Half-Life 2 [Part 3] 1st playthrough
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Half-Life 2 [Part 3] 1st playthrough

August 11, 2019

hey friends welcome all right I got some piano in the
background some beautiful classical piano by MartianGames about to play
some Half-Life 2 which I started a while back but never finished so figured it’s
2:30 in the morning right now what better time to get back up on that
half-life 2 train and hopefully progress in my competency as a gamer and game
developer so yeah pretty pumped up about my multiple monitors situation here I
got the game on the big one got my stream on the side and then got a whole
nother spare laptop for my chat over here got a little red wine Cheers okay so it’s been a while and have to
maybe recap a little bit controls and whatnot if anyone happens to be here and
notices anything off like the audio versus any of that good stuff I’m gonna
try making this fullscreen so you actually think window windows the
best I like window because then I can drag it over here still working out my
my best methods of madness and lack thereof all right well pretty close to having
full screen on the dual monitor okay here we go I’m scared I’m already scared
we’ve only just begun especially with all these lights on not that scary so
we’ll see don’t okay I do remember being here however it’s been maybe a month
since I played this last I only played it maybe two sessions or something
before we had these disgusting things these remind me of alien isolation I’m
mostly grossed out by them what so that I am scared but in vrf these are
actually jumping on my face for probably away my scared sick fucks the array me
of the face huggers from alien isolation okay someone’s screaming for help maybe
it was just my conscience screaming for help they got like green slime blood they look like a turkey he’s honestly
slightly more a claw mannish turkeys with client’s eye I definitely do not
remember exactly where I’m supposed to go from here because this is where I
left off this might have been Ottawa safe to use so I feel like we’re in the
middle of a pathway that we were headed in a certain direction I vaguely
remember really jumping up on these maybe on top of these panels at one
point should I remember how to crouch see I never had a couch because I was
pretty crucial last time hey there’s how to do noscope hey
there’s a person that’s standing they don’t seem to be dead
if I can remember how to Kosh to get in there then then we’re golden okay
control or egos that brilliant idea okay nasty yellow Turkey all righty then I was just about to go
over there when whatever this like missile thing crashed or something okay this compared to Assassin’s Creed
origins ones which I was playing the other day you can hardly jump at all
it was a lot more realistic than Assassin’s Creed oh god I think we’re making progress cuz
I don’t remember seeing these guys which also remind me of clickers by the way okay radiation nice I’m curious if this game is ever so hard
that I’ll need to look up instructions on like which direction to go maybe I’m
supposed to go that way since he just busted out seriously nasty sound folks I think I’m supposed to get up on these
panels and like maybe walk up there or something what do you think friend is this severe
so hard that I all have to let go of instructions oh my god I’m seeing red
that means there’s blood in my eyes pretty good league level designing stuff
though because I feel like I’m in all kinds of like various areas regarded as
the mastery of game design says Russian fuck you sick ass these things are
definitely the sickest things if there are supporters can I show you suffer
those like pussy monsters that hang from the ceilings with teeth all these like dirty mattresses kitty
she’s just sitting there and just me out of nowhere I would love them we were at the pet
store just earlier today and they had bunnies and kitties there they had one
Kitty in like a couple of bunnies and boy did I want one of those animals not
that we don’t already have enough one is a hundred percent more than zero
kitties Alice does not usually like other cats two extra cats all right
sometimes I feel like I can’t get up on two things like I can’t jump high enough because I’m a noob even after all these
years I’m still a noob so that thing it’s a good jetpack or something under
my feet or feeling good okay this is exactly where I was headed last time but
then some shit happen and like I couldn’t get through like see that
person standing that’s exactly where I wish I could go but then that happens
it’s so theatrical I don’t think I’m supposed to jump over this if you don’t
suppose like go back or something but then I might be tracing my steps and
sometimes I do that for like an hour and I realize friend all these rocks just
came crashing down should I go back the way I came yeah but what if rocks crash and I tried
jumping but from like going backwards again nothing changed about the rest of my
path I couldn’t get on top of any of them yet
I’m going back the way I came since that thing obstructed my way I tried jumping
on this giant tube or whatever it is I couldn’t get up on top of it tried to
get you on other platforms but this thing I tried to get on top of that this is where I just came from with that
Crashdown ceiling this is definitely the way it came from
but hey blue glacier here friend how is my shoe / boots situations thanks for
asking thing well we don’t have snow boots or anything but I did get some new
shoes that are pretty warm thanks for asking frame
yeah I’ve been layering up those Wyman’s lately man this game is seriously hard
though for me I thought they you just like get through
this one area how are you doing friend I’m glad that you caught me on I missed
you and so I signed on earlier today and then I was like I want to sign on again
I was here last time if I died but this is like toxic waste
and so I started to see blood can’t get through this I guess the boots on my wish list are those warm
oh you’re so sweet friend you’re looking at my wish lures with those boots
why man fashionable I think I thought I was late night
those boots will look great for my fashion in Seattle
I’m pretty sure they’re one I would model the shit out of those boots Fang
here’s who’s we I want to get you something I was just
thinking how I sent you a postcard a while ago but they I don’t know what to
get you I wanna get you something for Christmas cuz you’ve been so sweet and
kind okay this is new okay I don’t know how we rescued ourselves from being
trapped but we’re going forward now there’s our freaking front ready to go I
was hoping as well it’s gonna be tough drive hard and you’ll make it you’ll
find more help up at station 7 just a few bins up the river you wish this is
my friendship usually burning fire hey fire what up this looks like a look
like a rocket like skeleton oh it’s a good make shit it’s like a DIY ski boat
or something okay come yes fire what up friend does he always show up when I’m supposed
to interact to something or only after late yeah oh god please don’t kill me I didn’t see an either she was trying to
say to do something to interact with I mean to fire something out dr. Freeman I
just tried to but then I jumped in the water huh she said to get in the boat
this time but that’s what I just tried to do and instead I like sloshed around
until I’m almost dead now I wish I could carefully get into this boat no it’s
sloshing around I am in it I’m in it no no not I just climbed over it
I do kill it doesn’t show me it’s going to get in the boat
I did try the valve she wouldn’t get out of my way and then she said to get into
the boat there’s no e option damn it right now I’m dead ethanol I’m not dead
yet if sure feel like I am okay once you start to die then you got to press
forward before you can continue with her death you’re so sweet cliche you sure
there’s nothing any particular do you want I’ve been I’m ready to go thanks friend if only I
could get in it somehow I got into it that time could be partially my mouth
sensitivity I can go backwards what were you saying go I missed a little bit of
what she was saying but now I feel like great golf and stuff like on those gas
powered motorboat things that I did one time when I was a kid and they had those
like what are they called the gas powered like round boats that are like
blow up you look like blew up way rubber tubes
but they’re actually like motorized one time I got stuck like driving around in
circles and they had to rescue me with like one of those like pool sticks that
you like pull people back if you’re gonna go to that one place is
called the flying the circus my mom sent me like 40 bucks to go to the flying
circus but then we end up buying I wanted to buying a bunch of presents for
my nieces and study going to Flying Circus I was like I’d rather buy
Christmas presents we just get my show straight here we might get to go through here idea I’m
scared of touched on this yellow goo you sure I can open this gate oh now I’m
dying great too late health of for some some of this it’s like hard to tell if
it’s watery or a crown either way you’re screwed if it’s cream okay the answer is
no does not show you II every time you can interact you got a guess I I forget
if my health eventually goes back up but I guess we’ll figure it out oh yeah the yellow one do I have to
shoot it and we split circuit and smash it I never would have guessed one I only
played this like a couple sessions before but I didn’t get very far the
bumper boat thing all right this thing doesn’t seem to be picking it up even
though I smash the box I’m seriously little already them so only the ones
that have yellow tape on them are health and stuff there’s ones with no markings
on them or good what about this washing machines do at least we got that thing
open oh yeah bumper boats us I think what
they would call it like bumper car they have bumper cars it got my sexy oh I
really like the bumper cars I never had a problem with those they had Indy race
cars too those were really fun before you’re old enough to drive something
about those bumper boat things though it’s probably part of my leg I would
just like go in a circle and I couldn’t stop no matter what direction I would
like hey cool hanger help us back up and we seem to be
progressing got autosave happening and do I have to smack them over I have to brake to pick up the pretty oh yeah you can use the mouse scroll
