Head Ball 2 [Midget Apple Plays]
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Head Ball 2 [Midget Apple Plays]

August 14, 2019

– [Little Apple] Yo, yo,
yo! Little apple back now, so, it’s again, that’s right! And we are playing Head Ball 2! Nice! Just jumping right in, I like it! Are you ready to be a
football legend? I am! What if I already am? Whoa! This is awesome! Move to shown place, okay.
Just move that to move around. Okay, I think we can skip this. I mean, this really isn’t so different than what I am because I’m
just a head, basically. Ah! Goal! Yeah, that’s right, eat it! Bam! Okay. Yeah, I think I
got the controls down. I don’t have to keep playing the computer. Can I actually do something? Oh nice, it gives you upgrades! Oh, I get superpowers? Whoa, okay, this game just got insane. Okay, use the super power to have advantage during the match. Whoa! Balls of fire! Oh yeah, yeah, you want this? Oh, boom! Wow, boom goes the dynamite! Nice! Alright, get down here, got you! What up! Oh, what the, whoa! He used, whoa! Is that
one of your power ups? Nice! You made the ball giant. Yeah! Alright. This is fun! Very cool. Aw, that was a really
bad mistake on my part. Sorry guys, I’m still
getting the controls! Let’s try the other one, nice! Oh, I froze him! Okay. Come on, bounce in there! Bounce in there! Come on! Get in! I scored off myself! Alright, we’re having a ball, right guys? Having a ball. (laughs) Nice! Whoa! Bam! Getting them upgrades, get
some junk for the trunk! Yes! Oh, a sweet character pack too? What do I get? Roni. Or Ronie? Rice or Ronie. (laughs) Okay, can I just blap these outta here really fast or something? I know I didn’t really use
the word blap in the right way but you know when you hit it
fast, you make the sound of it? Blap, blap, blap, blap, blap, blap! That’s what I meant. Okay, let’s play an actual match. Alright. Yeah, well, let’s just jump right in. I think we’re gonna actually
play real people now. And not just play the computer. Which is awesome, I love it. I love these kinds of games where it matches you with actual people. Cause sometimes the computer is no fun. Okay, mathewzemla9. Alright, going up against mathewzemla9! I don’t even have a name yet. I’m like player146, a bunch of numbers. Okay, okay. I’m the one on the right! Oh, yeah, goal baby! That’s how you do it! Whoa, giant head! Come on, man! That’s not fair. Okay, okay, okay. And.. bam! Yes! I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Oh he’s angry. Whoa! No, no, no, no. Okay, come on, come on, come on! Time it, time it, time it! Oh! Almost got it! This game is fun! Okay, wait, wait, I got this. Oh! I knocked it into my own goal. You kidding me? Oh! Bringing the pain! I had
to do it, I had to do it, I had to get my super power going. No! Oh, that was so close, okay. Got this. Nailed it! Yeah! Goal, buddy! How are you doing those emojis? I don’t even know how, oh! Yeah! Goal king! Look who the big man on campus is. Oh not another one, oh man I thought I was gonna get another one there. That was close. And, come on! Oh! Oh! Yeah! I almost feel bad at this
point, I’m sorry Mathew. I’m sorry, I’m just dominating, I’m sorry. (laughs) No, seriously, it happens
to the best of us. Frozen! Oh! Nice reversal, buddy. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh yeah! Oh! Sorry, not sorry! (laughs) Racking up a high score. Oh, dang it, a little high, a little high. No size jumps, a little high. Bam! Oh. Nice goal, nice goal. Alright, alright! Oh. Almost got one last goal. Final Whistle! Yes! Little apple, winner! You earn three points for
wins, and two for losses. Or lose two, oh jeez, that’s not good. Yeah, gonna get some upgrades you guys! Oh, it’s gonna be so good! Alright, let’s just jump right
in, let’s do another match! That was a lot of fun,
let’s do another one. Alright, whoa, this lady’s
got some awesome shoes! Nice! Looks like you’re player14625, I can’t, that’s too many
letters, too many numbers. Okay, okay, okay, I’m gonna hit it first! Oh, whoa that was a really bad hit. Yeah! The slowest game ever. (laughs) Bam! Oh! Who scored a goal? Whoa! Come on, I want that power up! That’s awesome! Well, you didn’t even hit it. Why did you even do that? Wow. (laughs) Alright bring it, bring it,
come on! You’re not even moving. Wow. What’s happening here? Facing some stiff competition, oh! Oh man, 10 to nothing. Yikes. One, zero! I think I might be the winner. (laughs) Man, that was a crazy game. Nice! Alright, give me some good stuff cause I want some upgrades! I want some fancy shoes! How do you get those fancy
shoes? Those are awesome. Alright, going up for another match, baby! Big heads in the building! Okay, you don’t have a name either, jeez. Nobody has names in this game. I’m assuming I get to
pick a name at some point. Okay, I’m on the right side. Let’s do this! I got my clone in the building! Oh yeah, this guy’s moving, oh! Nice hit, nice hit! I wasn’t ready for that one. Totally wasn’t ready. Okay, got that. Oh yeah! Blocking your shots. Alright, this guy knows what
