Helicopter Stocking | Work in the Wild – Ep. 27

September 13, 2019

Some fish can’t be stocked using trucks,
but they still take the high-way. I’m Sara DiRienzo, and this is your Work
in the Wild Update from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. This week we’re in the Snowy Range finishing
the last of our helicopter stocking for the season. Game and Fish uses helicopters to stock fish
in areas that are not accessible by truck. Kris Holmes, statewide spawning coordinator,
explains more reasons we use helicopters to stock fish. Wyoming Game and Fish has used helicopters
to stock fish for probably 30-40 years and it’s a cost effective way to stock these fish. It improving survivability of fish by using
the helicopter and back from the old days when they used horseback and milk cans these
fish are in a reduced stress environment for a lot less time, which creates a long-term
phenomenal fishing opportunities for anglers pursuing fish in Wyoming’s high alpine lakes. Game and Fish used a helicopter to stock waters
this year. Thanks for watching, and see you next time.

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