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[GUIDE] Jet Pack Mechanics

August 17, 2019

Hello and welcome to Light Assault Video Guide
series. My name is Iridar and today we’re gonna
talk about Jet Pack mechanics. Before we proceed, please check the video
description there will be a notification if any aspect
of this video becomes outdated. First, let’s briefly go over four different
variations of the Jump Jets: Skirmisher Jets are average at just about
any category, which makes them incredibly versatile,
and a recommended choice for most situations. Drifter Jets trade everything for sustainable
horizontal flight. They gain altitude incredibly slowly, and
only when you’re not pressing any directional movement keys. Despite that fact, on a full burn Drifters
can still reach higher than any other Jet Type
due to absurd fuel capacity. Icarus Jets trade everything for Vertical
Thrust and high fuel recharge rate. Ambusher Jets make you the fastest man alive,
giving you the ability to make huge horizontal jumps with a bit of vertical movement,
usually enough to climb one and a half stories. Ambushers have a cooldown of several seconds
between uses. Before we discuss any specific maneuvers,
I’d like to explain some of the Jet Packs’ mechanics. #1 Activation
If your feet are touching any surface, you can activate the Jet Pack by pressing
and holding the Jump Key. First, your character will jump, and if you
keep holding the key for the necessary amount of time,
the Jet Pack will be activated. This method will work even if you never actually
leave the ground, for example when crouching under stairs. That “necessary amount of time” varies
for unknown reasons, but generally you can expect it to be between
0.2 and 0.4 seconds. If you press the Jump Key while mid air, the
jet pack will be instantly activated, as long as it was “the necessary amount
of time” since you last jumped. So when jumping off a cliff, there will be
a delay before Jet Pack is activated, but if you step off a cliff, jet pack will
be activated instantly. Activation mechanics are mostly important
for Ambusher Jets. As long as your feet are touching any surface,
you can jump without the fear of wasting cooldown. You just have to make sure to release the
jump key within that mentioned low border of 0.2 seconds. A more subtle conclusion is that if you manage
to press the jump key more than once within that time,
you can do limited parkour moves. #2 Effects of directional input
Different Jet Types react differently to directional keys being pressed. Skirmisher and Drifter Jets let you cover
roughly the same distance, regardless of whether you are flying straight
or diagonally. But flying backwards or sideways gives you
less distance. And using any directional input gives you
less altitude than flying neutrally. This means you can use the directional input
to manage your altitude. If you need extra altitude, you can temporarily
let go of directional keys to convert some of the horizontal speed into
vertical thrust. If you don’t need extra altitude, you can
instead tap the jump key to conserve some fuel. Icarus Jets have excellent sideways movement;
it’s marginally better than flying straight forward. Flying diagonally gives the best results,
letting you cover about 25% more distance than flying straight or strafing. According to my tests, you always reach the
same altitude, regardless of directional inputs. If there is a difference, it’s not big enough
to matter. Ambusher Jets react negatively to strafing
input. You lose a noticeable amount of travel distance
just to gain a few meters of horizontal movement. Similarly to Icarus Jets, Ambushers seem to
always give you same altitude, regardless of directional inputs. #3 Horizontal Air Braking
PlanetSide 2 gives you ways of reaching great horizontal speeds, the most common being a
jump pad. Engaging the Jet Pack while already flying
at high speed will actually slow you down, until you eventually slow down to maximum
horizontal speed for that Jet Type. However, you can avoid this Horizontal Air
Braking if you engage the Jet Pack while facing in
a direction that is perpendicular to your flight trajectory. That way you can use the Jet Pack to control
the altitude while preserving horizontal speed, letting you cover much more distance. All Jet Types are affected by Horizontal Air
Braking. #4 Vertical Air Braking
The simple act of engaging the Jet Pack while falling will slow you down. Different Jet Types have different effectiveness
in that regard, and interestingly enough, it has no connection to Vertical Thrust. Skirmishers and Drifters are the most effective,
despite having the weakest Vertical Thrust. Ambushers cannot break a fall of several hundred
meters, such as when jumping out of ESF. However, when timed right,
their Vertical Air Braking is good enough to avoid taking fall damage in normal gameplay. Even when jumping off the bridge at J908 Impact
Site. Icarus Jets seem to have no Vertical Air Braking
at all, relying only on their Vertical Thrust to slow
you down, which isn’t enough to avoid taking fall
damage when falling from any meaningful height. #5 Skiing
All Jet Types can ski – slide along surfaces. As long as your Jet Pack is engaged, you barely
have any friction. Due to complete lack of Vertical Thrust,
Drifter Jets are the only Jet Type that lets you consistently ski along the ground,
letting you move marginally faster than sprint, while still being able to use weapons and
other equipment. Holding Crouch Key while skiing will reduce
negative effects of running into pebbles and otherwise rough terrain, letting you move
at full speed more often than not. Even with Skirmishers, skiing along an incline
