September 20, 2019

Hi friends and welcome in this new video I’m michele forgive me if I’m a little sweaty but I ran back from the post as I just arrived this package what’s in here is my first real one drone racing or that we start from the beginning you guys often asked me to bring you here on channel one racing drone or racer that is suitable for start suitable even for beginners who cost little and who is already ready to fly or open the package put it on the ground and it is immediately ready to fly unfortunately this is a feature a bit difficult to find on drones of this type because they are usually built from scratch but for those like me like so many of you don’t have much time to spend to the construction in search of materials at least in the early stages in which we are beginners this could be a viable alternative a good choice that you also gave me on my facebook group and I thank you but let’s go straight away to open it together let’s see what we find inside we will find it in advance already a kit including the drone is already ready to fly plus the radio and here it is guys this is the HAPPYMODEL MANTIS85 very small package and you can already understand how big and heavy it is this drone but let’s put aside in a moment because in its own packaging where he comes to your home you will also find the radio control an excellent radio control here it is with a lot of instruction manual and it is the radio control of the flai sky but let’s talk about a moment of price guys because in my opinion they are the real strong point of this kit in addition to its quality we have the mantis 85 plus the radio control of the flai sky, which on the good list from the link in the description costs about 100 20 130 euros but with the coupon that I always leave you below in description also on our telecom channel for offers costs 99 euros and it is the price that I paid for it really a lot interesting for an entry level racing drone like this because that’s considered to be the only one radio control usually costs between 40 and 60 euros so you pay the drone roughly 50 euros a price really excellent now we have a first close look at this kit then if the topic of razer racing drones should interested and pleasure I will bring you more videos in the coming days let me know by leaving a nice comment below here is the very small micro fpv racer drone package 14 years and up we already notice here a sticker that shows us that this has already been armored connected to remote control it will be enough for us to turn on the drone radio control and we will be ready to fly right away interesting of this drone that made me prefer it over others is the manual of instructions that you guys are written in English however it really is one of the most complete instruction manuals that you can find on a drone of this type and that tells you practically everything will be very useful too with other drones rendered in other razer gifts because more or less the mechanics are practically the same This manual explains how to give it to the radio as well as how to connect it to the computer how to change both simple and somewhat more complex settings in short very very complete manual that makes the purchase practically super recommended then of course we have the big group very small with four spare propellers and attached vines, of course the propellers in this case are screwed here we have the Velcro with 3m adhesive I think for fixing the battery arrives to single but you can also buy other types other abilities this is one 7.4 volt 400 milian for a racing drone flight minutes are five six minutes if all goes well I advise you to make a good supply if you would like it this world we bring out now the drone is really gracious as well as beautiful even a featherweight to boys an important thing to come from the link below in the description buying this mantis 85 you get the updated version of 2019 or at least that’s what he told me well that he goes to improve some problems that appeared with the old version so all the better so let’s see it in more detail obviously we have a system a four triple blade propellers very green and very nice also these small brushless motors from 9 thousand kv decidedly powerful all the flight control system video camera front analogue of course that as I see can not be adjusted so I think the angle is already set optimally from the builder very nice the frame with this carbon fiber texture the connector for the battery then below we are going to position the battery of course in my opinion aesthetically it is really very very beautiful we go now to connect the battery let’s see if it is charged If it turned on I heard the classic jingle I’m curious to find out what the weight of this microdrone is fpd then balance let’s go to place above at full load we are around 80 grams so really very true law and could be used practically everywhere let’s see now if it connects to my 5.8 giger display I use for these tests we are going to do a research radio channels and should automatically connect without no problem and in fact here it is the screen of the drone that shows us the status of the battery the state of the disarmed engines we try to move it as you see guys unlike the classic drones like I dj phoenix 8 che I usually review that they are equipped with digital radio signal this is equipped with analog radio signal is video transmission is practically instant one by one hi well guys this was a first look at the mantis 85 of the happy model, a very light small dune racing very well done is that it really shows up very well that comes in a very complete kit already well given to its excellent you will only need a radio control fpv buggles then glasses fp b or a monitor fpv like the one I showed you a little while ago but I recommend you much better than the glasses they find themselves of very cheap already starting from 30 euros 40 euros around and I leave some links as always below in video descriptions and obviously I also leave you links to buy additional spare batteries and even good ones Cheap chargers to charge them at best is not to throw them after a few charging cycles ok guys let me know now what you think of this tiny mini drone racing you which drones you own you have built you bought them already made for the flight racing I decided to start with this little model that I will also bring you new videos in the next few days if I don’t go to destroy the first flight but I hope not in my opinion it really is well done it is great to start because it costs just under 100 euros with our coupons I remind you that you can buy it from the link below in video descriptions where you will also find the links to enter our channel the link the offers where I publish offers on this and many other products our facebook group drone technology italy and our official instagram channel finally numerous revenue guys if you want support us all we need is a simple and free like a comment a share sign up if you have not already done so activate the little bell to not miss notifications from our new ones next video is invited all your friends i would say this really is all i am going to fly with my little drone man is we hope not to destroy it right away that’s all we will see you at the next video always here money cash games hi guys

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