Guns of Glory – 2nd Anniversary show
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Guns of Glory – 2nd Anniversary show

September 11, 2019

Guns of Glory 2nd Anniversary is finally here! Today is definitely a milestone worth celebrating! Hope that you guys are enjoying the events and features they have prepared for you! Let’s look back together at the major updates over the past year as well as some insights about the ideas of the game development process. Without further ado, let’s get started! It’s been almost one year since the team introduced Goods Exchange into the game. This was a heavily requested feature from the players, as this was an easy way for players to request items as well as receive items from Alliance Members and help each other to develop faster. Our team here wanted to reward players for their hard work and achievements, which is how the Timed Lord Targets event was brought into the game. A great way for players to receive plenty of Gold as a reward for their development as well as getting acknowledged for their achievements. At the end of 2018, a brand-new event Night Siege was introduced! A lot of feedback was taken into consideration when creating this amazing event for you guys. An event that required Alliance Members to work together to defeat the terrifying monsters. Let’s move on to this year! Time really flies, doesn’t it? At the beginning of 2019, the New World was released. The team here wanted to find a new event with less requirements, where more players could participate. Apart from the great rewards, this event is also a great way to test your strength by attacking other players from different Kingdoms, to try out different formations and not have to worry about losing troops. And speaking of battles, did you know that KvK could last for days before it was optimized? The main reason why KvK was optimized to 24 hours, was to prevent battles to last for days. What’s your thought about this? Would you rather have kept it as it was? As the team here received a lot of positive feedback regarding the New World, they wanted to create something new, but at the same time keep some of these great features such as not losing troops from the New World. Not only that, they also had in mind to create an event that was easily accessible every day. That’s the main idea how the Musketeer Fort was brought into the game. It took some time for the team to introduce Alliance Skins into the game. And who doesn’t like skins? The team here was very keen to release their first Alliance Fortress Skin which they did in update 2.8 and response from you guys was very positive. And for the record, they are planning to release more amazing skins! What kind of skins would you like to see? Have you ever experienced difficulties when a new feature was released in the game? The team worked hard to come up with a solution for this and implemented a new system; the system you know as News Center which was released in version 2.9. They wanted to present better guides, make these more accessible and to bring you guys the latest information all in one place. The team here knows that many of you love to participate in Alliance events such as the Ultimate Alliance Campaign as all troops that get killed during the event can be healed for free. Based on this, they created a new Alliance battle feature known as Blood War, a very intense battle between one Alliance against another Alliance fighting to be victorious! Are you familiar with Teleport Freeze? Teleport Freeze doesn’t work in KvK when players invaded other Kingdoms was one of the most requested suggestions among players. Even though this was originally by design, the team decided to optimize this. This was optimized at the end of May in update 3.1. As I mentioned earlier in this video the Night Siege was introduced in the game at the end of 2018. This however was optimized in update 3.2 to make it easier for members to participate and get an easier overview where the members are and where to go. A relative recent new event that has been brought into the game that most of you guys are already familiar with. Yes, you’re right, it’s the Honor Challenge! The team took a different approach when they created this event. They wanted to create an event with lower Castle requirements so more players could participate, and also provides great rewards for everyone. And Honor Challenge has now become one of the most popular events so far! That’s it for this video! Thank you so much for your support and the team here is very thrilled to bring more exciting content to you! Before we go, please leave your in-game name and Kingdom number in the comment section below. 20 players will be randomly selected and have a chance to win some amazing rewards! Bye!

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  1. So awesome. Enjoying the new content. Can't wait to see the new ideas that are in store for GOG 2.

    ID: Nobunaga
    Kingdom: 438

  2. AbadyZeX K133 , I would like to suggest some stuff to add around in game or change it to better :
    1- add new stuff to HREO STORE and make the prices lower for the lvl , also add hero store coins to the store as deals I'll personally buy it and I'm completely sure others will do.
    2- alliance store didn't update since I knew this game you should add some other stuff big players can use .
    3- Add new knowledge to alliance and new lvls so we can grow it up , we maxed out alliance before a year or so now !
    4- Make new feature can allow us test our attacking damage with the formation PvP and PvE so I can test my formation before using it and a lot of people doesn't know how to create a formation for troops until now.
    5- Add higher lvls of beasts and RG camps giving better rewards and harder to kill to make our team work more interesting.
    6- update RG event it's the same since the beginning people get sick of playing it with the same tactics all times , make it interesting like random rallies rounds and random fortress hits so we can test our team work in the process.
    7- add more beasts to kill in underworld gates since I can kill it solo with my farms now .
    8- UPDATE market shall it needs improvement you should make it helpful like other games .

  3. "Took feed back and made event" every event is a carbon copy of King of Avalon you money grubbing, update pushing, game copying, worthless franchise. Your game is shit as well as your chinese ran company.

  4. This is a fun game, especially from a social standpoint. Unfortunately it completely allows and even encourages bullying by big spenders. I gave that up nearly a year ago. Now every time some crap hat bullies me and I feel the urge to drop money on the game to exact my revenge in the future…instead, I spend that money on bitcoin. Thanks GOG! The money I’m not giving you is boosting my portfolio nicely!

  5. Save your time and money worst game out there. No point buying anything it will be free within 3 updates.

    Example 1 guy in our alliance poor lad spent $400k to get to C40 now one can get there for $30k or less and it's getting cheaper

  6. Request #1 Don’t let Ditzy & Dozy present these videos. I find them rather annoying.
    Request #2 Keep the story believable. What’s a WWF event meant to do in a setting that takes place in 17th century France?!?
    Request #3 Get rid of the King’s Loudspeaker. It’s being abused, it’s annoying and it’s not working well. Alternatively, allow players to completely mute it everywhere.
    Request #4 Do I really need to know who just won a mystic jackpot, or who just got a special item? Do I really need to see the airship cruising through my estate?
    Request #5 (and I don’t think this ever hits the backlog of developments but annoys certainly most people) Get rid of pay-to-win. I know this brings in huge amounts of revenue but also makes many players leave eventually as those with deep pockets gain an upper hand over those with knowledge. Focus on good strategy play over paying your way to victory. It’d make this game a level playing field.

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