Hall of Claims: Hit & Drone
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Hall of Claims: Hit & Drone

November 7, 2019

[farmers bell] (Driver)
Relax, it’s just a bug. That’s not a bug, that’s not a
bug! (Burke)
Hit and Drone.
Seen it, covered it. We know a thing or two because
we’ve seen a thing or two. ♪ We are Farmers. Bum-pa-dum,
bum-bum-bum-bum ♪

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  1. I was wondering, could you place strong springs on your drone and run into cars to speed up?  Kind of like gravity assist but with cars instead of planets.

  2. Of course, I am the only one who sees no humor in that commercial. What a load of crap! There are so many things that are so wrong about it! For one, a drone of that size would not penetrate a windshield. Secondly, the chance of a drone striking a car is so much more remote than some idiot who is texting while driving. Or that of an collision with a drunk driver! Now, Farmers is sending a bad message to the public telling them to watch out for drones. As if there aren't already enough distractions while driving! Now people will be watching the sky instead of the road. Farmers really stepped in well… a huge pile of cow crap… when they aired that commercial. I suggest they remove the commercial and apologize to all responsible drone pilots. I hope DJI, Yuneek, Parrot, and other drone manufacturers take notice of this ridiculous commercial and make Farmers shut it down and make a public apology for their poor lack of judgement.

  3. wow i fly freestyle quad and never have i seen that happen have you seen the videos of them crashing {{ DRONES }} into car windscreen into the front window of the car never going threw it maybe damaged it but never stuck into it and car doing ruffly 45 MPH and carbon fiber with all motors going 60 to 70 MPH right at the window come on cant seem to think that a toy could do such a thing i could crash that toy into the wall and it would never fly again my drone blow off the dust bend the prop back and fly it again no problems but what ever.

  4. YOU DON'T NOW SHIT ! A DRONE CAN NOT BREAK THROUGH THE WINDOW OF A CAR YOU DUMM FUCKS ! You people should be shoot for making this, I have been flying since I was 9 and now I'm 57 and I'm tired of the stupid news reporters who are saying drones are going to hurt someone or take down a plane and that's so full of shit. Drones have never taken down a single plane. It's like oxycontin I have taken it for 40 years it was the only thing that had helped me with my pain and because of drug addicts that shoot heroin and ocy then die all you hear is he O.D on ocy and how we need to get read of it. We need to get rid of the drug addicts who say there homeless to get you to give them money to buy more drugs. And people are still giving them money.

  5. I would love know what they "have seen" with those very small drones on the bottom right of the board. That must have been a devastating incitent.

  6. It is hilarious, and it is fake. Hobby drones would vaporize/be deflected and completely destroyed on impact much like a bug. It would take a big commercial drone to do any kind of damage.

  7. nothing wrong with obtaining insurance or selling Insurance , however making a video try to push a narrative about drones is absurd even for State Farm…Pushing an agenda to claim car v drones was an issue or has occurred is basically a LIE…also why I do not have SF insurance and never will……..

  8. The real question: would this be a collision or a comprehensive claim? The producer in me says comprehensive lol

  9. i just laughed at the part when the dude starts screaming and the other dude was like "DATS NOT A BUG- DATS NOT A BUG"

  10. The craziest part is, I could ACTUALLY see that happening! They're getting common enough. That said, I only found one video of this caught on tape. (and without damage.)


    And in truth, it would have to be a monster, metal blades drone to have any chance of actually puncturing the shield like that. So some real liberties taken, but funny enough none the less.

  11. It's about the twentieth time I've seen an advertiser use the high pitched screaming guy in order to attempt comedy. It was funny the first time (maybe) but at this point, the ad people are admitting to us that they're just a bunch of fuckin' HACKS.

  12. I think it is clear that this ad should not be pulled from TV. They are claiming this situation is true, and it is not. If windshields were that weak, they would be broken much more oftenfor many different reasons. Maybe the claims are holes in windscreens for another reason, and the insurance company doesn’t realise they are being lied to…..

  13. This is a bogus commercial. Take a good look at the drone it's plastic and except for the part sticking through the windshield the rest of it is intact. Between the speed of the car and drone the drone would have been smashed to pieces.all this commercial does is make drones look dangerous, it should be taken off air and classified as false advertising

  14. Someone should sue State farm for this fake ad! No wonder people hate drones and want to see them gone! I dropped them and went to the lizzard!

  15. Hey Farmers Insurance, does your car insurance or optional coverage's cover a full windshield replacement? It sure seems like that is what your message is indicating. Doesn't your industry utilize drones or at least won't they in the future to assist with claims, identifying properties and roofs on homes/buildings? Kind of an unfair commercial don't you think? Especially since the AMA wrote you a very professional, kind letter asking that this commercial be removed because of the damage it is causing to the drone hobby/industry. Shame on you!

  16. State Farm sells drone insurance as a personal articles policy for $75. So the drone owner got a new drone to do it again, and the driver gets a new windshield from Farmers, so everyone wins, and Farmers and State Farm sell more insurance to both drivers and drone pilots. Covered it!

  17. Remember seeing this ad in AMC when the new Beauty and the Beast redo came out. Surprised how many actually laughed along with me in the same row.

  18. Funny, the drone guy would probably get a large fine by the FAA and be arrested by the police, because drone fliers are straight up criminals. But when a lady ran her SUV into mine who had a expired license, no insurance and no registration, the cops let her go, let her vehicle get towed by her husband instead of impounded and I found out my uninsured motorist was not active on my account and the cop laughes and told me it was my fault!

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