HALO Laos Destroys 750-pound Aircraft Bomb
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HALO Laos Destroys 750-pound Aircraft Bomb

October 10, 2019

Practice for making bread, I reckon What we need to do is get people
to empty half of these sandbags for where this is getting smaller Because we have to build a roof
over this I’m having a think about which way is going to be more stable with tonnes of sand placed on top of it and so my thinking is that I create two doorways:
one you can see here and one you can see there with support on that side of this tube by way of sandbags this side of this tube and approximately here so that I can build access
for myself out of this tube I’m going to have to come up this ventilation tube because that’s the only way in and out however it’s black rubberised plastic and very, very slippy so, what I’ve been doing this morning is I’ve been making a very rudimentary rope ladder with the best rope we can find in the village which I’ll have to climb up and climb back down again so this bamboo is going to stop
it from falling back down the tube and there will be another one
on the bottom end to keep it taught so that it works properly after this I’m going to have to practice getting in and out of this tube You can see at the bottom that there are further ventilation holes covered in sandbags and what will be covered in mounds and mounds of sand so I’ll have to get in approximately 30 metres sort of down and back up again approximately a metre wide so I’ll have to crawl in from that end up the ladder This is going to be making a sort of expansion chamber,
a little room and then get back out, down to the bottom place a detonator on the outside of all this chain of explosives
that’s going to go to the bomb and then back to the firing point to press fire Two lots of two kilograms of TNT to make two demolition charges with so we’ll use some of our own C4 with lots of det cord inside leading out to the firing cable and a detonator Here you go one on the front one on the back got myself some lovely oxygen because there isn’t much in here and I’m about to make my way back out again so we can put the detonator on Cheerio! Oh that is amazing

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