Helen The Helicopter Visits Gecko’s Garage | Helicopters For Children
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Helen The Helicopter Visits Gecko’s Garage | Helicopters For Children

September 5, 2019

Fantastic, Helen, now slowly put Millie down
over there, on the left Hello everyone! Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with
Millie the Motorbike. These vehicles are helping Helen with her
training exercises It’s important for Helen to practice lifting
different vehicles and placing them down, without hurting them. So that she can rescue vehicles in a real
emergency. Helen is lifting each vehicle and placing
them in a special order. Can you guess what the order is? That’s right! She’s sorting them by size! Starting from the left we have the smallest
vehicle first Millie the Motorbike, Rick the Road Roller,
Max the Monster Truck, Rebecca the Recycling Truck, Fiona the Fire Truck and…Oh, there
should be one more! Ahhh, here he is, Bobby the Bus! Just in time. Bobby is the biggest vehicle here! Helen? Can you lift Bobby to the end of the line? Oh dear Helen, I think there is something
wrong. Your winch cable looks like it’s about to
SNAP! Oh dear, Oh dear. THAT wasn’t supposed to happen. My arm is sore, but I’ll be OK. Oh, Helen you look badly hurt.. I’ll get Florence the Forklift to lift you
back up onto your skids and we’ll take a good look at you. The skids are a helicopter’s feet. Helen rests on them when she isn’t flying. Your skids seem ok, but your rotors have been
damaged. Your winch cable has snapped, and you’re
covered in scratches! This looks like a job for the Mechanicals. Go, Go, Mechanicals! I’m really sorry, Helen –
You’re in such a sorry state The mechanicals will fix you up,
And you’ll soon be feeling great They’ll swap your broken rotors,
spray your scratches, and much more, Fit a thicker cable to your winch –
Far, far stronger than before. Fantastic! Now you are all fixed up, let’s head back
outside and test your tough new winch out! Let’s try sorting the vehicles by colours
of the rainbow. Starting with Fiona the RED Fire Truck on
the Left! Next is Max the ORANGE Monster Truck Do you know who comes next?… ….That’s right, it’s Rick the YELLOW
Road Roller After Rick, it’s Rebecca the GREEN Recycling
Truck Who is next? Do you know? That’s right it’s Millie the BLUE Motorbike” And last, but definitely not least, it’s
Bobby, the PURPLE Bus Careful now, Helen, nice and steady! Brilliant! The Mechanicals have fixed you up and made
your winch even stronger! You can lift Bobby up, no problem! And now the vehicles form a perfect rainbow,
and they match the real rainbow up in the sky! Beautiful! Thanks Fiona, Max, Rick, Rebecca, Millie and
Bobby. Why don’t you all go and see if you can
find a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow! Thanks for joining us at the Garage today,
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click here! Byeeeeee!

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