wheel to change your weapon one’s kinda like out of the way they
tried to press one before using this program okay those didn’t work here also the bomber
boat things maybe I just had a defective bumper boat it wasn’t actually my
driving micro skills oh yeah so what are these markings for
when it’s is like the happened to you Mikey what is that Center
destination I can Lori craft forever wondering with
the hills and just look for the white paint on rocks good to go Ledo good these rocks are it’s like as
if they didn’t even you know like when they have like terrain like in unity or
wherever and it just looks like straight up and down and all stretched like they
actually like seemed to have made the perfect texture for this very steep rock
so cool look at that effort now look at those steps perfect amount those
specular light in them things hey there Rick what’s up friend hey long time no
see this engine is pretty dope yeah yeah okay good okay all right definitely
conscious that’s friend another health pack those guys both through this giant
barrels at me especially for 2004 yeah yeah cool yeah thanks for noticing you
know I called the number for a valve on GPS but I had to leave a message because
no neon state and I was like I was led to believe that there are certain
circumstances where you may be able to get a tour of the valve building cuz the
valve headquarters is in Seattle one day we were like driving out to Seattle and
I was like let’s call valve in my dreams they were gonna say oh yeah of course
you wanted to where we have tours all the time I’d love to give you a tour of
valve headquarters now they never called back though
maybe one day hey there Big John what’s up friend hey think she gives my little
emote I made that hi friend emote all by myself and flash tennis Oh plank have you guys seen that plank game
in VI it’s a Ritchie’s plank experience whatever I’m not sure that I can just
jump through all this I don’t know how to cut through yet but I feel like I
should be able to get over here and then jump through the roof but maybe I’m
tripping just look out here this is nothing like Assassin’s Creed where you
can just jump up an entire building no problem this is like far more realistic
when it comes to that stuff okay I think I do still think that we should get
through the roof somehow I’ll see you how else do you gain health like is the
only just buy time only just health packs yeah well I only got 14 health so
we should be like that thing will not smack through what about here so this is
where I was and I keep falling off oh I know uh looks like crouched this time have you played both of the half-life’s
Rick or anyone here how’s it going Big Joe I got to play all the way through number
two so I can go back and play number one okay fuck I keep on falling off but
trying to crouch and then continue watching sometimes they smack things and it’s for
fun but it’s less of accident you only played Golden Eye stores what’s that friend about James Bond game
he’s okay here we go she’s got a couch a little cramp in my pinky trying to hit
control while doing this well maybe I don’t have to actually coach oh yeah it’s just this is what I that’s
the type of thing that gets me scared honestly was trying to like not fall off
and feeling like a dumbass from the father but since wow I just got that
thing with micro bargain Chris double-oh-seven okay yeah yeah I’m
definitely gonna okay this is when they first invented
teleporting when like you gotta look up and it’s like hey headcrabs is that nice
that’s the last thing any of us need her headcrabs Oh gross my god okay I’m scared do not
just walk through there to me interact with us soon yeah yeah oh maybe that was
health I don’t think there’s anything else for us to do out here so might as
well check those little bug things yeah they’re pretty nasty oh they’re there I
don’t know which ones are worse the ones that dangle from the ceiling and they
look like pussy monsters with teeth or if the head crabs are worse which ones
do you think do you guys think are more disgusting the head crabs are the pussy
monsters with to you okay was that okay we just got one of those eggs totally
worth it so those things just like float like a shell after you pick up the
health and they’re no good after that right looks like we get what we need and
then the ammo box us an ammo box the boat okay thanks friend browser restart see
you soon in Big Joe no problem your fire is all fucked up I like how the GUI or whatever the UI is
totally minimal here like it doesn’t bother you to tell me
every time or anything like that remember that it’s not hard to remember
just Oh God hold on let me not be a dumbass okay I mean to breathe into the mic like that
eyes sighing because I I just saw Hope funny I see that the
auto mod held a message for review but then I saw blue glacier sent me a little
whisper saying what it said funny friend blue glaciers like the way you describe
the pussy monster seems like a mom trying to scare someone away from sex
that’s so funny yeah my mom used to tell me horror
stories about sex it was like why don’t you just tell me something good okay
well then why is everyone doing the end if it’s so terrible I was at an art exhibit one time I guess
it always makes me think about that well hey fuckers I forget what these
things are actually doing to me they’re just taking pictures of me or are they
sending bad guys after me it was like things they look like the
portal robot thing then they hang from the ceiling I’m not sure if they’re just
taking pictures of me telling the bad guys where I am or what definitely feel
like they’re spying on you hey what is my flashlight f yes this is such a fun
tube earlier it said what I could use to take screenshots along the way but I
forgot what that was something G was a shift control G I don’t think so anyway hopefully I’ll figure out how to
take screenshots are you okay next time I start up the game it usually tells me
right then they look like companion cubes from Portal yeah that’s what I was
thinking just repurposed anyway barrel
oh yeah things where my kids a function f5 like its sure’s f5 good guys oh there does function f6s save
screenshots said that there was something in GE try to remember what it
was maybe it’s function G does it usually tell you when you take your
screenshots uhmm I guess I could ask Google how’d it take a picture in half-life 2 I
know how to take a screenshot with my yeah r6 with the sieve it doesn’t tell
me that I’d take a picture but it does tell me when I saved like one more time
so swear it said something about G earlier how to take a screenshot during
gameplay half-life 2 it says f5 ok well then I have a bunch of photos of this
one area where as testing like 10 times thinking that maybe it would tell me you
want it to a picture but it’s all good I’m just learning learning ok the birds chirping me oh there’s a boat
that weight I feel like I missed something then maybe I just got some like health over
there or something Oh God oh I sense a puzzle well I wasn’t fired let’s just run
through there again I make sure it hit me something I think that there was like
another direction we could go to that we didn’t go last time
not to mention who knows what else we might find all right they involve physics okay thanks friend I know I know put enough of those blue
things underneath there and then we can maybe scoot we didn’t like drive our
thing off the edge over there where we could just walk over here and see what
there is do you remember this particular puzzle you definitely knew we need to use our boat
to get over this disgusting green slime this toxic green waste slime hey big
Joe’s back you have to look at the stream with a browser better ttv doesn’t
work in the app I feel you friend I love better TT view I love it so I wonder how to push this up oh oh please don’t follow me oh okay at least
we fell with that thing we wanted I thinks there
I love pressing you to pick up barrels and swim with them underwater no way
would I be able to do that in real life well okay there’s another physics object
we could use to wait that was it called create underwater creat okay all right
let’s try to use our boat to get it over there now yeah you’re gonna go back to bed
oh thanks Fran you’re so sweet to think of me let me know if you come up with
anything in particular I can send you photos or a little book or something on
the photo book type of thing I wanted to send you something special friend you’ve
been so supportive and anyone here doesn’t realize a blue glacier was my
first patreon supporter and I think actually also my first subscriber on
twitch which I only have like three or something so I really appreciate you
blue glacier you’ve been freaking awesome this list I am
look at oh you guys see that that physics did work we gotta cross that
thing a problem now here we go using our boat to get to this slide now there’s a big scary thing another
wonderful evening glacier keep me posted there if there’s anything special the
only I can give you as a prisoner or something okay I’m scared I definitely
don’t – others help damn it boo there’s one of those billboards you always see
and like steampunk well video rubber things oh fuck I’ll get my way it’s like it’s
not as big as heavy it’s what no way I like our little engine it also kind of
sounds like an airplane can maintain 30 channels in mirc for a tenth of the
resources of one stream interesting friend no way are we gonna get over this thing let’s try getting out of this and
looking around yeah why not use the ramp this right
here oh that ramp over there now there’s way too far too good point friends okay unbelievable as lot of us really supposed to be just
things there’s not the fuzzy monsters down okay this is really fun using a boat through this here what was that
let’s get this kind of that’s just okay the wooden oh here they go never
supposed to like get up it’s do that a closed door isn’t he just turning around quickly and
not like for Vegas um sure just watch around the corner I’m
all like I can’t get up right around the corner there’s like a staircase fuck I would like to be punished and rewarded
in this case cool it’s looks like looks like Lucas
house that’s a computer you can turn that down just a little bit
front it’s kind of distracting things do I ever use my air for 3d I just tried it
for the first time I would love to learn Maya but I use the other Autodesk