is slightly faster than simply flying. Ambushers can use the skiing mechanic to climbhills or bounce off short inclines to redirect your
movement and gain more altitude. As a consequence of the skiing mechanic,
you can bounce off slopes to get a burst of horizontal speed. This can be done with any Jet Type,
the key is to have the jet pack engaged at the moment of the collision. Icarus Jets benefit from this the most due
to their lack of horizontal movement. DarkFlight explains it best in his Icarus
Gliding videos. #6 Fuel
In PlanetSide 2, all movement, including flying on the Jet Pack, is done clientside. Meaning you do whatever you want on your computer,
and the server just informs other players about it. However, the server does manage Jet Pack’s
fuel supply. This is why you can stay airborne much longer
when servers are lagging, and why you can often keep flying for a few
moments even after the Fuel bar gets empty. In general,
you may experience different fuel capacity depending on server performance and your internet
delay. #7 Sprint key
Holding the Sprint has no positive effects while flying on the Jet Pack. It will force you to go through Sprint Recovery
Delay if you decide to fire a weapon, which is usually 0.3 seconds. So get in the habit of releasing the Sprint
key while flying. #8 Crouch key
Holding the crouch key will lower your head to feet in the first person view,
but you will still appear standing to other players. The only difference is that you will slightly
lower your head if you fire a weapon. Crouching while flying will let you squeeze
through windows and other narrow passages, and I already mentioned its positive effect
on skiing speed. #9 Sound
Engaging the Jet Pack can be heard by nearby enemies,
though the sound is very subtle and usually gets obscured by sounds of battle. Unlike cloak sounds, it’s really not something
you have to worry about. #10 Hip Firing
At the moment of making this video, Carbines and Rocklet Rifle are the only weapons
that let you hip fire accurately while flying or jumping. Other weapons become wildly inaccurate, only
usable at extremely close ranges. If you start firing such a weapon before you
land, your weapon will keep being inaccurate until
you take a pause. Outside few exceptions, Cone of Fire cannot
get smaller while firing. Laser Sight provides an accuracy boost while
the jet pack is engaged, and while you are going up after a jump. But the accuracy benefit is lost during free
fall. Now let’s talk about using these mechanics
in specific Jet Pack maneuvers. #1 Air Walking
Previously I called this technique Speed Drifting, which was rather confusing,
since you can do it with Skirmishers just as well. To Air Walk, you have to keep switching your
facing direction so that you are mostly flying sideways. Depending on your execution, Air Walking is
up to 20% faster than straight flight. The exact mechanism behind Air Walking is
unknown, but here is my best guess. When the Jet Pack is used with a directional
input, it gets a certain horizontal thrust. It cannot accelerate you past a certain point
due to Horizontal Air Brake mechanics, which limit your horizontal speed, unless
you are facing perpendicular to your movement direction. When you are changing your facing direction,
you let some of your horizontal thrust spill over to sideways movement,
which is not affected by Air Braking mechanics. By flying sideways, you’re basically letting
the Jet Pack overcome its own speed limits. The key to airwalking is how fast you change
your facing direction. It has to be slow enough so that some of your
forward acceleration spills into sideways movement,
yet fast enough so that you fly sideways as much as possible. Air Walking only refers to your horizontal
flight and facing direction. You can still combine Air Walking with skiing
as well as tapping the Jump Key to regulate altitude. Air Walking works only with Drifters and Skirmishers. Ambusher Jets’ horizontal thrust is too
strong, and you just end up turning instead. That said, as mentioned before,
Icarus Jets gain the strongest horizontal thrust when flying diagonally,
so you end up using them in a similar way, though for a completely different reason. #2 Slingshot
This popular maneuver relies on a Jump Pad to provide a strong burst of horizontal speed
and altitude, and then using the Jet Pack to alter your
trajectory. To perform a Slingshot, step on a Jump Pad,
turn sideways and activate the Jet Pack. To gain the most altitutde,
engage the Jet Pack only at the highest point of the Jump Pad’s trajectory. When you need to turn, hold forward and jump keys and slowly turn sideways towards the direction you want to fly. You want to avoid interacting with Horizontal Air Braking mechanics as much as possible,
so you have to be flying sideways the whole time, and avoid using any directional inputs. This will let you preserve the most speed
and fly further. With a Slingshot you can often tactically
insert yourself at any point of the base or drop yourself right on top of an enemy
vehicle, with C4 at the ready. If you want to brake the horizontal movement, engage the jet pack while facing backwards. To a certain degree, Slingshot can be performed
with any Jet Type, though needless to say, Drifters and Skirmishers
are the most effective. At this point I’d like to give some general
recommendations for using the Jet Pack. #1 Use Cover The Jet Pack significantly improves your mobility. This doesn’t mean you can forego using cover. This means you get access to more cover. When planning a route from point A to point
B, make sure you’re concealed from enemies
as much as possible. You can use Cover even if you literally have
