Helicopter Rope Suspension Techniques Master Course
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Helicopter Rope Suspension Techniques Master Course

September 12, 2019

So, we’re training Marines on how to conduct
helicopter ropes essential techniques out of different platforms of helicopters;
MV-22s, Hueys, CH-53s, and we basically train them on how to rig the systems on
the helicopter and how to actually deploy the Marines when
aircraft landing is not practical. The first week is all types of classes,
learning different classifications of knots and ropes and things like that.
They get a lot of prac-app here at our shop and then from there we’ll move in
to going to the tower and learning the procedures on how to actually repel and
fast rope off a tower. That prepares them for going out of aircraft. It’s a fairly
difficult course and it’s very high-risk. You get what you put into it.

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