program 3d max Maya’s great though that’s cool you’re
using it how come on it like I’m using the scroll wheel and directly push down
to choose my crowbar sometimes it used my scroll wheel but it
doesn’t actually change my weapon that’s how my person umber one that
works that’s what you studied in school 3dmax
well I had a job recruiter send me a 3d test and it had to be done in Maya so
we’ll see how that goes what kind of a test is it friend I think
I saw you mentioned something did you post about that in one of the groups I
feel like I heard you say something about that maybe I’m just hallucinating
but did you say you got a job offer and they it was gonna be the highest pay
that you’ve ever had or is that totally my imagination on your Facebook wall a
cool friend well congratulations do you think you’re
gonna take the job I can’t wait to hear all about it and like what kinds of
things you get to do in that job what is this just some cool ass decoration what
is this thing for crying out loud some sort of like undulating wall protection
well deflector you’re like a bullet deflector let’s see what else is over
here oh my god and then we’ll try driving that cool truck over there now
this is crazy oh my god what did I just grab something the fuck is that I just
threw that bomb I don’t even know why I just did that or why I like it shows the
bomb for me but I couldn’t eat oh my god you really body physics like that soft
body physics gross man there’s a lot of girls stuff in this game I want to try
taking another picture just in case just in case that f5 is working oh my god the reticle is awesome but what about
for when I’m taking screenshots does it like get the reticle I wonder hey there Neil what’s up friend he needs
to see you oh and Ricky says it’s confidential
actually okay I won’t ask too many questions then I guess you can still
tell people that you have a new job that part’s not in the NDA that’d be funny if
you had to like tell everyone that you’re unemployed for like years on end
while you’re actually working for a really cool project well anyway that’s
really cool friend I’m proud of you I guess I won’t hear very much more of it
but it’s still really exciting just to know that you had a job opportunity and
then you get to use Maya as part of your test to see if you’re suitable for the
job that’s understandable because sometimes it’ll take studios or teams
years to put together a project and so they don’t want people like telling
everyone about look at all the details here’s some pretty cute rows fine are
you gonna work on halflife3 friend okay it’s a good game for middle names
like cuz you’re kind of like in audrina state right now it’s a 320 or something
321 so I feel alright this is like maybe normally the time of night that I would
be asleep this game is so much like a dream I seem
to remember last time I played it that I was definitely having came about this
kind of crazy shit only just realized I followed you need to sort my panels
again they were deleted for some reason though sometimes I noticed when you’re
editing the panel’s you’ll go like edit panels and you’ll flip that little
switch but then when you edit each individual panel you have to click apply
or something on each individual panel and then when you go to like stop
editing them then you go out that back to the top maybe you forgot to press
apply for each individual panel I’ve had that happen to me quite a few times
hello friend well nice to maybe like it’s you playing pretty soon I’m always
on different schedules I can never really predict when I’ll be available to
watch or stream I just kind of like stream when I can and visit when I can
usually when I am like working on stuff I like put on a stream in the background
so just depends on who’s streaming and what games they’re playing and a lot of
the time I’ll just lurk and then I’ll listen to the conversation during the
stream while I’m working on another computer stuff sometimes I’m all
interactive and like chit chat e in the chat but then other times I’ll just be a
lyric eing and listening and hopefully people having a good conversation in the
background kind of thing I mean 11:22 a.m. for you
well it’s 3:20 a.m. for me right now we usually sleep all day so lately and
it’s ticking all the time but often I’ll be asleep during up really I realize how to zoom in like Kaz
to zoom I should be hard killers and this guy is
hard to beat dying I’m dying I’m almost dead oconee what the fuck oh no I think
I died right when I took him out oh well you guys are help late yeah like we
sometimes will work so late that it becomes the next day so that’s what we
just push our schedule forward oh yeah lately we we had a couple of freelance
gigs that required us to be a week really we’re trying to get on a daytime
schedule but we’re naturally night owls did that cat even got that guy so yeah
actually on my panels I have a panel close
I got a time converter on my panels can you see the time it’ll do but I can’t
check right now I’m busy at the moment here oh shit I’m out of your needs okay gotcha there’s to it I feel like I
saw some health over here you need to put more sleeping pills and Martian
games drinks and still the laptop sounds crazy you remember your bet before you
started working you would stay up till 4:00 a.m. yep
yes sometimes will work like different like collaboration projects with people
that are somewhere else in the world too so it just depends on what other people
need us to accommodate but there have been times when we don’t work for anyone
else and we only just work for ourselves hahaha lately though we’ve been doing
some collaborative projects let’s get up in here cuz I saw some huh how could we get up here and get that
house this looks like it oh that is it he’s got some something hopefully think
you’re between jobs so that’s part of it for sure
nice your sleep schedule is completely thrown yeah 4:20 a.m. where rick is nice
so you’re probably like in Texas or something I forget where you are but
that’s probably an hour ahead of us who stream today meet you and jenni I
completely forgot I think it was was a Java source was that one of the game to
have streams just oh it might have been Krassin Stein fuck yeah let me just
close that door while I equipped myself at the correct weapon I feel like I
remember or it could have been duty beard having em full of our streamers
who whose streams I stick with seems to be some help in here yes good
those robots you collabed with a programmer in Cairo that was a crazy
time difference oh yeah and you’re an Arizona cool probably we talked about
that before I started I have a hard time remembering little details but after a
while usually the stick in my mind oh yeah it probably lived heavy probably
yeah I was definitely in his stream recently actually yeah lift a heavy I
remember him I wasn’t there just the other day I think that was the one I
think you’re right friend oh yeah cuz I remember he shouted this
out to each other and then we both followed each other at the same time
because I think he said that you were just starting out streaming and I wanted
to support you now let me know if you have any other questions about panels or
any of that stuff I can usually answer your questions I’ve probably made every
mistake in the book I’ve actually had my stream for like four years or something
but I didn’t take it very seriously until 2017 just earlier this years when
I started to invite people to my stream and finally upgraded enough of my
equipment so that I don’t feel like a total dumbass because like a lot of a
lot of the time I just didn’t have enough computer power to offer a good
quality stream when I first started so after after three years of upgrading
stuff finally had enough cpu GPU got the elgato this year I got a
few other things they made my stream better quality and worth it and stuff
that’s where we came in from sales career oh it is life heavy sounds cool
to you but he is pretty buff so I’m pretty sure his lips I like man I wish I
had those guns in the computer all day actually got some guns it’s just that
I’ve been like having the holiday diet lately so really my muscles kind of
turning into flab it still kind of looks like muscle from a fire but I know that
I mean about a she kidding that’s how you whoops I thought maybe that would
crash through there you just got a better computer to you that’s why you
started now and not sooner Swedes I would definitely say that I like to
support people even if they don’t have like the best quality equipment but it
does make a pretty big difference like if I know that when I go to someone
stream it’s like sometimes I just feel bad for them I feel like sometimes all
pity L pity streamers if I show up and they just got problem after problem and
then come back like an hour later and you either still have that problem or
you got a new earth day and not even streaming anymore cuz they gave up or
something I feel like a lot of streamers they just don’t make it because they get
too frustrated and they don’t have the patience to follow through I mean I
could have given up many times but I just knew that it would just take me a
long time to get to that point of course if if it’s your dream and it’s
something that you love then I would recommend sticking to it and doing
whatever you got to do sometimes you gotta save up to buy all the equipment
the equipment that you want and stuff all right am I wrong to go backwards all
right let me just look out that other door one more time make sure that I
haven’t missed something your very first on Facebook was horrid well that’s
definitely relatable thing a lot of the times you know I like to watch streamers
grows so that’s one reason why I do you like to watch band NU’EST Reimers is
because a lot of the time they do stick with it and over time it becomes very
good you know I would be bummed out this would be going forward I’m gonna get out
of here you think for me it’s been about six months I have 130 followers but
never have viewers you’ve thought about giving up as well as they only talk to
myself cuz no one comes over well trust me I know how that is and it’s probably
good because then you can get used to narrating your experience before you
embarrass yourself in front of a big crowd at least that’s how I kept myself
encouraged I was like sometimes I’d be like well it’s probably a good thing
there’s none in here right now because sometimes I might be fumbling or
