumps. Another easy way is to carefully jump on the
support structure, and jet into the tower from there. A harder way is to jet ski along the white
rail, and get into the tower in one move. Finally, you can parkour your way into the
tower without ever engaging the jet pack. This is the hardest way, and it takes the
most time, but it saves you the Ambushers’ cooldown. #5 Climbing the central structure in a tower-type
base. Note that this is pretty much pointless when
you’re on the defending side, because switching to Skirmishers would be
much faster. First, use the Gravity Lift and engage Ambushers
to get on the first level. Then Jet parkour your way onto the second
level. Then fly on one of the “horns” sticking out
of the tower. You can stand firm on their slopes, if you let go all directional movement keys. From there you can fly to the top level. The guide is now concluded. Thank you for watching, my name is Iridar,
and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Hey man great video. not sure if you know this but you can jump backwards with the Ambusher jets. you don't go as far as if you go forward but still.

  2. Thanks for doing these. It's hard to come by good PS2 content these days, and your vids are consistently excellent. The only thing I could see helping this particular series is a keyboard input overlay mated with gameplay to demonstrate timing on those jumps.

  3. Thank you, this is the most informative guide I've seen on these jets. It's too bad all the guides I see are years old now.

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