HAPPY WHEELS #2 (Teens React: Gaming)
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HAPPY WHEELS #2 (Teens React: Gaming)

August 8, 2019

happy wheels happy Wheels ah Yes, oh, oh. God this game. Yeah, so I got a little so much. We played a laser range movement [I] know the controls and [everything] like I got this let’s do it He’s unlike those [mallcop] things okay. I think it [maybe] I don’t know the ketchup. Ha ha [hey] I kind of broke my ankles right there here. We go [work] there We go knock the kid off the monkey bars out of the way [oh] my God. This is so graphic people play this [oh] renaissance fairs are so much fun. Uh I’m sorry Wizard I can’t do this can normal people do this. Oh my gosh guys. Nope normally. I’m not this bad Yeah, there we go [ok] Here we go here we go Keep killing people that’s good though, right? [oh], gosh, guillotine. I’m a nice person we [oh] [how] to be done man sorry about that oh He was having your picnic – I feel so bad [now] if it’s really what ren faire is like just some guy in a segway [killing] fools, [oh] Yeah, I’m pretty good [at] this game sometimes Did I just get stuck oh? Still going let’s go. [oh], let’s go, no Land here, eject [dizzy] hold up for one second grab space that is a lot okay? Oh That’s sick as hell. Oh [I] get this I get this I get this oh no challenge. No challenge, okay, okay? That was a victory was the golden not kill of people, and I just completely destroyed everyone for no reason [alright] here. We go Go dude Okay Okay, um how do I get him to turn around z nope? Okay, there are spikes. Oh, I’m gonna try to avoid though [mmm]. Oh shoot ah oh God ah Okay, we’re good and go. Yes I like that part I like the beam look my guts just I Gave up all right. I got this I got this boom [time] [you] timing [won’t] [tie] me ooh, ooh It happens. Oh No too much, ha ha ha ha ha I’m a cisco buff. That’s really horrible. No no. No [ok] go just go for it Let’s just say that I won Batman escaped [three] classic same guy this time. We’re gonna win [no], that [dudes] piss. I’m oh He’s mad what though wait? Let’s go down. Why’s everyone fault Am I still a [run-up] wait? What is going on? [oh] [no]? No get out of here Batman, so let’s get over this oh. God damn it That was so in it. That’s not fair you to warn me How do you can pass? I Don’t know it’s good Let go buddy. Go up that ramp. Oh, we didn’t get me did you fat man? Nah, okay? No no no? Keep on going why would you do [that]? no killem That’s so cheap. What is there an instant replay? You Joe famous? [oh], miss me [oh] my gosh. [oh], that’s so horrible [buddy] slab so fat man’s got superpowers, huh this way okay Come on. Weapons store perfect. Just what I need [oh] Get out of here. How do I use this gun? Oh? But it does just like go Adam You know I’m not gonna like kill you or anything don’t even worry about it. I’m here to help you I Thought we were buddies here. You know I’m gonna slow clap for that [I’m] actually [at] a story and it was nice even though there was lots of violence involved Nor much, right Santa’s a temporary all right. Let’s go. He’s mad [cookies] fake okay. Oh Imagine if all those little kids well, I’m so sorry Santa with slaves move you, Little oh y’all What are the elves do to deserve that? Ha ha ha oh yeah, Santa [no], oh This one’s pretty awesome. I like the flying oh. God no knives it’s ok I’m Jewish I don’t care what happens to my [no] oh A Front flew from flip the front flip though we still going we still going listen. Yeah, well not anymore [sensor] first I said he’s faking I’ll kill them on my public Enemy number one right now, and I’m like Middle Eastern so now Gonna be like this terrace does not like Santa He’s killed him too next episode. I’ll be at Guantanamo bay. Oh. God the word nuba. I refuse to be a noob oh Up up up up up up up up up It’s like right up his butt. It’s kind of like helicopter, but more blood. I don’t [like] this allah. This is stressful and [really] graphic I got Superman [I] See why people like stay up till five o’clock in the morning doing stuff [like] this. [I] understand now. It’s like Here’s the trick right here Stay low to the ground but in the middle Hey, that’s all I do baby Yes, yes Super super. I got [a] godly Chance I succeeded. It’s something can I put that on my like resume transcript for the rest of my [Sebata] oh super you, [I’m] hacker [guys]. I’m on [a] roll. I’m on a roll. I’m on a roll, [so] [close] No No My [admit] it. I know that counts my head made it nah. Come on the brains up there that defines you as a person I’m gonna take this as a victory. [I] don’t care what this computer says. I’m good Thanks for watching another episode of react gaming leave a comment on what games you want to see us play? Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button See you later guys and have fun playing happy wheels oh

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  1. I want you to play grand theft auto

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