whatever I don’t know how to get through any of this stuff over here you’re like
I should be able to just punch through this or something but yeah ventually
you’ll have more people showing up and even now I finally just broke a thousand
followers a couple months ago a huge milestone for me
I obviously at the beginning of 2017 I had about 40 followers so I only had 40
followers for like an entire three years because I didn’t really try it to get
followers that wasn’t really streaming very often and when I did it was kind of
crappy quality so then I would say it took me about a year then
to make a thousand followers a bit under a year but even though I have that many
I still don’t have that many viewers quite often I thank you for the house
behind me my bets let’s show up sometimes I feel like my events don’t
show up on here let me try it really quick where’s my alerts on my events
okay that works but the events don’t seem to be working really quickly I’m
just gonna try to fix that cuz I really love this little of insolence I have and
I made it all perfect so that I supposed to show up for like a minute hey kitty and then sometimes it turns
out that it’s actually because what mommy well god there’s the events list
let me just refresh this it’s because I got this little Christmas
theme and I had like specifically made the text and like my little events and
stuff all a Christmas colored so let me just save one more time then let me just
let me try this one more time at least it appears as if the alerts are
working there’s just something little thing it’s an events list oh the events
list isn’t working for some reason well it was working earlier one sec we just we just look what I got
here well almost everything else is working I
don’t know why the events are this isn’t working though I really like that events
list oh well okay let’s just let’s just forget about the events list for now is
this really cute of insolence it’s usually up in the corner in the top left
corner hold on I think I’m gonna sneeze sorry
hey hot sauce just hosted me for three viewers hey hey welcome thanks Fran
Cheers nice to see a girl how was your stream okay we’re playing a little half-life 2
here I have not played all the way through this game before however that’s
why we’re playing it now because it’s one of the most iconic games of all time
I’m learning how to make video games so this is a qualification to be competent
at game development you have to play half-life 2 about 20 times so this is
only my first time so after this we’ll just have to play 19 more times then
we’ll be good to go I have a bad feeling that we’re not supposed to go backwards
like this I don’t know if anyone has in every row
followed hot sauce before but I definitely recommend her channel she’s
hilarious I was watching her yesterday for like three hours you got the part
that’s iconic but you forgot the part that valve can’t count to three well that’s the ongoing joke isn’t it you
know what there’s all this like conspiracy whether or not they are even
working on half-life 3 but we hear the rumor that they’re always working on a
bunch of different projects and that just like they don’t always come out
because we moved to Seattle in September and we actually met a couple people that
know others who work for valve and heard some insider information which is that
they actually are working on all kinds of stuff it’s just that you got to like
convince all your co-workers to help you complete games instead of just I guess
they get to do whatever they want when you work at a vowel that’s like what is
that like the the dream come true for any developer that wants to work in a
big group all right let’s go back out here maybe
y’all if anyone happens to know how to get through this area okay this is where
we were we actually came back because I was just checking all my bases and it
turns out that I do you believe that I am supposed to go through here I just
must have missed it oh wait okay this is how we got in here before
where’s our boat cuz maybe we’re supposed to continue on our boats down
here we all right well I think we finished that area so let’s let’s move
forward in our boat I really like that subtle menu there
that’s like WASD and like how it’s a controller boat yeah I would like to see a half-life 3
but not until I finish number 1 and number 2 first we’re gonna do number 2
and then we’ll play through number 1 you know this game mesmerized
wait memorize to a single pixel I just don’t want to open my mouth because
spoiling is bad but if you get really frustrated I don’t mind giving a hint
cool thanks Ryan oh sweet of you I appreciate that that’s
so cool you have this game memorized by the pixel so does my partner but he
feels the same way doesn’t usually want to give away too much ok I think that we
had come from this direction ok this is the way we had come we actually what did
those dangling pussy monsters last time ok let’s go back I guess this way we’ll
just keep going instead of stopping cuz we stopped went through that little area saw a dead body strapped to a chair
while bloody and nastya okay don’t mind my boat driving skills I suck at this okay that’s where we went last time we
need to go this way my sense of direction is I was off a little bit off
okay so oh okay well I don’t feel like that much of a dumbass but I forgot
about that bridge I realize now that we should go up there and try that bridge
oh my god good guy okay let’s go see no spoiling necessary I realize that bridge
is over there okay I don’t want too many spoilers but sometimes like if I if I
get really frustrated that I if I start to cry then maybe help me about and so
then we’re good it’s a good challenge I really got all this sub where de came
through here just gonna go back cuz I forgot about this bridge over here
clearly we’re supposed to get up somehow onto this bridge this bridge over here we had actually gone in here before but
maybe I missed something oh yeah okay I think we need to go
through here and I think that there’s a way to get out there that we didn’t
notice last time maybe through like the roof or something okay we definitely miss something out
over here let’s find out what it was okay this is where we were I thought for
sure that we would be able to do something out here but I couldn’t figure
it out last time but now that I got back on my boat retrace my steps I concluded
that I am for sure supposed to do something over here he does not wear
this thing that seems to be broken definitely you feel like I need to get
over here to this bridge somehow sometimes you can I oh I know
wait sometimes you can climb on these like tubes but not sure how to get on to
these particular tubes usually there’s stairs any-any where we
can link get up you can see oh well we did hop up on these blue things earlier
but I was not able to find out a function for being up here
let’s explore again how worth the try okay this area out here you see directly
across from us that’s where we’re supposed to get because I’m supposed to
open up this gate to like let our boat through up through here and I can’t
figure out how to get through here this giant yellow thing I already opened
this earlier but this No a recharge station I tried pressing Enix
to this thing but it didn’t do anything I need to hold it down
all right well stuff like that I really need to know okay sometimes I don’t like
to take a break you know if I start playing a game I don’t like to break you
know for a month like I did with this one because I forget the simplest things
as I get tutorial than we already just did but I forgot because it’s been three
weeks or something since I played this game okay good call a save you loved playing this game you got a
gifted to me as my friend didn’t like it and I remembered knowing that there was
cheats for it and I went I want you to know that I just can’t help myself but
to use the cheats nice understandable all right well we recharge your hell’s
that part’s awesome now if only we can figure out how to either get up on these
tubes or how do we get out of here this is like what I really want to do I tried
smacking this stuff hey write money does charity Happy Holidays
thanks man hey now the events list is working sweet
okay thank you nice to see you buddy how are you doing happy holidays to you as
well okay I’m open to some tips as to how to get this bridge open over there
yeah what about the office I’m trying to get over here because my boats on the
other side and I’m trying to get it through there this is broken I tried
smash I walked through everything on the inside yeah that was far away I thought I
thought that would have nothing to do with this because it was so far I was
quickly get to our boat and get through here because now there’s an alarm thanks
friend my partner here just gave me a little tip about shooting stuff even
though they were far away okay Danvers right Oh God the jig I use this thing I don’t use the turret
goddammit you don’t like to leave half-life for a
really long time because it gets rusty and then my runs will be garbage you can
call a friend how long does it take you to get through
it sounds like you plated a bunch so maybe takes you a lot faster but like
when you first started how long did it take you to go through the whole thing
honestly I have a different computer that I’m using the same but before I was
very troubled and using anyway I got a doing a computer for using Firefox at
this time the last time the game was really slow and there’s abundance so
this time a better experience yeah okay cuz like I would play all the way
through it now that I’m back to now that my computer seems to be running okay oh
yeah more ammo look can we go back and recharge your health again tell me let’s
do that since we’re still here yeah this are these things good for
multiple recharges let’s find out only one huh those recharge things on
the wall good for one in his head alright let’s go back to our boat 36
minutes and 42 seconds on half-life 1 hour 40 something maybe on half-life 2
I thought for sure it’s gonna be like a 10 hour commitment or something maybe
for me it would still take me for 500 yeah you are obviously a speed runner I
strive to be like you Mira right now I’m just enjoying my first time so I
probably won’t be trying to do anything fast I didn’t see this one last gonna be
there it was still fruit fine but I would like to get faster all the time those four we need to get back to my
