HELICOPTER GRAB MOD! – GTA Vice City Best Mods 6
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HELICOPTER GRAB MOD! – GTA Vice City Best Mods 6

August 26, 2019

What the hell is happenning… What’s up, homies, this is Jizzy and today I’m gonna show you showcase of several best modifications and their pros and cons. Enjoy the show! No Traffic Mod This modification simply removes all the traffic in Grand Theft Auto Vice City game. The mod removes not only all drivers but also pedestrians. So whole Vice City looks like a Ghost Town. No drivers, no pedestrians, totally empty streets. But still there are some cars parked. I am not sure if this mod has some cons or bugs, but the game crashed me once. Oh and also this… I don’t really know what these guys are still doing here when the city is empty. Keep up the good work. Installation is easy, just replace paths.ipl in maps folder of your game folder. And it’s done. Enjoy the No Traffic Mod. About this modification… Well, I think the name says it all. If we take any weapon into our hands, we got unlimited or infinite ammo. I have saved game with few guns and not much ammo but when I install this mod… Suddenly… my every gun has infinite ammo, no need to activate anything. Which is really good. Just install this mod and you will get infinite ammo. For proper install just put the .CS file into your Vice City and CLEO folder. Don’t forget to install CLEO, without it… …you can’t run these mods. Nitro Mod Remember GTA San Andreas game? Me too. It’s actually my most favorite game from Grand Theft Auto series. In GTA San Andreas you can install a nitro into your car. With this great modification you will have intro in every car in GTA Vice City. This modification has some pros like… the nitro is not only in car but you can find nitro also on a boat or a bike. I don’t think this mod has many cons or bugs but I found one… If you jump on a ramp that gives you different camera and slow motion it’s called a Unique Stunt I think and during this you activate the nitro… …sometimes happen that you stuck in the air. If you can drive with that nitro even in the air you can get out of this situation easily. For installing this mod just put the .CS file into your CLEO folder. And for activating in a game Just press Fire or Attack button. For me it’s Left Mouse Button. Jump and Fly Imagine that you could fly with Tommy over the Vice City. Not with a dodo plane, not in a helicopter, but on a foot. This mod allows you to fly through the air. It actually works on a jumping system when you can press jump while jumping and Tommy will keep increasing his height. So it looks like we are flying and in any direction we want. Thanks to this modification we can reach even the highest buildings or planes. Or a universe in case there is some. Installation is simple just put the .CS file into your CLEO folder and the installation is done. Run the game and type the “JUMPANDFLY” cheat code to activate the mod. Then press button for jump, default is the “SPACE” button on your keyboard. Then you can fly like a superman… I mean almost as superman. Do you feel it? I feel it. The winter is here. GTA Vice City Winter Mod Version 3. In my opinion this modification is one of the best total conversion mod for Grand Theft Auto Vice City game. Vice City roads, lawns and roofs are covered with snow, whole winter atmosphere, pedestrians wear warm clothes and more. Cars have modified handling that improves the winter atmosphere, improved reflection, motion blur, bloom or antialiasing. New particle effects like water, sun or sky and much more. In this global modification there is really lot of things changed. The modification itself is older, it was finished sometimes in 2015 I think but I heard that it was updated in a December of 2018. Installation is really simple. All you need is a clean GTA Vice City folder without mods. Then just download the winter mod and run setup file. During an installation choose the clean GTA Vice City folder and wait till the installation is complete. Then run the game called Winter Mod 3.0 from your desktop or GTA Vice City folder. Enjoy the real winter atmosphere in GTA Vice City game. Helicopter Grab Mod This modification is created by a guy named SpitFire sometimes in 2017. We can say it’s older mod but… remember this… GTA Vice City is like 16 years old and in days of its release there were no options to make something like this. The helicopter grab mod allows us to grab helicopter’s skis like in some movie or in Just Cause game. We can shoot or even remotely control our helicopter which is totally insane. Pressing the TAB + T buttons together we grab the helicopter ski, some pilot appears in a driver’s seat and we can control him. During this we can together shoot from any weapon we have. Still we can fly with helicopter to any direction we want. To get back in a helicopter we can just press the ENTER button. The modification works with newest CLEO version and its installation is easy. Just put the .CS file into your CLEO folder of your GTA Vice City folder. Run the game and find the helicopter. Buttons for control the mod you can find on the website of the mod. Unfortunately I encountered one crash during using this modification. But I think it’s still very good job. Whoops… I think I killed my pilot…

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  2. Hey TheJizzy I think I found one new secret of Gta san andreas (not sure) but its a bit creepy if it will be related to mothman in Gta san andreas near missionary hall! I want to say it in detail how can I say to you?

  3. Can i get a heart 😁 i love every single video that you make and i was here from 20k subs i remember when i came back from school and i would watch some of your GTA SA videos and everytime i would learn atleast 1 new thing about it
    Keep up the great work

  4. Hey Jizzy, your videos used to be unique in its style and mood and thats why so many subscribers liked your contents. But now your videos are just one of the other typical youtube commentary tutorials that has no uniqueness anymore. I strongly suggest that you go back to your old style instead of revealing your voice.

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    goes to swim
    Blbrblr help blbrblrbr help BrlOOF!!

  6. in the starting of the game on time my car crashed and blasted and a pop up comes that gta .exe stopped working


  8. But how can we add such mods in game after installation full game? Can you show me a tutorial for that??

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