he’s doing. Oh, that was close. Oh no, no, no, no! Oh. I got a little too aggressive. Shoot, turning into a nothing here. Oh, you got it. That was a nice shot. No, no, no, no! We can’t let you get up by three, that’s a lot. That’s a lot to come back from. 70 seconds, here we go. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Oh! Little apple making jump jump! What is even happening, what’s
with the, what happened? What? Oh, you got schooled, yo! Oh, they came in and froze you cause you stood there for too long! I see, it’s like in basketball if you’re under the basket for longer than three seconds, they call a foul on you. I bet they do the same thing in this game, so then you just don’t camp out. What the, why am I frozen
and the ball’s exploding? Yes, Yes! Oh, Oh! Yeah! Oh, get in there, come on! Oh, you knocked it, you actually knocked it in! If
you would have left it alone, that probably actually would have he’s angry! Well, I’d be angry too. Oh! That was close. Oh, you’re giving me thumbs down, huh? Yeah, how about that for thumbs down? I don’t have thumbs! Yeah! Alright, alright. This
guy is a little better. He’s a lot better. He’s a veteran at this game.
Yeah! Two thousand, baby! Bring it, bring it, bring it! Oh, I think he kicked me in the head. That wasn’t very nice. Alright, alright, Oh, no! Okay, this is a closer game
than last time. Definitely. Oh, come on, come on, come on, come on! Oh, you point your finger at me? Don’t worry, I don’t have fingers! Yeah! Yeah, this is a little bit more enjoyable now I’m playing people that actually you know, know how to
play the game. (laughs) You know, nothing against
the previous guys. I think they were just
starting, just learning too. Oh, that was close,
almost got frozen again. Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait! No! Not gonna do it. Come on, come on. We’ve got three seconds, two, one! Winner! That guy looks so weird. I’m
just saying, he looks like he really enjoys blowing whistles. I mean I don’t blame him, it sounds like he’s found his life’s passion so, he’s just embracing it. Nice, I got a costume pack. Yeah baby! What you got, what you got? Bring it to me! Sorry, I yelled that a little strangely I don’t know what came over me. I just got excited by upgrades! Oh finally, I can make a name. I’m just going to use TootieFruity cause that’s the one we always use. It’s a good name, right? It’s a good name! TootieFruity, I love it. Alright, It’s usually the name we go with whenever we play videogames,
so it’s pretty awesome! Yeah, give me acheezements! Acheezements? That’s no Gouda. (laughs) Alright, who we going up against? Bring it on! Whoa. I’m rated 694, and they’re
rated in the seven hundreds. It’s sroob646, alright sroob. Aw man, you’ve got some extra yeah, yeah! Oh lookie lookie! Yeah, oh whoa, whoa, whoa! Giant head’s not fair, not fair, not fair. Yes, yes, oh! Oh! Wow that was crazy. Oh, he’s getting angry. Don’t be angry, bro! It’s just a game! A game where I have just a head, and you know, we just have feet! So, that’s good. Alright, alright, alright. It’s three to nothing, three to nothing. We’re doing pretty well, you guys! We’re kicking some butts. Oh, nice shot, nice shot! But I’m right here, I’m right here I got the skills, yeah! Mad skills, yo! Why are you coming up on me, bro? You try to hit me or something? You trying to get up all in my face? Not gonna happen. Okay, wait, wait, wait. Yes! Oh, that’s gonna go in. Yeah! Oh. Decimation across the nation, baby. Oh no! Whoa, that was close. Alright, oh! Okay, that
happens, that happens. Don’t be angry at yourself,
I did that before, too. It’s frustrating, I know. You just make a mistake by accident. Oh, seven, nothing! Oh, kicked me right in the face! (laughs) I think he’s a little angry, I’m sorry. Man, I love this game,
it’s a lot of fun actually. We’re almost to the end but you’re going to have to let me know if you want me to keep playing this game cause I could see myself
really getting into it. It’s gonna have stiff
competition, I’m sure, cause there’s probably some real experts at this game already. But I’m having a lot of fun, this is good. Kicking booties! Oh, ten, nothing. Oh he’s angry. (laughs) He kicked me in the face again. Yeah, I don’t blame him. Oh yeah. Oh, almost, almost! Oh, he’s hopping to
it, he’s hopping to it. Bam! Oh! Okay, this is a strategy,
this is a strange try. Oh, you almost got that one. Okay, this is a very strange strategy, I don’t know what you’re doing but, okay. Oh no, no, don’t kick me! (laughs) Okay, the jumping bouncing strategy that’s a new one to me. No, don’t knock it into your own goal. Okay, yay! Alright, well this is pretty fun! I like this game, you guys! Good times. Thank you so much for watching! Little apple army, you rock! You know you do! You always do. You support us, you
watch our gaming videos, you watch the animated channel, it’s awesome! You’re awesome. Okay, invisible ball and small goal. Hey! Are you making size jokes? (energetic music)

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