boat cuz not about veggies fuck out bastards I think in this
instance and specifically oh are you serious I just died
Oh ready then I sure do every means okay might’ve accidentally just been a
little bit too close to me but was still okay I’ve got to play this like five times
I’ll probably be a lot faster but right now I’m just going to take it all in
just like when she devirginized yourself with a game like that
that’s your first time you know it’s like you’re going back and experiencing
that first time again this is my half five two divergent ization friends I
really okay thanks oh yes thank you very much I can’t tell
I did press I did right-click that to him I didn’t notice that Z is virzoom just
like in 3d max z presume and also for scoping all right well we smashed through that
door now we’re on her boat going through that was fun I know how long it’s gonna take me out
for it’s all gonna take me like five hours to even after you’ve played through a game
once the second time missus or classroom Oh No oh no not prison monsters get us the
dangling pussy monsters with teeth they come catch her from off the ceiling earlier was funny a blue glacier tried
to just repeat what I was saying he had something to add about when I joke about
those scary monsters being called pissy monsters and the auto mod censored him
he kind of said he had to whisper me tell me what do you say okay took me
around three or four hours to beat the game when I first played it back in 2006
what have I been doing this whole time wasting my life when I heard him playing
half-life 2 I don’t think I had a computer that was
good enough back then I was like I’m gonna steam account
to 2011 because I had like Photoshop and stuff
but I I was doing cool stuff that I went to circus school before that like in my
early 20s now that I’m over 30 I’ve like got more patience and things to more
patience savings and stuff I can actually
they gave us some stuff it’s also a research and development for me now so development it’s one of those things are
good that’s freaking awesome oh my god you see that
we’re just like that thing all lit lit on fire and then we were forced to take
that ramp so that we didn’t go that stupid this is so much fun health is only at 15 now like dying
looting that means autosave it’s the little things in life you know
Oh God what’s up here who ever saw that a
special treat up there must get that special treat right now
I know let’s take these bricks off of here using E how fun the physics game
isn’t here is so much fun okay okay supplies that’s such a cool crate with
the weight the physics weight like using them for that crate you want to learn
coding and become a game dev because I’m tired of waiting for valve half-life 3
so I’m gonna make my own at least I’m good with level design and creating maps
cool friend that’s the coolest thing I’ve heard all day except for earlier
Rick said that he got offered a job where he was forced to learn Maya for a
particular test to apply for this job that’s awesome friend my partner Martian
games is the one who’s been teaching me c-sharp in unity and 3d modeling what
kind of level design do you do or I know you can do a lot of level design and
different games and stuff but do you do 3d modeling game design or do you use I
mean you can even do a level designing like The Sims or whatever secondly
there’s a lot of games they allow a little design I’ve been learning 3d and 3d max
you need you for a c-sharp but I would say I’m still pretty bad at c-sharp but
I do know my way around unity and there’s a lot of tutorials online so
that helps a lot currently making maps and hammer editor
have you heard of that friend hammer editor I’ve heard of hammer time because
I was born in the 80s is that for a game or is it just part of TV modeling
program I’m scared all these reflections I couldn’t tell if
that was like a talent or not this is so pretty I go through there we’re getting shot at the dog let’s go there this reminds me
of the bay over here a lock serious yeah I just shot the lock off after the door
wouldn’t open cuz it was like that was so satisfying it’s the little things in
life really is so yeah we live near Seattle now we live in Tacoma it’s only
a 30 minute drive from Seattle where the valve headquarters is and I
don’t know if you’re here earlier Mira but I was like telling chat how on one
day we really gone through Seattle and I called up the valve headquarters cuz I
had a phone number on on GPS okay and so um I called them because I I was
like I hear that there are some times you can get a tour of the valve
headquarters but actually I had just left a message because no one young
student I didn’t hear back but maybe one day we’ll get to take a tour of valve
headquarters and if that’s the case then I’m sure I’ll be telling you all about
it he has subscribed from jackman TV it’s my lucky day thanks oh yeah let’s see really quick
function I really appreciate that buddy cool eric says the 3d art is difficult
but so much fun and used to meet maps for mods for csgo and half-life 2 oh you
can actually make maps for half-life 2 and portal dudes I’m really sorry that I
don’t know this already I feel like I should know I should know better by now
I’m in my thirties but I did spend a lot of time oh thank you for the follow in
this up at the same time twitch kit and support fellow community members thanks
man yeah yeah I’ll get you back right now I
appreciate that you must be a streamer as well cool hopefully I can return the
favor I look forward to catching one of the
year streams in the future buddy I wonder what you stream
that’s a very supportive community I noticed that last time I used the twitch
kitten hashtag I had some other twitch kittens come through as well
speaking of which kittens and 3d art if you guys one girl that I subscribed to
she’s got some really cute emotes let me wait probably gonna find them really
quick here this one girl uh meow Sparky and she’s
got these super cute little emotes i subscribed for her emotes and because
she’s an amazing 3d artist but she also did a 3d model of this adorable little
chibi kitten for the twitch kittens I recommend her channel to us for those
little bit fuck me in with my crowbar my office well I was thinking let’s not die
I’ll catch up on chat one side oh my god I’m scared okay it’s not gonna work in there
I throw it can heat up in the area will that actually hit okay what’s the best
way to take down one of these motherfuckers up here Michigan I don’t
know if any of these will take you guys down there at least put it aim for the
pilot do only the trades work on the helicopters as well it’s just not being its line of
you plan on making some emotes yourself working on some right now you make your
own I made a handful too but they’re not that great
well actually since you just subscribed to me friend you can use the one Jenny
email I made to Jenny emotes the five dollar one is just a photo of my face
but then the ten dollar subscribe is a little flash cartoon that I made I get
scared nervous and like anxiety and stuff oh you just stopped screaming oh nice
you’ve been streaming rest a lot here am I still going down I am how do you guys
see that made with unity series it’s a good story series fuck I’m called Adam
it’s so cool I should make a shortcut for that hate oh boy what’s that buddy
anyway these robots remind me of that made with unity cinematic series called
Adam and if you guys haven’t seen any I highly recommend it’s so freakin awesome
I think there’s only three or four episodes but it’s really worth it if you
haven’t watched it yay I can show you a mine look like thanks for you think
she’s a little Jenny berry straight there here’s the the Jenny toon one I
don’t know if it comes up oh it does come up there’s one
I guess my emo explosion it doesn’t always like it does not always pop up
actually onto my screen hold on control wait and then paste paste paste
paste paste there’s a little explosion now you can see the other one that’s the
one that I hand true yeah I don’t always work in flash because it just takes so
damn long to make anything but tobor here a fellow game developer and also
pixel artist who’s been working on his game that’s coming out pretty soon
didn’t you say friend that you started working on in 2010 anyway I shouldn’t be
talking about how long it takes to make art in flash because tobor here is like
an amazing pixel artist and like anyway uh ok now we’re like back over here
let’s go through here and again let’s not go backwards till later ok friend
thanks again for that sub and that follow I appreciate that I’ll catch you
next time sweet dreams let me know if you have any questions about those cool
emotes or anything making your own emotes or whatever it’s
really fun I like using both flash and Photoshop for that let me just say
before time before da hai oh my god there comes the helicopter
okay anyone have the answer I don’t want to cheat or anything but like what’s the
best way to take down a helicopter because I tried throwing these grenades
at it and it’s a network you’re still learning how to make things not ugly in
pixels put thank you well it’s okay because that trailer that you have you
got that shirtless trailer to make up for your whatever skills you feel you
lack but you got a fully functional game friend and fuck you dude oh my god oh my
god oh my god that was my own fault if I die yeah there is something I could like
climb up on last time you would think they’re running away
from a helicopter would work but okay hey you know what I’m talking about that
shirtless trailer I should make a toe board Prime shortcut for my channel so
they could call that video every time you come in oh my god and by the way
tobor bold Russian genius of me we’re watching you stream the other day and we
were laughing so hard both out loud that Martian had to like stop what he was
doing and like come into your chat just so you could have some like funny
comeback steered voice acting remember friendly video and we also had Mystery
Science Theater going on in the background and at one point Martian
didn’t know if it was some hilarious comments from Mystery Science Theater or
if it was you and I like no dude that’s toe board being hilarious I’m not sure
if that’s how you pronounce your name friend but it was really funny you had
his gold backing out loud he thought that you were Mystery Science Theater
