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  1. Have you guys ever done a video on getting to Noble Team's falcon on The Package before it shrinks amd despawns? Cuz if not you should totally do that

  2. 0:25 Toggle Crouch at it's finest. The second you get shot the game automatically uncrouches you because it's like "well you're already getting shot, you don't need to stay crouched behind cover. Lets just stand you up and expose you to all incoming gunfire"

  3. What does that say at 9:52 ? ETY___OCE. Are you guys sending subliminal messages for future videos? lol

  4. Cool trick! Strangely, me and a couple of friends were just trying to enter a fast-moving vehicle. So it is possible, but maybe not if we can't gain speed ourselves?
    How about entering a vehicle that's being flipped (i.e. on the way back to an upright position after a player pushed X/B/RB)?

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