nothing to stand on. This is useful when you need to reload or
use a med kit. #2 Stick close to ground
This is beneficial for multiple reasons. It makes you harder to see, exposes you to
fewer enemies. This both increases your life expectancy and
makes you more likely to effectively ambush enemies. It also lets you quickly land and return fire
while aiming down sights, in case you get caught out in the open by
an enemy outside of hip fire distance. Landing also lets you quickly change direction
of movement. When using non-Icarus Jets, you often should
be just skiing along terrain. #3 Avoid flying out in the open
You will learn when it’s safe to break this rule, but clearly not while being engaged. #4 Avoid overshooting
This refers to a common mistake of flying too high when trying to reach higher ground. Always try to fly only as high as you need
to reach that higher ground. The longer you hang in the air, the longer
you will be vulnerable, and often unable to respond if that higher
ground has any threats. It is particularly hard to avoid overshooting
with Icarus Jets. With them, you have to let go of the Jump
Key a few moments before you actually reach the higher ground,
and it takes a lot of muscle memory to get used to it. Ambusher Jets play very differently to other
Jet Types, so here are some specific tips for using them. There is a cooldown between uses,
but Ambushers still have a Fuel supply, so depending on how long you hold the Jump
key, you can make shorter or longer jumps. However, once you let go of the Jump Key,
you won’t be able to re-engage the Jet Pack until cooldown is over. If you don’t use directional keys at all,
you can make almost straight up jumps. You can press a directional key mid-burn to
change your direction. During normal gameplay,
always try to end your jump in cover so you can wait out the cooldown in safety. At the time of making this video, Ambusher
Jets do not offer any kind of fall damage protection,
and often even a simple horizontal jump will injure you. Using a Safe Fall implant is mandatory for
comfortable Ambusher gameplay and enjoying full range of movement. Rank 2 of the implant is enough to almost
never receive Fall Damage at all. Aerial Combatant 5 is absolutely not required
to enjoy Ambusher Jets, but it’s not be disregarded either. Ambushers are very all-in, when you jump forward
to enemies, you either kill them all, manage to escape on foot, or die. Not always you can stay in fight long enough
to wait out the cooldown and jump away. AC5 removes that all-in nature. It lets you jump in, kill one or two enemies
and switch positions before they figure out what’s happening. Meanwhile, you’re already killing someone
else somewhere else. The problem with AC5 is that it forces you
give up something very important: If you go AC5 + Regeneration, you won’t
have Safe Fall, which will force you to play very constrained,
especially outdoors. If you go AC5 + Safe Fall, you won’t have
a way to restore health, unless you also take Med Kits, which means
giving up C4. In the end, it makes more sense to give up
C4, and let the Rocklet Rifle do all anti-vehicle work. A couple of mechanical interactions with AC5:
If you reset the cooldown during a burn, your fuel will be reset, and you will be able
to make a longer burn. If you keep holding the jump key after a burn
finishes, and reset the cooldown, your fuel will bug out and go to waste. Out of all Jet Types, Ambushers are the most
effective in direct combat, especially under fire. Often you can jump away to save your life. Ambusher Jets often leave you a meter short
of reaching that ledge you wanted to get to. Sometimes you can rapidly tap the jump key
to parkour your way onto the ledge. The guide is now concluded. As you’ve noticed, it does not contain any
specific opinions on different Jet Types, and any recommendations on when you should
be using them. This is on purpose. Things like that can potentially change as
PlanetSide 2 evolves, and this video would become outdated. You can always find such recommendations in
my written Light Assault Guide at my site, link is also in the description. Besides, this video already got too long. Thank you for watching, my name is Iridar,
and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. I have some tips too:

    – Slingshoting: You can often use this ability to slingshot straight into the next base, it's quite often faster than driving in a vehicle! You may not need a deployed sunderer to repeatedly & quickly access the next base.
    With a good jump-pad you can reach upto 1000m away. Amp stations are great, as their walls have a lot of powerful jump-pads facing all directions, so you can sling-shot into ALL neighbouring bases, landing straight on the cap point.

    – Entering a room while skiing, you can survive AP mines you run over, as your speed means you're already gone by the time it explodes. (note: possibly lag dependant)

    (edit: took out something wrong).

  2. thank you for making this video. Even though i've played ps2 for a long time i still learned something new and it also gave me some ideas for alternative playstyles 🙂

  3. amazing video! very great and insightful video. yeah ive been practicing horizontal movement on flat ground with icarus but it's hard if you have nothing slanted to "bump" into. but Dark Flight said she'll show the secret eventually.

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    Does the game still have enough population during peak hours ? I may go back and try it again.

  6. Iridar is always my go-to for Planetside information. I don't understand why you don't have more subscribers.

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