because you’re being so funny so in case you were wondering about your
humor skills you’re very fun weapons won’t work on it okay thanks
thank you Mira I won’t even try I’ll just try running from that motherfucker okay where it is a way to here’s a good
hiding spot you serious fuck out with a bastard yeah anyone like Mira’s is
interested in game development I also recommend kobori his stream was
awesome he does game maker though he does 2d pixel art and gave me three but
I mean you really push it to the limits friend I would say that I probably have
never seen any other game make the game as awesome as Drew’s and he’s like an
actual actor it’s in the trailer for the game and there’s a demo for the game but
I haven’t played it yet I just put that on my to-do list because we ordered a
new computer and it should be in the mail in the next couple of days
definitely before Christmas and at that point
Martians gonna take over the brand-new computer and I’m gonna have the second
newest computer the one that he is always using for game development so
then I’ll be able to offer better quality streams I’ll be able to work on
more game development and I’ll be able to play more VR games and supposedly the
brand-new computer we’ll have to fuck put on that diet god
damn it I feel like I’m about to die pop okay certain part of this level that you
can take it down with a certain mounted weapon hey you said mounted yeah no
Martian was like I’ll thank god someone to entertain me through this hell his
own game development was I think I what he was doing he’s doing something that
was difficult and annoying I think it was like two DUI or something he really
likes to only work in 3d when possible but we were working on this sound thing
I want to get away to me spoilers on that project but well I’m not sure I think he I don’t
want to give any more details please once I started opening my mouth its you
guys just sign a contract for that one anyway fuck man fuck oh my god
I just picked up a piece of wood God these guys really bring out my inner
rage I just play this level for when I’m like PMSing I want to waste all my ammo
I want to use the crowbar on these dudes so I want to use the gunshots fruit
though those those other guys and then I want to use the mounted weapon I guys
been slow anyone know what I’m talking about the
Adam series don’t these robots can remind you of from Adam they got their
sexy Isaac gasps max son gas mask fetish oh yeah let’s get a gun good use II presume if only I can manage
my coordination I don’t know I don’t like that one so much I like the one
that’s like machine gun stuff is it yeah that’s a funny picture
friend who’s that little face emote there Jenny you are under NDA difficult
and annoying oh god yes he knows he knows what we mean when you say that
yeah you ask Google much mind YouTube for all the info nice well hopefully I
can play the demo to your game eventually I just wanted to wait for
that new computer to come into the meal come in the mail because then I’ll have
the the second best which would be still a lot better than this one is actually
working okay because I got half life to at minimum quality not at very best but
like minimum so anyway I want to play your game on the on the other computer
cuz it’s just like better better specs so that when I stream even though your
game might be easy to play when not streaming once I start streaming the
computers that I use they’re like automatically like whatever game I’m
playing is like not nearly as good because of this exploit basically do that get them well that it’s not working at least we
still have 20 health on near future I’m going to apply for a software
engineering university because 99% of my time on current profession we study
English and it’s just too easy sweet friend you can also get like Nano
there’s like all kinds like unity certification online that you can do you
don’t have to go to school for it I can I can understand wanting to go to school
and you got the right idea but if you don’t want to wait and you want to go
online to learning then I would recommend the unity certification
especially if you’re used to doing level design in 3d for that thing you were
talking about hammer time the hammer time engine for level design sounds like
you like 3d stuff so the night I would maybe recommend unity certification I
want to do in Ibiza certification actually I just saw that they had a new
one for 2018 and I filled out an application because something like
testers to get certification and test out their new course
I almost got through all the courseware for the last one but are you do you have
a your original language what’s your original language friend you have so
much debt from school there is so much info for free online ciserek now rick
has just gotten a new job I think did you say that you did take that new job
opportunity friend or you just got offered a job doing Maya and 3d stuff oh yeah it’s try to remember to breathe
I’m not sure how to get through but I think we need to go over there your Bulgarians so the ironic part is
that somewhat sometimes do you correct the teachers because they make mistakes
that’s constitute one time I went to the hospital and I felt like the doctors
sometimes even doctors I felt like I was educating them on some mental issues and
things it’s like you never heard about this oh yeah I can see how teachers
might have the same issue especially if they’re teaching in their second
language that is ironic do you want to go to school for software engineering
University in Bulgaria or in another country either way that’s awesome and I
commend you for having that kind of motivation in inspiration that’s very
exciting I’m I’m more of like an artist rather my partner is both an artist and
a programmer so I definitely stick by his side as often as possible to learn
as much as I can but while his his strong point is like the programming and
even math sometimes that’s my the hardest thing for me so that’s why we’re a team
I can do some things that maybe he doesn’t have time for and then okay when
I get through here in the face a little alone no there
wasn’t me sure where I was getting hit from ah where was the last time I saved
oh good just had a little check bite there anyway
thank goodness okay let’s get that crowbar everybody for the boxes you
gotta go towbar have a great day friend sweets thank you
you have here in Bulgaria and also an online option cool so many options all
right okay oh no I died anyway take crowbar fuck out okay fuck all right I’m almost dead by the
time I’m here so let’s be more careful this time health of 17 oh I know okay he’ll probably just like
the down here but we’re having fun dying Gasol hey he’ll 13 days you can go to
options keyboard advanced untick fast weapon switch but I think it’s just my
brain that makes me do it more slowly do it okay
options keyboard it is untick there is so how do i oh and then choose weapons
one with one through six you know I was able to do that I was pressing one at
least I don’t know apply I guess all right so many awesome options there okay
thanks I always get connect okay okay that’s
gotcha thanks for in let’s just go for one and two I’ll try to memorize those
as quick as possible a lot of the time it’s just my brain I feel like is always
good practice I’m so scared oh good okay number two
thanks friend that is a lot faster I really appreciate that gotcha okay all right got him hmm maybe
there’s some health over here probably not but nice things Mira we let’s see
I feel like it often saves for us which is awesome oh hey what’s up I think I save just right in time but
just I guess what is this thing anyway I don’t know what that is suit awesome
suit charge oh my god the sounds and I love the sound effects in this band I don’t know where I’m running to you’re
just gonna run over here and then see what sixteen oh fuck I had no deal I did
not know what I was gonna be hey oh cool there’s those mounts that you’re talking
about there yeah buddy without spoilers Mira let me know a little bit about this
twit I think they’re called turrets right no it’s gonna crouch in this corner so
scared yes wolf bitch take that in the butt
he goes oh it’s more like it hey everyone
BAM pants so cool don’t know if picture links are disabled and if links can be
posted thanks for asking friend as long as it’s not pornographic if it is then
just send it to my personal inbox just kidding
duck pics okay dick pics not okay but feel free to share a link especially if
it’s your art 3d art or anything like that or a game really didn’t but if
anyone sends anything that’s not a fuck if anyone sends anything totally
inappropriate then I’ll like time them out it was like people do like to troll
sometimes I’m sure you wouldn’t but guess anyone out there was thinking
about sending a dick pic I will I’ll time you out if you do anyone anyone out
there thinking about sending dick pics not Doug pics JK but yeah feel free to
share like oh yeah there it is let me see you’re a vowel whore I’m opening this in a new window oh cool
oh nice dude oh yeah you’ve definitely played have
you played every single valve nice every game by valve yeah they’re really close
hopefully we can get a tour of the valve headquarters one day so I can brag about
it I should tweet at them and see it cuz one time I did call them and leave a
message but they never called me back I think you gotta like know someone who
like knows someone or something like that and then if you’re lucky then you
might get to look inside the valve headquarters but I didn’t expect that I
just would love that that would be my dream come true we were in downtown ever
gonna fit in bellevue or seattle but we actually saw roundabouts the
neighborhood where the valve headquarters is oh yeah there’s our boat
look at this brilliant level design that even somebody like me could find my boat
again after all of that normally right here I would be sad and crying about
things and instead I found my boat there it is yeah that was fine okay
that’s just free to get stuck in who knows if I completed everything I was
supposed to do in there but I guess we’ll find out yeah I should really have
played this 20 times before asking for a tour of the valve core but I have
watched quite a few documentaries and stuff on YouTube about my partner who
loves well Devlin played far more than I have he’s been teaching me okay I’m not sure if we’re supposed to
