Helicopter Crash That Killed 5 In NYC Caught On Camera | TODAY
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Helicopter Crash That Killed 5 In NYC Caught On Camera | TODAY

October 18, 2019

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  1. I cant understand how they can hold their breath get out of the seat belt and get out of there it doesn't make any sense

  2. pilot made a tough decision to go down on water instead of maybe would've been concrete or a building.. maybe saved a lot more than the five people who sadly died.


  4. He had to shut the engine off , spinning blades entering water have a devastating effect on the fuselage. There's a training for choppers in the case thye have to land on water , people working on oil rig know thzt . . Did that chopper had life vest ? The pilot had to make his passengers wear life vest when he knew they would crash on water . Federal law on emergency procédure for chopper with passengers should be passed

  5. This is what can happen when you do daredavil stuff. No matter how strong the safety rules are and how fun and adrenaline rushing it is, Life is much more worthy than a moment of excitement. You should always take into account that these incident are common in these types of activities because the posibility of risk of injuries are higher. If you could avoid doing this stuff, well avoid doing that

  6. Pilot deployed the emergency floats on the skids too late, after the heli was already in the water. They need to be deployed before landing.

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  8. As soon as i felt that going down. i would of unbuckled my belts and went for the door before it went under. cause as soon as it go under water the pressure will happen and no amount of strenth would get them doors open. so sad ?

  9. This is a very silly question but I am going to ask anyways – after the hard landing, would the passengers be so disoriented not to be able to unbuckle and get out of the helicopter?

  10. My dad's copter lost rpm on take off and landed in 3 ft of water in lake Tahoe. Took pontoons off just day before and was taking copter to storage for winter season. He and 2 passengers were ok. Never flew again as a pilot. Sad as He was a great pilot.

  11. i know that captins for ships and planes must not leave during an emergcy until all everyone else has left (even if everyone is ok or there is only a handful of surviors) i am feeling a little scared for the helocopter poilt if he was suppose to follow the same rules.

  12. Helicopters are inherently dangerous. So many life limited parts. Oh and let's not forget they shake and vibrate constantly, not exactly good for turbines.

  13. crazy these poor people were tethered to that ship with no way to free themselves
    so sad should not have happened

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