Helicopter kids cartoon. Rescue Team. Kids vehicle. Cartoon movie for boys about Rescue Team.
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Helicopter kids cartoon. Rescue Team. Kids vehicle. Cartoon movie for boys about Rescue Team.

October 9, 2019

The winter is here!!!!!! The snow covered all streets and houses; it
is even a bit frosty! There is a New Year mood in the air – right
time to take the skis and sleds out the city and spend a good time on the hills!!! I think holidays the best time to relax and
to do sport! Handy-Andy has also decided to join to some
of holidaymakers. Hello my friends! Look at this beautiful weather outside!!!I
reeeeeally like to skiing in winter. I’ve already started and warmed up my car,
cleaned the road near my house from the snow and even took my skis. Here are they!!!!Wheehooo!!I’m waiting for
my friends to come – they are on the way now. We are going to the hills to skiing a bit. Here are they, my friends, on a yellow Lamborgini
– and they have their skis on the trunk. I’m putting my skis there aaaaand ready
to GOOOO!!!!! Soooo!!!Everyone is ready!!!Let’s GOOOOO
now!!!I’m so happy it’s winter holidays now – we have good opportunity to relax,
roll in the snow and just breathe cold fresh air! COOOOL!!!I can not wait to skiing. We are going slowly although the bulldozer
has cleaned the roads, but it keeps snowing. It means that the asphalt is wet and the car
can skid on the road. And if you cannot react fast to control your
car -the crash into a snowdrift will be Uuuunavoidable!! SMASH!!!!! Ohno!!Look!!!!It is snowing harder; the snow
is so thick now that it is difficult to see the road. So we have to go slower and more careful! We do not need to be in a hu………….. OOOPS!!! My friends’ car is going under the ice!!!!!!! And going under the water very fast!!!!OMG! I don’t know what to do! A bulldozer cannot help us – it will not
have enough time to get to us. We are calling the rescue helicopter! “Hello…..hello….is it rescue team?…..come
fast here…..the car is falling through the ice. It’s the road out the city on the way to
ski slop!!!Pleaseeeeee…….FASTERRR!” There are all necessary things for the fast
rescue on the board of the helicopter! First – special trained team, medicines
needed for the first aid. Second – it is equipped with a special powerful
hoist that can pull my friends’ car out of the water. There are fans on top of the helicopter to
make it go. In addition, this model has tail rotor, which
spins around during the flight. Look! There is a take-off area on the roof of the
building – and I see that rescue helicopter is taking off right now! It’s flying above the city, but it’s snowing
really hard and almost impossible see. That is why the helicopter is flying with
a minimum speed. We didn’t go far out the city so I hope
the helicopter will come in few minutes! I can hear it’s engine!!!! Hooray!!!! Here is it!!!!! Right above us! Here!!!!We are here!!!!!!Help us!!!!The car
is going to sink in few minutes!!!!The helicopter is on steady position above us and its hoist
is going down. Goes slow……slow – got it!!! Now the helicopter is pulling the car carefully
out the ice. OMG!!!!!Goodluck!!!!My friends are safe!!!! Thanks the rescue team, they came just in
time and did everything to help us!!!! Hooray! My friend, the driver from the yellow Lamborgini,
is veeeery cold!!!! It is because the car was half under the water. So the rescue team is going to take him to
the hospital in their helicopter. I will call evacuator to take Lamborgini to
the garage in the city. Thanks God everything ended happily!!! We are going to skiing next time. The most important that everyone is safe now!!!!!!! Goodbye my friends!!!!!See you soon!!!!

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