go we need to talk about feelings I really
want to have a serious talk with gabe newell other people stop him on the
street all the time with that same thought what would you say like have you happy have you mapped out the conversation in
your head already what would you say friend oh look at that health Packard
there oh yeah I honestly I’m not sure if I’m going backwards at this point again
oops Dom dude I don’t know why I would saved
up right in the middle of this battle except for that I’m not sure this we’re
supposed to go but for me oh no no think I went the wrong way is your birthday
something I’m used to dying get back in our boat where you feel safe
and loved and all right not sure no I don’t know what do you think try
like dive I’m doing here I I don’t think that I should have banded my boat
question is though where to go without the wrong way No how do I open this part oh wait I just noticed some strategically placed wait I thought that
those are ah that was a ladder that was not a ladder ever I should have shot
down that dude as well I wonder if he would have even been in my line of
ability to shoot him down did Gabe really hurt your feelings by
not finishing half-life 3 fuck man uh not sure how to escape this area yeah I miss that time before
here’s know that feeling how did I miss that time before I understand why you never need – three it’s really upsetting is it like actually about her the
personal life is if you keep going sometimes with movies like Star Wars
it’s maybe a faux complete before and then we kept going of the week fuck you little bombs I have no idea if
I’m gonna win got some cool music here though so I
think maybe yes here at mirrors feelings I’m not
just mirrors feeling as other people’s feelings as well yeah the word on the street is there
everyone I don’t know anything after I finished helpful I wanted to
though maybe I’ll understand it better I don’t think he just seems so hard but
then everything comes together with the level design like I’ll feel for sure
that I’m still lost and then suddenly I’m going through some tunnel is somehow
I’ve managed to miss earlier and then like I’m clearly on the right track or
something after that I need to know the secrets of their level is done
Oh my garden now we’re on top of the tunnel oh my god now I’m stuck inside a
tunnel oh my god humming so intestacy it’s when you’re trying to heave and ho
up over this tunnel but oh my god fuck let’s turn I’m gonna read that program in just a
sec friend I try to not fall through the tunnels
the same he’s being so cute the cat just like sit
up on her hind legs and like touch touch shades armed to say that she wanted to
pet my greatest achievement right now is when I played csgo and with a friend of
mine from America we played a non American servers and I was the only
European one guy for my team got mad for no reason and started assaulting me
because I’m European and I roasted him on his own language because he wasn’t a
loss for words I started repeating shoot oh shoot oh
shoot oh pretty how old was he like 10 yeah I’ll bet that you do have a more
eloquent language and English them a lot of people naturally speak English because that is common thing there’s a lot of english-speaking
dumbasses out there especially in games like that whereas a multiplayer and
you’re playing with people you don’t know you’ve seen that time and time
again when people are this okay maybe a little bit too steep I
here’s 19 he’s probably still dealing with like his first brothers or
something okay we’re almost it here comes the car I just flew into a wall
because I’m not aiming I’m hitting the cottage worth it trying to okay we’re dead what do they call it they were like
hormonal rage so I was trying to say about that guy who’s 19 and you could
only just think of stupid things to say like a kitty kitty yeah yeah alright now we can get through
this level ah fuck you love English that’s why I
started learning it since I was five years old when I got my first PC you
started learning English on your own using your first piece to you and you’re
only 20 I mean not only but that goes to show that just because someone’s 19
doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have any more ability to be intelligent is
that common though when you play that kind of game like shooters like multi
player shooters they get a lot of trolls I think this might be hard tenaciously I guess I cannot shoot those bombs so
that they explode before I sail over them with our little motorboat or
whatever goddamnit okay could not even hit one of
those I’m gonna just like to go super like five minute break or whatever
that’s super quick five minute break because I realize I’ve been going for a
little over two hours I haven’t bothered to stop at all which is how I roll my
friends I’m gonna put on little timer and I’ll be back soon just gonna get
some water and break for the quick break if you’re a gamer the most important
factor in my opinion is learning English cool friend yesterday I had someone in
my chat using some other language that I couldn’t tell what he said and I was too
busy playing it’s a Google search ship but one of my viewers didn’t he’s like
you don’t even want to know what they said sometimes it’s helpful to know
other languages too but there’s a lot of languages and I definitely don’t have
time to learn all of them you classic classic death health for I’m
fucked hey what the hell I think I have to restart the gamers
something it’s like oh I think I just had to click in the
window dock man I thought it was like far
enough away from that thing I had to learn how this shit works see what hey if it means I get to be in
Lord Gabe’s band fuck so close I think the sermon does he get seriously okay
let’s go ah because I have such little health
right now anyway oh my god oh my god I don’t know
how to like get past that one no with the hole I’m like oh it’s over there that’s crazy that I’ll even keep going
for that long like this super super steep little hill there there are some
some sharp edges in this game but I guess because it’s old we’re going is it intelligent like if I die at the
same place like five times it doesn’t mean that much time because I just went
through that a bunch of times and this time I didn’t die no I got past that first time that first
part but then us still died so to help Patrick sing out loud it was
okay see you maybe I supposed to go right okay I’m stuck in a bunch of loggers
it’s all good though it’s not the first time I’m stuck in a water good luck me it’s not let’s remember to go right next memory
diagram remember they oh no no your clothes list I can see where we’re
headed now oh no not the presumable serious with
you god damnit I’m still alive here’s kitty Oh Oh No and I’m dead you’re getting
closer though really helped once we realize that
they’re in health Packard starting with like not such terrible
hope I’m still around we just missed it now we’re stuck down
here I think it was view now we’re getting shut up I’ll swear we were supposed to be over
there just kill me now man just just get me was it monster put me out of my misery
so I can try to get that jump again oh my god
no we’re good last time I actually wanted to die because I realized that I
just gotta make this jump end up make a right turn you I did not I did I did just say let’s get out of here man let’s explore
this area oh no it dude let’s try this one jump again are you my daddy are you
my health yeah yeah sweat the shit out of your boxes getting some healthy stuff I’m really starting to like this game
Warner there’s those reliable health panels what are those things called
things rig can you charge up your home and your
power stations taking alien isolation where you got your save seizures see
after we get all nice and powered up I’ll juiced up and ready this is one
hell of a barn looking building here yes girl Oh gross okay that’s where we flew on
into this area and then man liquid did it wrong I think that I
was supposed to I see what I supposed to okay well we saved right after we tried
it up with his ass it’s just quickly dying I think over time it gets brighter in
here also it’s getting later turn down mr. I don’t really care I’m just trying
to suggest that she sits here I really got to learn to let my before si call
the shots it’s like no I don’t want to sit on the table she’s looking at me with this crazy eye
and made me think that oh maybe she wants to come over and hang out but no
definitely not okay we had parked our vehicle right
over here there it is all right what we needed to do to make
sure that the vehicle is down here and then we dropped that playing platform
thing I guess I’m not really sure this is what
we’re supposed to do but I can only do that once
tell me a babe you 21 attention me now she meows wants me like over there no
she’s still meowing earlier she was like don’t you dare pick me up I want to have
a snack before you hang out thankee is not going up so particular remember this puzzle
friend yep but I originally got the boat down its
long story but the boat was already up here yep well it helped me to put this thing down
it doesn’t work anywhere I can only use it once long story short it was already on the
second floor I thought for some reason I should have it down yep hmm I don’t know why I had to lower it
at all just for fun I guess good I can’t believe the speedruner in here
earlier was like I played this game in like
one hour I just crashed it crashed down quite quite a bit I was
way better than the stream crash oh my hearing went out long echoes could
either go visit use them I think all my all my viewers went to
sleep or something it’s like 5:00 in the morning froze okay hey health save the last unicorns of the awake will
loose on the Pacific coast oh she is the cutest person in the world there’s so many fun things to explore oh we definitely have some kind of a puzzle
here if I’ve ever seen a puzzle Oh I’m a maximum health oh no my sinking
down that’s so clever it’s like pushing up and down into the water just like
splish Splash in just a tiny bit this thing appears to be lives so I’m
gonna need something heavy to be inside of this you see good puzzles his portal
actually not that hard is it as hard as this okay his portal pretty comfortable
huh hardness I’m stuck I’m stuck in my like wedged in here my bad cannot jump
anymore I am wedged is fuck time I tried portal
but I started like how do I reload this I guess just this okay anyway once I
