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Helicopter Search

September 11, 2019

Welcome to AviMall Let’s go through a quick Helicopter Search tutorial that also includes selecting and sending requests, as well as changing the layout design according to your preference. To find a suitable helicopter hover to the SEARCH menu and click on Helicopters Choose the layout you prefer Framed in which the data are in blue table Horizontal with no frame Or Vertical with no frame Next, choose the configuration type In this example, we will choose VIP Now, You may start by filling the required information for the flight schedule directly or use the advanced search. Choose Cabin Height Engine Number, and Type Choose Model and enter the Compartment Capacity You may also change the Radius of your search in nautical miles accordingly Special Requirements will change according to the Configuration Type you choose. As you may see, it is possible to Exclude aircraft requiring owner approval by checking the box. If you are looking to fly at night, check Night Flights If your customer prefers to smoke onboard, you can select Smoking Allowed and specify the type of smoke Also, if your flight requires transporting pets, you can select Live Animal Transportation Allowed and enter the number & size of cages you wish to transport. Selecting Cabin Crew Available On-board will give you the option to search for Operators providing Flight Attendants who speak specific languages. Then choose if you require both languages by checking the box All Required otherwise, the system will list Operators who have at least one of selected languages. If you select This Flight requires Coffin Transportation the system will display additional fields so u can specify the number of coffins needed to be transported and the sizes. This Search engine will show you only the helicopter which can accommodate your requirements. Fill in the schedule details Departure Airport Arrival Airport Or click on Other, enter the coordinates to specify a location different than the airport and search accordingly. Also, you can use the map to get the coordinates by simply dragging one of the markers to a different location. In this example, we will search using airport as location Date & Time Departure/ Arrival Local Time or UTC Enter the number of Passengers for VIP and Commercial flights As for Air Ambulance you are required to enter the number of Stretchers and Escorts. Then for Freighter you will need to enter the capacity in Tons and Floor Size. Also you can add or remove sectors by pressing the plus (+) & minus (-) buttons on the right side. Once you have filled the required info you can check the box next to Include Own Fleet if you wish to include your own fleet in the results. Please note to only click the RESET button if you wish to start a new search. Now, check if all the required fields are filled then click the SEARCH button the system will display the available helicopters according to your search criteria. To change the results view, click on the setting icon and choose between Classic or List then Sort according to your preference and SAVE. You can choose the Currency of the prices listed from the drop down list or you may choose to display the price in the Operator’s Currency. If you’d like to gather more information on one of the options listed below click VIEW under Details and you will be able to see details related to the Helicopter, Flight Itinerary & Timing Details. Choose one or more options and click on PROCEED. You may enter your search reference and type in a message Then click SEND REQUEST A new tab will open where you can choose one of the 3 options, go BACK TO SEARCH using the same data you entered, start a NEW SEARCH or go straight to REQUESTS. You may watch the Requests tutorial via the link on the home page to know more on how to manage requests and how Operators and Brokers can communicate via the Charter Promotion Module. And that’s it! The Helicopter Search tutorial is finished we hope this video was helpful for you, thank you for listening.

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