Helicopter Eela | Official Trailer | Kajol | Riddhi Sen | Pradeep Sarkar | Releasing 12th October

September 13, 2019

You can complete your education, or… …even tutor the kids
in our building in music. Why didn’t I think of this before? I am going to complete my education. I am going to join your college. Done, mama… What? We’ll go to college together.
– No, no no… That’s not what I meant. Good morning, madam. Good morning, ma’am. Good morning, ma’am. I am not a teacher, I am a student. So ragging is allowed, isn’t it? I am a teacher!
– Sorry, ma’am. Actually, I am a student. “Single Mother of a Teenager
joins College after 20 years.” Guys, guys,
we have a celeb in our class. Wow! Stop it, now. That’s enough, please. Why? Is she your mother? Yes, she is my mother. “Wherever I go…she
is always behind me.” What are you doing? Just came over to give your lunchbox. Mom, whom do you love more? Me or the lunchbox? Whom do you love more? Me or your phone? Phone!
– Lunchbox. “My mom’s presence
is permanent in my life.” Mom. Aunty, I am sorry. You know, this is not fair to anyone. I don’t want this suffocation. I don’t want to stay here anymore. I am leaving… You just can’t talk
nonsense in a fit of rage. At least I am telling the truth. “When you left,
my heart stopped beating.” Will you ever leave me?
– No. “I’ll have no regrets if I die.”
– You’re just my mom. Where’s the Eela who used to write,
sing, make music videos? Where is that Eela, mom? Dedicating your entire
life for someone is okay. But if he starts feeling suffocated,
then is that right? “Is this my heart or is it…” “…a closet of my memories.” “I’ve stored in this closet…” “…my whole world.” Mom, you got 78% marks in class 12,
didn’t you? Yes. So? 62%. The marks must have
decreased over the years.

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