tried pour a little bit it is like on level 200 or something so hard
you got started beginning all righty then
here listen I feel like we’re not supposed to
be on there let’s find out huh the hell that only works once the fuck that is
locked after that the fun puzzles this is starting to
remind me of portal because of all this weight lifting this thing I press it
once and then he’s locked up after that awesome I got literally stuck in had to
reload actually full health for once but look it we can get up over there somehow definitely not by jumping up an
entire oh that there’s a stairs this is not like Assassin’s Creed where you can
climb up any any wall and like an entire building at once I couldn’t appreciate
how this is more realistic the fuck I love these bridges and things I like
I’ll have random washers and driers over here in there oh no I think I’m supposed
to be up even higher don’t realize ya thinks it isn’t Seanie heavy object oh
he was supposed to push the washer and dryer thanks yeah I realized how I fucked myself I
was supposed to use that it’s like go back and get it running jump over
this now that we got it all nice and lift it’s ready five in the morning give to
be a really friend I might pause a little bit here and make
it a snack namely what yeah maybe like open this gate so I
don’t have to solve a puzzle to get through it’s risky
now there’s an actual person to open a gate from you I feel so gotta tear down
this camp and get out of here oh man we rock all right save probably see first
anyway but just in case what about these boxes
he’s a Bri hey friend nice to see you hey you love half life this is only
literally my first time playing this I feel like kind of embarrassed to admit
it but oh I just actually missile cousin had just saved a minute ago how are you
doing love all right we got to hurry he said what about you buddy you’re gonna come
to I’m not sure how far along we are but we are definitely you made it sound like I was supposed to
go through he was like come on let’s go he’s like hurry up everyone that I know
who’s played this game has already played it like 20 times and I’m the only
one who hasn’t so he’s all come on let’s go Oh kind of bring up tears for you I’m just
catching up with the rest of life here take a look at this people with lives
this here’s the dam it’s just up ahead the dam Eli’s hideout is here stone’s
throw from the apron and yes I’m the old hydro plant but getting there with that
Hunter chopper on your ass next to impossible good news is the vortigaunts
working is magic on your airboat swear to con that’s real commander keen
forward I think he’s just finishing up now go on out really he’s already done
with my thing so after I’m done fucking up your boxes over here okay yeah I’m
ready you guys seen those snap-on tools that’s exactly like the snap-on tool
tool cases I know because I take a car class in high school once thanks how you
want open the door okay I’ll take down the chopper with my cloning guns I have
to open this door myself people I see it I’m like you couldn’t have opened that
for me a minute ago feel like you’re not done the sooner we talk alright let’s go
okay I like to call these monsters that hang down from the ceiling of pussy
monsters cuz they look like as if they have feel like discussing put some
monsters hanging from the same oh yeah we’re taking it down away woof
damn boy it down here’s like cool Santa Tracker I wish they had more out there’s
probably more often that they have a soundtrack it’s just that I’m taking a
while to get through this first time what about you abri have you played this
game a bunch oh no am i stuck in a lot every mom pretty some of the prettiest scenes roll
em on those as armed and dangerous both you played it only once or like hundred
times like most people I’m really glad to finally be touching up speed with Oh
No you’re serious that just happened Oh God good things someone earlier showed me
how to like to the put weapon exchange for the guns I think I can literally
just press the button town me Martian was kind of talking about earlier but I
really understand I thought I had to still press the buddies dislike but now
it’s like I realize that one through five is the different weapons what are their to me the music in this
game I want to know if they’ll be my friend who’s shitting on me goddamn it where
are you yeah all of you take that lunar 90 this
toxic waste but we need to drive our top car thing through this toxic waste it where should we look you played it quite
a few times it’s great to hear well welcome to my devirginizing ceremony
this is I think the third time I have played any of it at all but when I first
started it was like a month ago and then I took a break like you still yes and
now I’m finally back on tracks but I think I’ve been playing for like three
hours starting to remember all the controls and everything oh yeah those
health packs I really want them badly yeah Russian says that when I finish one and
smooth and I’ll know why they haven’t done three and why it’s so much oh why
people are upset because the probably they just leave you
hanging I’m gonna play all the way through t2 and then all the way through
one and then I’ll formulate my own opinion which I’m sure will leave me
wanting more it because I’m so obsessed with this game yeah I can imagine Hawaii
it must be so good and that’s why they care so much otherwise pretty look at that beautiful spare box well there sure is a lot to actually
keep you distracted from the fact that I was like totally like sucked into
someone it’s like three with like vortex we definitely needed this health packs
back there oh no not a pussy monster fuck up was he
with teeth hanging from the swing those things are so awesome I’m saying you but
by that I mean those monsters everywhere pardon me Oh No fuck uh let’s try to get it before it’s too
close to us such a beautiful sunset for such a
dramatic suicide okay all you guys need to so orange No my health is already so low doom that fire on the water so awesome before the hit us for murder hold back right there oh my god are you serious without with eleven health like me I feel like I might just like plunge
through this like view around the corner and hurry up and get through that then oh my god what I thought that was a
regular barrel nose also explosive it turns out okay here we go through yeah there we go no way god damn it anyway already at 7:00 okay check back in like ten minutes
maybe I’ll have made a little progress on this scene it’s got me going though I’ll be more careful this time because I
have to go face those guys later when I go around – fuck you dude fuck off man I need a help what’s the girl got to
do to get a health pack around here top of those kissing monsters totally I’m scared haven’t gotten this
far before and most dead was around the corner oh my god okay those hard yes we’re all powerful almost a health
scare oh no it’s not die let’s get the health
in there no all right at least we got got leeway there let’s get the hell out of here I really wanted to get that box too
badly did I want to get that box this fuck added for good measure
okay now my god ever since it was about to edge though we shouldn’t get right up on here but
actually scheme is lot more realistic in its
jumping Heights and stuff Hey there’s one thing I know how to do is to
save yeah look at that around
you’re supposed to get up in there with our little right the way I can but this is where I was like going was
there a door on the left down in there well this is the end our keynote up to
turn back here about to get through I need to Sigma
yeah yeah I definitely got out a couple times
I’m sure if I could get my boat to go with me no Sam not on that’s crazy both it looks like
I’m not supposed to interact with it maybe on Twitter I thought that I’m
supposed to take my boat and jump over this thing right here but couldn’t find
a way up on here there’s usually a ladder around here I don’t know how to get up there if it’s
up there yeah I thought that was gonna be wipeout Thanks you you he went in there earlier in car smells
oh dude I realize I can’t jump wait I don’t know how I thought it was
supposed to jump over that other room over there I’m tired probably try to get through
this little puzzle to go freak but I can’t wait to play warrior if I could I
would play this for 12 hours too my boat’s gonna fit through here smoothers it does not look like it would
I feel it when we took that release her way better than suffering for five hours
couple tips girls online things from as eventually I want to get to halfway I
don’t have to suffer too learning cool friends let’s already five
thirty eight in the morning over here or to anyone and everyone who helped us
that’s really fun we got a couple new fellas and scribe blew my mind Wow yeah pretty probably it’s saving Kirsten how are you friend a new word stuffy you you got almost 100
you or if I just smacked my way through this
not gonna happen I’m fucked right now where are you that you write a campus
it’s like no no not on my face yeah that’s what she said damn it
fighting back ducks dropping things like balls no my rent straight into a rock I was my
poem no one did that to me I’m the one that ran in for the rock can’t
fuck with me like that Bastin way that did strongly I didn’t pretty Oh yes you shouldn’t shit time I understand now maybe he’s like when he gets hit like
and he’s gonna come down okay now we’re going to optimum ah that’s it you know you
this is where I came very
I’ll get you my own am a park half our way okay serious
I believe it’s not sometimes if I’m shooting but when does the yellow is when I can
shoot take that while using all the explosive balls at
my face because yellow is when he’s in aim not
when I have ammo can you shoot him from that direction
all these times I thought I was shooting towards bursting balloons I thought you meant pretty sure red
means is not really her but it’s like only one I’m like or
something don’t have to write no silly very soon you you if right by the I can get through here all the birds chirping and stuff after
we survived you mean nightbot someone
thanks again anyone they might have stopped by who may be lurking or anyone
else I wish you play longer but it’s like almost 6 let’s see who is also
playing half-life 2 let’s toast someone who is also fighting

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